How to stop panic attacks naturally

How to stop panic attacks naturally. 1 simple natural way.




Hi friends,How to stop panic attacks naturally

Anyone who has ever experienced panic attacks knows that they are horrible it doesn’t matter whether it is your first time or you get them frequently, the feeling is always the same. Iam going to be discussing the only natural way that can stop panic attacks without medication.

Most people get the feeling of having a panic attack even before it appears which is what they call having a panic disorder and they end up imprisoning themselves with medication.

What is a panic attack?

This is where a person falls into an immediate state of excessive fear or worry with or without a specific reason. A panic attack can be characterized by the following symptoms,

* shaking and trembling

* Dizziness and feeling of fainting

* Shortness of breath.

* Excessive fear of death

* Chest pain

Panic attacks appear because of different types of anxiety a person might be having as they are many types of anxiety experienced by every individual.

My experience

I used to have panic attacks like almost every day during my anxiety journey. Waking up and feeling like though am about to faint, was the most scary thing that has ever happened to me and I used to ask myself what was wrong with me. I used to live in fear even going to supermarkets was becoming impossible which made me live in misery.

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The power of ignorance

When experiencing panic attacks for the first time, people off course think that they have a disease like a heart problem or anything of the sort which actually isn’t the truth. And for those experiencing it frequently or once in a while, they tend to run for the quick fix which are the pills. Ignorance is a deadly tool when it comes to things concerning health, so which should try to educate ourselves in the health department to avoid prolonging the issue.

The world has changed a lot today and there are so many things around us that can trigger panic attacks.



Things that cause a panic attack

1. Dwelling on a past experience, This is a situation where a person keeps on thinking about a bad experience that happened in the past. For example if, you had a panic attack once and you don’t stop thinking or talking about it, it is most likely that it will appear again.

2. Excessive worrying, Panic attacks are commonly triggered by unending situation of worrying. When a person keeps on worrying about something like bills, relationships, or money this will bring a lot of stress to their lives.

3. Change of life style, Everyone’s life style differs for example there are people who are leaving a lavish and expensive life style, while they are people living a mediocre or a poor life style. The moment a person who has been living a lavish life style changes his or her life style, they will fall in a state of panic.

4. Reading or watching scary things, This was one the things that caused my first panic attack, I remember being very stressed during those days and coming across a newspaper filled with lots of different diseases was something that made me experience a panic attack.

5. Excessive excitement, Being overly excited sometimes isn’t a very a good thing it can be overwhelming leading to a panic attack. A person should always keep their calm even in the most moments of their lives.

6. Insecurity, In a state of feeling insecure about the future puts lots of people in a state of fear and panic. For example thinking about loosing a job or a property makes people worry what will happen if they lost those things.

7. Persistent Negative thoughts. Having constant negative thoughts increase stress levels in the future and there is a saying that the most things people worry about don’t even happen. So people should always avoid thinking in a negative way or avoid any kind of people that bring a lot of negativity into their life.

8. Nutritional deficiency, This is when a body doesn’t have enough nutrients to function properly. With the way people eat these days it is really easy to have a nutritional deficiency. The fewer minerals and vitamins the body has the more exposure it has towards any illness.

Note; Anyone should avoid the above in order to prevent panic attacks from happening in the first place.


A natural way to stop panic attacks for good.

There are so many natural ways to feeling better when you are in a state of panic but they don’t stop the panic attacks from coming back, especially when your you experience them casually or when you have a panic disorder.

Why medication isn’t the way to stopping panic attacks?

When people are excessively worried and stressed, many of them opt for medication since it is the easiest fix to panic attacks. The medication that we take to solve the problem, doesn’t actually end the root cause rather it gives us a relief for a few days and later we have to deal with it is side effects.

What is the natural way to ending panic attacks?

How to stop panic attacks naturally

Have you ever heard about pink Himalayan salt? If not, Then this salt is the best thing that happened to me during my anxiety journey because it stopped me from having panic attacks. The feeling of freaking out while sitting in the crowd, the dizziness which used to come from nowhere in the mornings and the heart palpitations all ended when I started using pink Himalayan salt.

What is pink Himalayan salt?

pink Himalayan salt is a sea salt classified as a rock from the Pakistan region. It is sometimes called the Jurassic sea salt. Himalayan salt is mostly mined at the khwera salt mines in khwera District, Punjab which is situated in the foothills of the salt range hill system in the Punjab province of Pakistan.

For many years people have used it as a table salt while not knowing the unique benefits this salt brings. Pink Himalayan salt isn’t like any of these table salts that people use. Research says that the salt contains 84 minerals like zinc, copper, iron, magnesium which the body needs.

The salt comes from the ancient salt deposit which hasn’t been exposed to toxic pollution from the air and water. It is considered to be the purest on earth.

Why you should start using pink Himalayan salt?

1. Rich in minerals, This salt is good for anyone because in actual sense our bodies aren’t getting enough minerals everyday due to the processed foods that we take inside our bodies. This causes people to have a nutritional deficiency which eventually leads to having panic attacks. Anyone should consider adding this salt as a natural supplement to their diet.

2. A natural sleep aid, During my anxiety days when I started adding Himalayan salt in my water, I realized that I started to sleep better, the insomnia problem was solved. Through my research I came to realize that since the salt is rich in minerals that our body needs it makes our muscles to relax which helps us to sleep better.

3. More natural than other table salts, The salt has a more natural touch than other table salts, this is because no preservatives are added in the salt while other salts have other things added in them. Choosing pink Himalayan salt as away of stopping panic attacks would be a better choice.

4. Reduces the risk of dehydration, Since the salt contains sodium which is believed to maintain a proper fluid balance, little addition of a pink Himalayan salt to your diet wouldn’t hurt since some panic attacks come due to the dehydration in the body.

5. Reduces muscle cramps, When we are excessively worried or stressed, we get muscle cramps in different parts of the body like legs, back and other areas. Using Himalayan salt would be the best remedy to the painful muscle cramps because it avoids the panic attack from happening in the first place.

6. Helps in the respiratory function, Have you realized that when panic attacks come, you loose control of your breathing. You either breath faster or very shallow. Taking the salt would solve the breathing problems because it enables supply of oxygen to all parts of the body through inhaling oxygen rich air and exhaling air filled with carbon dioxide.

Other benefits include;


* Reduce the signs of aging

* Lower blood levels

* Improves bone strength


How to apply the method.

When I had panic attacks I first came across this method of using pink Himalayan salt from a tube video of a woman who was talking about how to stop panic attacks by using salt. At first, I never believed it, because I was scared to be taking salt in my body everyday

As my panic attacks persisted for a year I had to give this idea a try. And you know what? it worked miracles for me like I couldn’t believe the changes when I started this method. If your out there and you want to put an end to your panic attacks try this and I believe you will achieve tremendous results.


1. Step 1

Finding refined pink Himalayan salt. The challenge for me was to find that good original salt I could use for my treatment. You can go to any store and find if they have the pink Himalayan salt. I have also provided for you options of where you can get good quality salt from below.


Product; pink himalayan salt.

Place to buy; Amazon


Product; pink Himalayan salt

place to buy Amazon


2. Step 2

The way of use, After you have gotten your pink Himalayan salt, get your big jar full of drinking clean water, then get two tea spoons of the salt and place it in the jar full of drinking water and store the water in a cool place or in the fridge.

3. Step 3

At least leave the jar in the fridge for 24hours before you start using the water. After removing the jar in the fridge, get small bottles of drinking water then pour a little solution of the jar water in the small bottles. Then mix the solution in the small bottles with pure plain water which has no pink Himalayan salt. Then the solution is ready.

Note. Use this water daily as your drinking water even when you don’t have panic attacks so that to say good bye to panic attacks forever.

4. Step 4

When you have started using this solution, you will feel different the more you use it. Don’t give it up before reaching a month. I got rid of my panic attacks in 1 month but I continued using it even without panic attacks. So I recommend using it till six months.

Below I have included the video of the woman who first introduced me to this method.


As you can see pink Himalayan salt has great benefits, it doesn’t only cure panic attacks but it also provides our body more with healthy benefits. There lots of products being made out of pink Himalayan salt to give relief to anxiety sufferers and reduce the symptoms of anxiety. And the best thing is that they have affordable prices.

Below are products being made out of pink Himalayan salt which can help any anxiety sufferer.

1. Himalayan crystal rock salt lamp

Place to buy; Amazon


It is a natural piece of Himalayan crystal rock salt. They can come in different weights so you can choose any weight you want. These lights help in improving breathing, improving sleeping, increase energy levels, reduces stress.

2. Gluten free Himalayan salt,

Product; pink Himalayan salt

place to buy, Amazon

For those who are allergic to gluten this salt is for you. You can still use this salt with the method I suggested to cure panic attacks. It has a flavor and it can also be used for cooking too.

Hope with all that I have listed above it would be easier for anyone who is suffering from panic attacks or panic disorder to get rid of them for good.

I wish you all the best in your recovery.

if you have any questions. Leave them in the comment section below I will gladly answer them.








25 thoughts on “How to stop panic attacks naturally. 1 simple natural way.”

  1. I was searching for ways to relax muscle tension when I came across your site. I’ve cramps on my legs all the time even when I am just purely sitting and I suspect that stress is one of the major cause here.

    Many things have been tried from ginger to Chinese herbs, but nothing seems to work so far. Consuming salt is definitely not in my mind to curb this problem, but I am willing to try as long as they aren’t toxic to the body.

    So thanks for the tips!

    1. hi Cathy . Salt might seem not to be a good idea. But try it. I had chronic anxiety. Cramps in the legs,  tingling sensations and many more . But trying sole water was one of the best things that I used while curing my anxiety since Himalayan salt has 84minerals the body needs or you might just use it as your table salt the benefits are always the same.

  2. Hi Angie,

    Thanks for the info about Himalayan salt.
    I never knew it could be used to treat anxiety! That’s so interesting. I am fortunate enough to not suffer from anxiety at all but I have friends that have a hard time going out and socializing because of anxiety.
    You listed out a lot of good reasons why people suffer from anxiety. The one that stood out is “reading and watching scary” things. Some people watch way too much news or gossip and then they believe the world is horrible and scary.
    There’s definitely a lot of natural ways to cure anxiety, and staying away from bad stuff could be as beneficial as “taking” something.
    Anyway, I love the site. I bet you’re helping a lot of people that are suffering from anxiety.


    1. Thanks Wilson, Himalayan salt helped alot in stopping my panic attacks so I highly recommend it to people suffering from anxiety and panic attacks.

  3. HI Angie, thank you for your post. I just made a jug of plain water and added 2 teaspoons of Himalayan salt to 2 litres of water, does that amount / ration sound right?

    1. No you don’t have to be pressured. Take the water on your own pace but most importantly take it early mornings before you put anything else in your stomach.

  4. Are you on a normal diet, or have you cut out wheat and dairy from your diet. Also are you still doing this sole water and are you still doing well? thanks margy

    1. When my panic attacks stopped I don’t take sole water as much but I still use it for other personal things like brushing my teeth. Iam on the Normal but I just don’t like milk. Make sure you get tested for food intolerances before you cut out any foods.

  5. Thank you for the info! My anxiety has completely taken over my life. I no longer enjoy being out in public due to my bad anxiety. I can’t even drive!! That’s how bad my anxiety/panic attacks are. I’ll be definitely giving this a try. 💕

    1. Am sorry to hear about your situation but mine was also like that five years back it was terrible but if you continue reading the natural tips i write on this website you will understand your anxiety more which will set you free.

  6. Hi Angie, I have been having lots of trouble falling asleep and upon waking haven’t been able to get back to sleep. Do you recommend taking this before bedtime to help with sleep or just in the morning and through the day? thanks Margs

  7. Thanks angie, can you email me, i just quit drinking and have severe anxiety and somebody told me about this, so i googled it and found this article as well as another.

    My question is,
    With what you described is very similar to what im going through.
    Was the pink himalayan salt all you needed for your anxiety?

    Thanks for your time

  8. I developed panic attacks when I developed multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) about 5 years ago. Panic attacks are one of the side effects of MCS, because you fear, when leaving the house you will come in contact with a harmful chemical that will make you very sick. I also had to give up driving, and will go nowhere without my husband. I started taking 1 teaspoon of sole in room temperature water first thing every morning, 1 week ago, but have not seen any change. Your article made it seem like you took it throughout the day. Could you tell me how much you used in each glass of water, and how often you drank it each day? I would love to get rid of my panic attacks, because they control my life.

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