what is the best tea for anxiety

What is the best tea for anxiety? My top recommendations

what is the best tea

Are you taking the right Tea for your anxiety?

what is the best tea for anxiety

When we are anxious and restless, did you know that taking a cup of tea would make a huge difference during that period?  though not all teas have that tranquilizer effect for calming the mind,  that is why if your suffering from anxiety you need that special tea that can give you the result that your looking for.

Drinking tea has always been used as one of the ways to reduce anxiety and stress symptoms by therapists.  Our daily consumption of tea can provide us with various benefits including having a great impact on our mental health.

What is tea?

Tea is known as a beverage made out of leaves ,flowers or herbs which is prepared by boiling water and mixing it with the beverage to make a solution.  There are so many type of teas which include green tea, yellow tea, black tea and so on.

How tea reduces anxiety

Most of the tea is made out of camellia sinensis leaves which contain caffeine which acts as a stimulant that reduces fatigue and drowsiness. Although caffeine is reported to cause anxiety but the percentage of caffeine in tea is just enough for the brain function.

Teas also contain small amounts of theobromine and theophylline which increase activity of the central nervous system.

The Beauty of drinking tea to reduce anxiety is that no side effects unlike other anxiety short term relief medication which gives  a lot of with draw effects. Taking tea has no time you can have it at any time of the day and as many times as you want.

Have you realized that most of the common reasons why people take tea these days has a link to anxiety symptoms?  These reasons maybe;

  • To sleep better
  • To boost the moods
  • To reduce dizziness
  • To relax
  • To improve on the cognitive performance.

The best tea for Anxiety.

During my anxiety days, waking up all feeling foggy with regular panic attacks it was the worst period of my entire life.  Drinking tea twice a day used to provide me with some relief on my anxiety symptoms. The challenge is always to find that tea that gives you relief in your anxious moments because to be honest not all teas help in reducing anxiety.

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Instead of relying on medication to reduce your anxiety, why not try out these natural herbal teas that will give you the same results as the pills but without giving you side effects. Below are my top tea recommendations for anyone suffering from Anxiety.

  1. Hey Girl Tea

what is the best tea for anxiety

This brand has a lot of different teas but i recommend the hey girl tea for sleep because this tea is made purposely to reduce symptoms related to anxiety.  It is made out of different herbs like chamomile, lemon balm, Valerian Root and passion flower.  The Valerian and lemon balm together improve the sleep quality in people with anxiety and sleep orders.

Daily benefits.

  • Treat insomnia.
  • Aids relaxation


  • Passion flower, reduces anxiety
  • Chamomile flower, aids relaxation
  • Lemon balm, solves digestive problems
  • Stevia leaf, supports weight loss
  • Valerian root extract, reduces depression

2. Pink stork Tea.

what is the best tea for anxiety

It is good for pregnant mothers with anxiety. The tea naturally eases the nerves and calms the body and mind. It is 100% organic, non GMO , vegan and gluten free.  Herbs included are chamomile, lavender, skull cap, rose hip fruit which naturally relieve anxiety and stress.

Daily benefits,

  • Improves sleep during pregnancy
  • Provides relaxation
  • Reduces anxiety


  • Chamomile flowers, aids relaxation
  • Lavender, reduces anxiety
  • Rose hip fruit, boosts the immune system
  • Skull cap, treat allergies


3. Tranquily Tea.

what is the best tea for anxiety

The tea is a natural remedy for stress, headaches and anxiety. It gives a natural relief from worries and stress of our everyday life.  The good taste for the tea which is naturally sweetened by stevia makes it easy and enjoyable to drink.

Daily benefits.

  • Eases tension headaches
  • Provides relaxation
  • Resolves sleep isues
  • Stress relief.


  • Passion flower, reduces anxiety
  • Lemon grass, treats insomnia
  • Spearmint, reduces headache
  • stevia, supports weight loss
  • Linden, treat nervous palpitations

4. Modest Earth happy camper tea.

   what is the best tea for anxiety

The tea is very good if your suffering from anxiety attacks. It is 100% organic, and provides a natural relief for anxiety, stress and depression. The nutrients from the leaves and roots strengthen and nourishes the nervous system.

Daily benefits,

  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Nourishes the nervous system
  • Reduces irritability


  • Lemon balm, solves sleep problems
  • Passion flower, reduces anxiety
  • Skull cap, treats allergies
  • Lemon verbena, strengthens muscles

5. Tealyra tea

                                        what is the best tea for anxiety

It is a natural herbal tea that encourages relaxation. It helps to improve sleep, promotes solid, restfulness and reduces anxiety. The tea has a natural sweet honey floral taste so it is much enjoyable when drinking. It is made up of purely organic chamomile.

Daily benefits,

  • Reduces anxiety
  • Solves sleep problems
  • Treat cold sores


  • Chamomile, Reduces stress
  • Lemon verbena, Reduces inflammation
  • Lavender flowers, Reduces anxiety
  • Strawberry leaf, helps in digestion
  • Orange blossom, good fragrance

6. Cutea

what is the best tea for anxiety

If your suffering from generalized anxiety disorder instead of taking pills , this tea might turn out to be what you need to reduce your anxiety. The whooooo care tea includes all the special herbs that will give you stress and anxiety relief while increasing your mental focus.


Milstle. promotes calmness                                                                                         Lemon grass; Supports stress relief                                                                          Birch; Bolsters your system with antioxidant.                                                    Ginkgo; sharpens your memory and concentration.                                        Nettle; soothes and relaxes your system.

7. kailo Tea

                                                     what is the best tea for anxiety

The tea has a combination of multivitamins including Vitamin D, C and calm magnesium citrate. It is caffeine free

Daily benefits include;

  • Helps calm anxiety
  • Anti inflammatory
  • Helps aid insomnia
  • Helps with digestion.

Ingredients ;

  • Ginger;  improves brain function
  • Hibiscus; Manages blood pressure
  • Acai berry, Reduces irritation
  • Rooibos,  Acts as antidepressant agent.
  • Lavender, Resolves sleep issues

8. Be happy tea

                                                      what is the best tea for anxiety

The purpose of be happy tea is to restore the nervous system, ease tension and anxiety.

Daily benefits;

  • Reduces anxiety
  • Restoring the nervous system


  • Skull cap; Hardening of the arteries
  • Lemon balm; Treat anxiety and insomnia
  • Vervain; Reduces depression.

9.  Organic chamomile with lavender.

                                                         what is the best tea for anxiety

The tea is made up of organic chamomile and it is non-GMO with no additives.


  • Settles the nervous system
  • Relaxes  your digestive.

Even though tea  has various benefits which can help reduce anxiety but the truth is, it won’t cure the anxiety.  Anyone out there suffering from anxiety needs extra help to recover because no one wants to live with the unnecessary anxiety. Check out my recommendations on how you can start your recovery journey here.

if you have any questions about the best for anxiety, leave a question in the comment section below and i will kindly reply back.

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