Top magnesium supplements

Top 5 magnesium supplements. what to consider.

Magnesium is one the essential mineral which i s very important to our bodies, taking magnesium supplements daily or including them in your diet can save you from a lot of healthy problems, but at the same time choosing the best magnesium supplement can contribute to our overall health. Most of the diseases that people are suffering from today are because they have low levels of magnesium in their blood.

What is Magnesium

Magnesium is an essential mineral that our body needs to function properly. Magnesium is involved in hundreds of chemical reactions in the body, many of those reactions are related to energy and to the performance of the body. This mineral exists already in our bones, cells and muscles. According to research 50% of the magnesium is in the bones and the body works so hard to keep the 1% in the blood. Our bodies have to absorb enough magnesium so that they can be able to function and resist all the diseases.

What is a magnesium supplement.

This can be an additional product to our diet which is taken in by mouth as a pill, capsule or in liquid form in order to improve the levels of magnesium that our body needs to function properly. The magnesium dietary supplements are one of the most popular supplements that people have resulted in taking daily so that to have a balance of magnesium in their blood.

Many people worldwide are suffering due to magnesium deficiency whereby some go untreated or undiagonised which is contributing to their anxiety and depression. Statistics show that the deficiency in magnesium is increasing every single day due the life style that people are adopting to.

Why should I take Magnesium supplement.

It is very important to eat a magnesium rich diet that is to say foods that contain magnesium. The challenge is that we have abandoned the clean diet and we have resorted to eating refined foods that contain lots of sugar which don’t help to improve our magnesium levels in the body and that’s why supplementing our diet with magnesium products is a good idea to avoid magnesium deficiency.

Types of Magnesium.

  1. Magnesium Chloride
  2. Magnesium citrate
  3. Magnesium Oxide
  4. Magnesium sulfate
  5. Magnesium Gylcinate
  6. Magnesium Carbonate
  7. Magnesium chelate

Signs and symptoms of magnesium deficiency


As we already know that magnesium is a very important mineral that our body needs, its absence can contribute to a lot of various physical body symptoms which include;

  • Insomnia, Low levels of magnesium in the body contributes to having sleepless nights. Magnesium as a mineral has a triquillizer effect that aids in the relaxation of the mind. People with low magnesium have difficulties in getting sleep and staying a sleep.
  • Anxiety, Most people find themselves anxious all the time with no good reason, this happens when your magnesium levels decrease severely to the extent of having anxiety physical symptoms like hot flashes, tingling and headaches. Magnesium regulates the nervous system that can help you deal with stress and reduce anxiety.
  • Irregular heartbeat. This where you feel your heart beating faster more than the usual or making pauses. Magnesium deficiency increases irregular hearts known as arrhythmia because its known to reduce the level of nutrients like calcium to drop. Calcium works hand in hand with magnesium, whereby with no magnesium, calcium can’t be absorbed well in the body.
  • Depression, Our brains need magnesium to function properly. As research shows that a variety of neuromascular and psychiatric symptoms including depression was found in magnesium deficiency patients. Positive neurotransmitters which are responsible in stabilizing moods are regulated by magnesium.
  • Muscle cramping, These are sudden contraction of muscles which can happen anywhere in the body for example sharp pains in legs, necks and muscle tightness. This uncomfortable feeling can be a result of not having enough magnesium in the body since magnesium is an essential mineral that aids muscle relaxation.
  • Fatigue, waking up tired and staying tired like though your from doing a day’s hard work is a sign of having low magnesium. Our bodies rely on vitamins and minerals to generate energy. According to the UHN daily, magnesium is involved in more than 300 metabolic reactions, a key reaction being energy production.

Do you want to be free from anxiety

Other symptoms include,

  • Mood swings
  • migraines
  • Obsesity
  • irritable bowl syndrome
  • Autism
  • Constipation
  • Asthma
  • High blood pressure
  • kidney stones.

Things that causes magnesium deficiency.

  • High stress levels, The more a person gets stressed the more difficulty it becomes for the body to break down food and supplements into an absorbable form. Stress also reduces the stomach acid levels which aids the absorption of magnesium in our bodies.
  • Medication, The medications that we take sometimes deplete the magnesium levels in our bodies. Medication that reduce magnesium include antibiotics, birth control pills, asthma medication, heart failure medication and anti cancer drugs.
  • Refined Diet, These are foods that contain low magnesium include junk foods, sodas, packed and tinned foods, processed juices. This kind of food makes it hard for magnesium to absorbed in our bodies.
  • Heavy menstruation periods, When women have heavy periods that last for more than 7 days they don’t just loose blood but also the mineral levels are affected too. Heavy periods always cause hormonal imbalances within the body due to unbalanced levels of minerals in the body
  • Excess sugar, Taking foods which have a lot of sugar like sodas, sweeteners are said to have phosphates that are attached to magnesium in our bodies making it unavailable for absorption.
  • Alcohol addiction, Excess use of alcohol is reported to deplete our body’s magnesium. Even though people consume alcohol as a way to relax and forget their problems, less do they know that they are bringing in healthy problems because alcohol increases the excretion of magnesium by our kidneys.
  • Calcium supplements, Even though we need calcium supplements to make our bones and teeth strong but too much of it can be a disadvantage. In order for calcium to be absorbed in our bodies we need to have enough magnesium because too much calcium can lead to unhealthy conditions like arthritis.


When choosing a magnesium supplement there a lot things you should consider like,

  • Solving the problem. Will the supplement do its intended purpose because not all magnesium supplements work.
  • The price, is it affordable because there are times when your required to be on a supplement for a year. In that case the price should be fair so that you don’t stop consuming the product because you ran out of money to buy the product.
  • Absorption, when buying a magnesium supplement. You should make sure that it can be easily absorbed by the body.

Below are best my recommendation magnesium supplements.

1. Magnesium Glycinate.

size; 1Bottle

Quantity; 120 capsules in a bottle

Place to buy Amazon

Vendor, Rise supplements

The magnesium glycinate which is well-known to be easily absorbed in the body and it doesn’t have much side effects like loose stools if taken on the full stomach. It can help people who are suffering from depression, migraines, high blood pressure, lack of sleep and anxiety.

I recommend the product from rise supplements because it is made from natural ingredients and its very suitable for vegetarians as well. It is manufactured in the UK and if your unsatisfied with their products they always give a refund.

You can also check out other good magnesium glycinate products  as here.

2. Magnesium Chloride.


Size, Bottle

quantity. 1

place to buy.  Amazon

This is a highly recommended form of magnesium because it is highly soluble in water. Magnesium chloride is produced primarily from great sea salt and being in the ocean once in a while it I s a great thing because it contains chloride. Research states that dead sea minerals contain a higher ratio of magnesium chloride. It can be taken orally to treat problems like failure in proper digestion, Anxiety, restless leg syndrome,  stress, anxiety, insomnia and it can as well be applied on the skin as oil.

This magnesium oil spray is only made of magnesium chloride and Aloe vera.  It is has the ability to be absorbed rapidly via the skin directly to your cells.  You don’t only get benefits for magnesium but also aloe vera as well. The oil is very easy to use, you only have to apply it in areas you feel discomfort or pain.  It is manufactured in the USA.

3.Magnesium malate,

Vendor, Vitabay

Place to buy. Amazon

Quantity,  1 tin (180 capsules)

This a combination of magnesium and malic acid. Its vital for the health of our kidneys and bones. Magnesium malate is a natural substance that helps in the production of energy and its constant use can provide us with tremendous benefits. Like reducing acne, gives relief in fibromyalgia, helps with the production of antioxidants,

The magnesium malate from vitabay is made in Germany and can also used by vegans as well. This company is well known for producing good quality supplements.

4. Magnesium Taurate,

Vendor,  Cardiovascular research limited.

Quantity 1 Tin( 60 capsules)

Place to buy. Amazon

This is a combination of magnesium and amino acids. It is also known as the magnesium ditaurate. Magnesium taurate helps in the working of cells and nerves in the body. Research states that taurine has an observed safe level of supplemental in take in normal healthy adults. It helps to reduce heart palpitations because it has a positive influence on the regularity of the heart beat and the overall strength of the heart. I recommend it to anyone who also suffers from high cholesterol levels.

5. Magnesium sulfate.

Vendor, Power health

Size, 1kg

place to buy. Amazon

This is an inorganic salt which is commonly called Epsom salt. It can be used in baths and beauty products. Magnesium sulfate is highly water-soluble and it is also used as a laxative to relieve acute constipation. The usage is very easy as it can be taken orally or placed in the bath. It has tremendous benefits like treating skin inflammation, reducing the symptoms of asthma and aids in relaxation as well.

The Epsom salt from power health can be used externally and taken as a food supplement as well. It’s also suitable for vegans.

End your anxiety today

Magnesium supplements are very important to add in your daily consumption to avoid healthy problems and also improve the performance of the body. I would also recommend eating foods daily that contain high levels of magnesium.

Foods that contain Magnesium

  • Beans
  • spinach
  • kale
  • brocoli
  • whole grains ( brown rice and oats)
  • Seafood like salmon
  • Ovacado
  • Bananas
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Dark chocolate
  • cabagge

Note, If you’re suffering from anxiety or any particular illness before you start adding magnesium supplements to your diet, first check your magnesium levels in the blood with the doctor.

If you have any questions regarding the supplements, leave a comment and I will gladly answer.








10 thoughts on “Top 5 magnesium supplements. what to consider.”

  1. Hi Angie,
    Thank you for sharing.
    I know how much is magnesium important. I had to buy it as supplements and found a valuable brand. But it can’t be sold on Amazon.
    I heard once in the radio that if you eat the right foods which contain the vitamins you need, you don’t need supplements.
    What do you think about it?

    1. Hello,

      When someone is suffering from a deficiency sometimes eating naturals foods to collect the deficiency might not work. It is always good to supplement while eating the foods that are rich in magnesium as well.

      If you don’t have the deficiency yet, then a healthy diet is recommended to avoid any luck of important minerals in your body.

  2. I have, for as long as I can remember, been susceptible to SEVERE leg and foot cramps. I take calcium for my bones and magnesium capsules to counter this. In addition I take vitamin D. On top of this I take an advanced magnesium blend. This is from an Australian company called BioCeuticals:

    The Product (is in powder form and very soluble):
    Ultra Muscleze – Advanced Magnesium Blend and is comprised of: Magnesium (as amino acid chelate – UltraMag®), Magnesium (as oxide heavy), Glutamine,
    Taurine, Levocarnitine tartrate, equiv. levocarnitine,
    d-alpha-Tocopheryl acid succinate (vitamin E), Thiamine hydrochloride, Nicotinamide (vitamin B3), Pyridoxine hydrochloride, Folic acid (vitamin B9), Cyanocobalamin,
    Calcium, Molybdenum, Potassium, Selenium, and

    Yep it is a mouthful and a pretty full spectrum. However when I take all these faithfully I no longer have any cramps. And I know all of these benefit my body no end.

    This company says world wide shipping is available. I don’t know if this mix is found anywhere else but it’s certainly worth checking.

    A very informative and helpful article.


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