Best natural anxiety Relief. 17- natural tips that will reduce your anxiety

Best natural anxiety relief

Anyone trying to to overcome anxiety knows that the recovery journey isn’t an easy one, there are always some set backs to it, for example today your ok but then the next day your worse. For that matter getting a break from your anxious mind is always a good thing when dealing with any type of anxiety. There are so many natural ways that can help a person living with anxiety to get some relief during the dark days.


What are the dark days to a person living with anxiety?
These are days when a person with anxiety feels worse to the extent of not performing his or her daily activities.

for instance when you have an anxiety disorder you can easily get panic attacks, anxiety physical symptoms and suicidal thoughts due to feeling extremely anxious.

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What should i do when am feeling anxious?

Anxiety doesn’t have time of occurrence, we easily get scary thoughts that make our minds worry, causes us pain and lead to unnecessary fear.

There are natural tips that a person dealing with anxiety can use to reduce the levels of anxiety daily.These  ideas won’t bring any side effects to your mind and body but will instead make you feel better every single day.

1. Taking sole water,






I recommend anyone suffering from anxiety to take sole water ( water mixed with Himalayan salt) this won’t only provide relief but it will put an end to the panic attacks. Sole water is very healthy if you take a little of it everyday during the anxiety journey since it contains natural minerals that the body needs.

2. Warm Bath.

It’s always nice to soak yourself in a warm bath and relax for some few minutes. A person can also include chamomile products like oils in the warm water as chamomile is a well known herb for treating anxiety and reducing anxiety symptoms.

3. Read inspirational books.

Self help books that only talk about positive thinking can act as a relief from anxiety. The more a person reads a book that ultras the mind from negative to positive thinking, the less anxious a person will be. There a lot of materials out there inform of books, quotes that provide hope and inspiration to a person with anxiety.

4. Prepare your favorite food.

There is nothing more relaxing than eating what you want.  In anxious moments we always feel sad, so preparing our favorite food can be a good remedy for anxiety. Keep in mind that the food should be healthy because unhealthy food contributes to a very anxious mind.

5. Listen to nice Relaxation music,







Music has always been used as a way of relaxing, when the anxious thoughts pop up in away find your favorite music that you enjoy to listen to, this doesn’t mean meditation music or slow music, it should be something you enjoy because this will increase your focus on the music and let the anxiety be which will provide a  a big relief.

6. Meditation,

Meditation is when you put all your focus onto something. This can be a particular feeling, words, sound or activity. Meditation is proved to be a powerful technique in changing our thoughts, beliefs and feelings. This can be done anywhere at anytime whenever you feel anxious. When your meditating try to think about only positive things because humans we are bigger than the anxiety that we feel.

7. Laugh









Find something that makes you laugh because laughter goes hand in hand with happiness. The more your happy the less anxious you will be. There is a saying that when you laugh the bad energy goes out of your body. There are a lot of things that you can opt for like reading funny articles, watching comedy and  laughing with friends.

change your life today

8. Play sports or games,






During anxious situations don’t just sit there and dwell on how bad your feeling in that moment, instead engage yourself in sports or games that keep your mind active and focused on other things. This can be light sports or computer games with friends, anything fun and competitive will provide relief in anxious moments.

9. Exercise,











Any work out can reduce levels of stress and improve the healthy of the body. If you work out often you will realize that the mind will start to change and perceive thoughts different. Exercising has tremendous benefits because it increases a person’s mood and makes them mentally alert. They are lots of different exercises a person could do for example, going to the gym, jogging, taking light walks, riding a bicycle.

10. Write down your anxious thoughts,








This is a very powerful exercise to providing relief in anxiety sufferer. The more you write down what you are afraid of the most, you won’t be afraid of it anymore. Practice this exercise every time you feel stressed or anxious it will take some load off your mind and you will feel more relaxed.

11. Meet up with friends,






A good meet up with friends is always a good thing to get the worries off your shoulder. When meeting friends make sure they are good friends who only talk about positive things that doesn’t increase your anxiety. This will help you massively because social interactions are always good when it comes to relaxation.

12. Take a trip,







This can be a short trip maybe in the mountains or somewhere new. Traveling to a totally different area will put your mind at ease. When traveling it is better you either go alone or with good company.

13. Tea.







Taking tea has always been beneficial to our overall health. There are lots of beverages that you can use to make a stress reliever tea. For example chamomile, green tea, check out the benefits of drinking tea everyday.

14. Eat some fruits






Fruits contain minerals and vitamins that our bodies do need for example vitamin A, Vitamin D, zinc, magnesium. vitamin c, potassium. Daily consumption of fruits will make a person feel better and it will create a big change in someone’s moods hence lowering the anxiety levels.

15. Social community work,






Working with others and providing help to another people will shift the thoughts in your mind. The social activities can include counseling others, giving first aid to others and providing help where necessary.This is a good anxiety reliever because you won’t focus on your fears anymore rather you will focus on helping out others.

16. Take a nap,






It’s always good to find time and sleep for a few minutes or an hour. Napping improves the alertness, moods and performance of a person. You can always fix 30mins in your schedule everyday and take some time off to nap.

17. Just do nothing.

Most of the time when we are stressed or anxious we want to find something to do or to occupy us but what if we choose to just do nothing and just visualize the good things we want in life. Just doing nothing for like 30 minutes can give you relief during the anxious moments.


Note; All the natural tips work for short and long term in providing relief during the anxious moments. Remember to always focus on the things you enjoy and that only will change your moods and feelings.

start your recovery journey now

If you have any questions. Leave them in the comment section below. i will gladly answer back.


How to stop panic attacks naturally. 1 simple natural way.




Hi friends,How to stop panic attacks naturally

Anyone who has ever experienced panic attacks knows that they are horrible it doesn’t matter whether it is your first time or you get them frequently, the feeling is always the same. Iam going to be discussing the only natural way that can stop panic attacks without medication.

Most people get the feeling of having a panic attack even before it appears which is what they call having a panic disorder and they end up imprisoning themselves with medication.

What is a panic attack?

This is where a person falls into an immediate state of excessive fear or worry with or without a specific reason. A panic attack can be characterized by the following symptoms,

* shaking and trembling

* Dizziness and feeling of fainting

* Shortness of breath.

* Excessive fear of death

* Chest pain

Panic attacks appear because of different types of anxiety a person might be having as they are many types of anxiety experienced by every individual.

My experience

I used to have panic attacks like almost every day during my anxiety journey. Waking up and feeling like though am about to faint, was the most scary thing that has ever happened to me and I used to ask myself what was wrong with me. I used to live in fear even going to supermarkets was becoming impossible which made me live in misery.

20 physical symptoms of anxiety and depression

The power of ignorance

When experiencing panic attacks for the first time, people off course think that they have a disease like a heart problem or anything of the sort which actually isn’t the truth. And for those experiencing it frequently or once in a while, they tend to run for the quick fix which are the pills. Ignorance is a deadly tool when it comes to things concerning health, so which should try to educate ourselves in the health department to avoid prolonging the issue.

The world has changed a lot today and there are so many things around us that can trigger panic attacks.



Things that cause a panic attack

1. Dwelling on a past experience, This is a situation where a person keeps on thinking about a bad experience that happened in the past. For example if, you had a panic attack once and you don’t stop thinking or talking about it, it is most likely that it will appear again.

2. Excessive worrying, Panic attacks are commonly triggered by unending situation of worrying. When a person keeps on worrying about something like bills, relationships, or money this will bring a lot of stress to their lives.

3. Change of life style, Everyone’s life style differs for example there are people who are leaving a lavish and expensive life style, while they are people living a mediocre or a poor life style. The moment a person who has been living a lavish life style changes his or her life style, they will fall in a state of panic.

4. Reading or watching scary things, This was one the things that caused my first panic attack, I remember being very stressed during those days and coming across a newspaper filled with lots of different diseases was something that made me experience a panic attack.

5. Excessive excitement, Being overly excited sometimes isn’t a very a good thing it can be overwhelming leading to a panic attack. A person should always keep their calm even in the most moments of their lives.

6. Insecurity, In a state of feeling insecure about the future puts lots of people in a state of fear and panic. For example thinking about loosing a job or a property makes people worry what will happen if they lost those things.

7. Persistent Negative thoughts. Having constant negative thoughts increase stress levels in the future and there is a saying that the most things people worry about don’t even happen. So people should always avoid thinking in a negative way or avoid any kind of people that bring a lot of negativity into their life.

8. Nutritional deficiency, This is when a body doesn’t have enough nutrients to function properly. With the way people eat these days it is really easy to have a nutritional deficiency. The fewer minerals and vitamins the body has the more exposure it has towards any illness.

Note; Anyone should avoid the above in order to prevent panic attacks from happening in the first place.


A natural way to stop panic attacks for good.

There are so many natural ways to feeling better when you are in a state of panic but they don’t stop the panic attacks from coming back, especially when your you experience them casually or when you have a panic disorder.

Why medication isn’t the way to stopping panic attacks?

When people are excessively worried and stressed, many of them opt for medication since it is the easiest fix to panic attacks. The medication that we take to solve the problem, doesn’t actually end the root cause rather it gives us a relief for a few days and later we have to deal with it is side effects.

What is the natural way to ending panic attacks?

How to stop panic attacks naturally

Have you ever heard about pink Himalayan salt? If not, Then this salt is the best thing that happened to me during my anxiety journey because it stopped me from having panic attacks. The feeling of freaking out while sitting in the crowd, the dizziness which used to come from nowhere in the mornings and the heart palpitations all ended when I started using pink Himalayan salt.

What is pink Himalayan salt?

pink Himalayan salt is a sea salt classified as a rock from the Pakistan region. It is sometimes called the Jurassic sea salt. Himalayan salt is mostly mined at the khwera salt mines in khwera District, Punjab which is situated in the foothills of the salt range hill system in the Punjab province of Pakistan.

For many years people have used it as a table salt while not knowing the unique benefits this salt brings. Pink Himalayan salt isn’t like any of these table salts that people use. Research says that the salt contains 84 minerals like zinc, copper, iron, magnesium which the body needs.

The salt comes from the ancient salt deposit which hasn’t been exposed to toxic pollution from the air and water. It is considered to be the purest on earth.

Why you should start using pink Himalayan salt?

1. Rich in minerals, This salt is good for anyone because in actual sense our bodies aren’t getting enough minerals everyday due to the processed foods that we take inside our bodies. This causes people to have a nutritional deficiency which eventually leads to having panic attacks. Anyone should consider adding this salt as a natural supplement to their diet.

2. A natural sleep aid, During my anxiety days when I started adding Himalayan salt in my water, I realized that I started to sleep better, the insomnia problem was solved. Through my research I came to realize that since the salt is rich in minerals that our body needs it makes our muscles to relax which helps us to sleep better.

3. More natural than other table salts, The salt has a more natural touch than other table salts, this is because no preservatives are added in the salt while other salts have other things added in them. Choosing pink Himalayan salt as away of stopping panic attacks would be a better choice.

4. Reduces the risk of dehydration, Since the salt contains sodium which is believed to maintain a proper fluid balance, little addition of a pink Himalayan salt to your diet wouldn’t hurt since some panic attacks come due to the dehydration in the body.

5. Reduces muscle cramps, When we are excessively worried or stressed, we get muscle cramps in different parts of the body like legs, back and other areas. Using Himalayan salt would be the best remedy to the painful muscle cramps because it avoids the panic attack from happening in the first place.

6. Helps in the respiratory function, Have you realized that when panic attacks come, you loose control of your breathing. You either breath faster or very shallow. Taking the salt would solve the breathing problems because it enables supply of oxygen to all parts of the body through inhaling oxygen rich air and exhaling air filled with carbon dioxide.

Other benefits include;


* Reduce the signs of aging

* Lower blood levels

* Improves bone strength


How to apply the method.

When I had panic attacks I first came across this method of using pink Himalayan salt from a tube video of a woman who was talking about how to stop panic attacks by using salt. At first, I never believed it, because I was scared to be taking salt in my body everyday

As my panic attacks persisted for a year I had to give this idea a try. And you know what? it worked miracles for me like I couldn’t believe the changes when I started this method. If your out there and you want to put an end to your panic attacks try this and I believe you will achieve tremendous results.


1. Step 1

Finding refined pink Himalayan salt. The challenge for me was to find that good original salt I could use for my treatment. You can go to any store and find if they have the pink Himalayan salt. I have also provided for you options of where you can get good quality salt from below.


Product; pink himalayan salt.

Place to buy; Amazon


Product; pink Himalayan salt

place to buy Amazon


2. Step 2

The way of use, After you have gotten your pink Himalayan salt, get your big jar full of drinking clean water, then get two tea spoons of the salt and place it in the jar full of drinking water and store the water in a cool place or in the fridge.

3. Step 3

At least leave the jar in the fridge for 24hours before you start using the water. After removing the jar in the fridge, get small bottles of drinking water then pour a little solution of the jar water in the small bottles. Then mix the solution in the small bottles with pure plain water which has no pink Himalayan salt. Then the solution is ready.

Note. Use this water daily as your drinking water even when you don’t have panic attacks so that to say good bye to panic attacks forever.

4. Step 4

When you have started using this solution, you will feel different the more you use it. Don’t give it up before reaching a month. I got rid of my panic attacks in 1 month but I continued using it even without panic attacks. So I recommend using it till six months.

Below I have included the video of the woman who first introduced me to this method.


As you can see pink Himalayan salt has great benefits, it doesn’t only cure panic attacks but it also provides our body more with healthy benefits. There lots of products being made out of pink Himalayan salt to give relief to anxiety sufferers and reduce the symptoms of anxiety. And the best thing is that they have affordable prices.

Below are products being made out of pink Himalayan salt which can help any anxiety sufferer.

1. Himalayan crystal rock salt lamp

Place to buy; Amazon


It is a natural piece of Himalayan crystal rock salt. They can come in different weights so you can choose any weight you want. These lights help in improving breathing, improving sleeping, increase energy levels, reduces stress.

2. Gluten free Himalayan salt,

Product; pink Himalayan salt

place to buy, Amazon

For those who are allergic to gluten this salt is for you. You can still use this salt with the method I suggested to cure panic attacks. It has a flavor and it can also be used for cooking too.

Hope with all that I have listed above it would be easier for anyone who is suffering from panic attacks or panic disorder to get rid of them for good.

I wish you all the best in your recovery.

if you have any questions. Leave them in the comment section below I will gladly answer them.








20 Physical symptoms of anxiety and depression.


20 physical symptoms of anxiety and depression

Today we discuss about the several physical symptoms of anxiety and depression. When a person is experiencing anxiety for the first time, they have no idea what’s going on with their bodies which makes them freak out the more.

Now you might be thinking why am I combining anxiety with depression? The reason is, in most cases anxiety moves along with depression and it takes time for some people to realize that they have anxiety or have also fallen in a state of depression.

During my Anxiety journey, it took me three years to know that all the physical symptoms I had where because of anxiety and depression. I moved from one hospital to another trying to figure out what was wrong with me by that time, which also increased my levels of anxiety as I kept on having different symptoms every single day.

Misconception about the symptoms of anxiety and depression

There is a lot of misunderstandings about the physical symptoms of anxiety. When an anxiety sufferer or a depressed person goes to the hospital to ask about why he or she has particular symptoms, in most cases the doctors won’t detect right away that it is anxiety leading to causing more frustrations among people

In my experience I went to so many hospitals in my country but they couldn’t tell me exactly what was wrong with me., they used to say lots of different diseases that I had no clue about which made me more depressed and anxious. If anyone is having one of the symptoms that am going to write below and you have checked with different hospitals but there is nothing wrong with you, just know that it’s all anxiety making your body to be in that kind of state.

.symptoms that indicate you might be having anxiety and depression



1. Dizziness, This is a state where a person feels lightheaded or feels like fainting. In most cases people who feel dizzy they find it hard to move because they fear to fall down. If you’re experiencing this often when you feel anxious and stressed just know that you have anxiety.

2. Heart palpitations, This is where a person’s heart is beating at a faster rate and pounding more than normal. When you’re experiencing heart palpitations you can feel them in certain body parts like neck, chest and throat. In most cases people who experience this kind of symptom might be mistaken to have a heart disease.

3. Body aches and pains, This where a person feels pain and discomfort in different parts of the body without any reason. This type of symptom can be so frustrating as it makes you to feel fatigued most of the times.

4. Trembling, It’s a situation where a person starts shaking involuntarily. This can happen to any part of the body, for example legs, thighs, arms or lips. When this happens just try to relax because it eventually stops in minutes and if the situation goes on for so long now you know that you have an anxiety disorder which needs to be delt with.  Find out more on how you Can overcome anxiety and depression here.

5. Frequent headaches, Having constant headaches from nowhere is a symptom of anxiety and depression because a person always feels on edge which causes an impact on the nervous system.

6. Eating disorders, It’s where a person resort to poor eating habits from nowhere, some start to miss out meals which can lead them to become anorexic, while others start eating more than the usual hence gaining a lot of weight.

20 physical symptoms of anxiety and depression

7. Frequent crying, It’s a situation where a person cries all the time without an explainable reason. When a person suffers from anxiety and depression they become very emotional in that even the little things make them cry. This happens because anxiety makes us feel lonely inside and it changes the way you perceive things.

8. Tingling sensations, This can happen anywhere on the body, sometimes they can be scary for the first time especially if you’re experiencing them throughout the body but as the stress levels decrease they will also disappear. I remember when I used to suffer from anxiety I had constant tingling sensations which appeared on my whole body and they used to happen anywhere, here I mean from head to toe so if your experiencing this just know you have an anxiety disorder which need to be treated.  Check out my best recommendation here.

9. Pins and needles, These are strong piercings which are felt in different parts of the body, they can be painful most of the times but they disappear within minutes. In most cases some people are mistaken to have  different types of diabetes.

10. Isolation. This is a situation where a person often isolates him or herself from people. Anxiety and depression makes people think that they are different from others so they need to stay away which ends up making them more depressed. This kind of symptom can happen to anyone with any type of anxiety so seeking help as soon as possible would be the best alternative.  Learn how to control you anxiety here.

11. Burning skin, This is where the skin feels like though its on fire. This was one of the most scary symptom I used to experience when I had anxiety and depression. The burning sensation keeps on moving from all the parts of the body and in certain cases people are mistake it to be skin cancer or anything of the sort which only increased their anxiety levels. Sometimes this symptom can be caused when you have insufficient body minerals where you need supplements that can correct your deficiencies.

12. Numbness, This is lack of feeling or insensibility in some of the body parts. For example when a person wakes up but feels as though his arm or leg is dead like there is no any sensation felt. This happens especially when you have just woken up.


13. Ringing in the ears, It’s a state where a person feels certain noise in the ears which are like bells. This can happen at any time of the day and it’s quite disturbing.

14. Frequent Nightmares, Having scary dreams all the time is a symptom of anxiety and depression. This happens because you sleep with an anxious and stressful mind that makes the brain to formulate scary pictures due to high levels of stress and unhappiness.

15. Buzzing, These are feelings of vibrations occurring in different parts of the body. This can also happen anywhere in the body. In my case I used to feel them from head to toe and sometimes they could appear slightly in my feet.

16. Hot and cold flashes, This is a sudden feeling of heat or cold in different parts of the body. When this happens try to relax till the flashes subsidize.

17. Insomnia, This is a situation of having difficulty in sleeping. A person with insomnia can’t stay sleeping for reasonable hours, they are always awake or they sleep for a very little time.

18. Lump in the throat, It’s a feeling of having something under your throat, this symptom is very uncomfortable some people mistake it to be throat cancer or something but when actually the real cause is anxiety.

19. Suicidal thoughts. A feeling of wanting to kill yourself because of not feeling worthy of living. People with anxiety and depression always feel like though their purpose on this earth is no more which do create feelings of unworthiness hence wanting to commit suicide.

20. Muscle tightness, This is where muscles feel very tight and it becomes very uneasy to move hence causing some discomforts in different parts of the body.

End your anxiety today

Every symptom that I have written above, I experienced it during my days of having anxiety and depression.

Note; if you have been to different hospitals, checked by different doctors and they never came to any conclusion of what you’re suffering from, and your still having the above symptoms just know your having an anxiety disorder and depression.

Below i have included a video of mine explaining the physical symptoms of Anxiety.

” Acceptance is one of the keys to recovery”

If you have any questions for me. leave them in the comment section and I will gladly answer back.



how to cure anxiety naturally. A must read

Hi friend,

Are you an anxiety sufferer? you have been looking for a solution on how to cure your anxiety naturally but you haven’t been able to find one or you have tried so many techniques that haven’t worked for you? Today I bring  you my best recommendation that can help you kick any type of anxiety that you have in your life.


Anxiety is a mental illness characterized of excessive worrying, fear, stress and nervousness caused by a person’s thoughts, beliefs and feelings. Everyone should know that anxiety is part of our lives and it’s healthy because it enables us to make decisions in our everyday lives.

The problem comes in when we take our worries to the extreme level in that we let anxiety interfere with our daily activities for example work, school, relationships and parenthood. They are so many things that trigger excessive fear and worrying today which has made people suffer from all sorts of different anxiety disorders.  Fore instance many of us tend to think about our present situations and what the future holds which isn’t bad but the way we perceive our thoughts it’s what causes us to fall into the anxiety mode.

Note, Anxiety doesn’t kill. It only makes people’s lives a living hell.

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1. Social phobia

This is a fear of interaction with other people or being in social gatherings. It becomes a disorder when a person continues to develop excessive fear to speak in public or shying away from healthy social interactions with others. This type of disorder has interfered a lot with people’s dreams because people fear to be evaluated or misjudged by others

signs of social phobia

* Isolating yourself from a crowd with no reason

* Excessive fear when your in public places or with unfamiliar people.

* Obsession of being judged by others

2. Generalized anxiety disorder

This a continuous state of excessive worrying and nervousness with or without a specific reason. This is where a person is on tension 24/7 having high stress levels of what is happening in the present or of what might happen in the future with no anxiety breaks. This type of disorder interferes with our daily activities since we fail to control our thoughts and emotions.

Signs of generalized anxiety disorder.

*Fatigue. Waking up and feeling so tired without doing anything

* Body aches. Having body sharp pains especially in the back and in the stomach.

*Poor eating habits. Missing out meals or over eating.

*Difficulty in sleeping. Having sleepless nights.

* Muscle tension.

* Panic attacks.

3. Panic disorder.

This a situation where a person continuously keeps having panic attacks without a specific reason. This happens when a person who experienced anxiety attacks for first the time including panic attacks, tend to live in fear of experiencing the situation again.

Signs of panic disorder.


*Stomach pains.

*Hot or cold flashes.

*High blood pressure.

* Difficulty in breathing.

4. Agrophobia.


This is where a person fears to go out in the public since they feel like they could have a panic attack if they do. The people suffering from this kind of disorder find it hard to be far away from their homes and they want to always be near people or places they know.

Signs of Acrophobia

* Severe anxiety when your in a new place

*Obsession of being only around people you know

5. Post traumatic stress disorder



This disorder happens when a person fails to recover from the terrible event or experience they went through for example like accidents, murder and shocking news. A person keeps on getting flash backs on that specific event which leads to a lot of nervousness and anxiousness.

Signs of Post traumatic stress disorder.

  • severe feelings of anxiety in places where the event happened.
  •  Obsessive memories about the past traumatic event.

As we have seen from the above anxiety disorders, they are all connected to the mind. Our thoughts do trigger and let us stay with anxiety for a every long time or sometimes for the rest of our lives.

In my years of suffering from anxiety i realized that it was all in my mind though it took me time to really understand it but i got there. I know how your feeling  right now, thinking that how am i causing myself to live with continous anxiety.

In my opinion no one deserves to live their life in a state of fear and worry that’s why we have to overcome anxiety with our minds in the best way that we can without causing any harm to our bodies.


My recommendation is to be able to learn how to rewire your mind from all the thoughts and beliefs that trigger anxiety so that anxiety doesn’t affect our daily life. It’s through our minds that we shall learn to know what anxiety really is and to take control of our thoughts and feelings. That’s why i suggest if your an anxiety sufferer and your finding it hard to use your mind to overcome anxiety try these self help books am sure you won’t regret as they will teach you how to use your mind for the benefits of your body.

1. The ultra mind solution

* Product Name. The ultra mind solution by Dr. Hyman

* Description.  A book

* price .  11.34dollars

* place to buy Amazon

The book has 7 keys to the brain health, a simple program that will heal and strengthen your brain. This will enable any anxiety sufferer out there to train their minds on how to approach any anxiety disorder.

2.  Badass ways to end Anxiety and stop panic attacks

* Product Name. Badass ways to end anxiety and stop panic attack.

* Description. book

* Price. 9.47 dollars

* Place to buy. Amazon

This is one of my favorite books because the author doesn’t believe in managing anxiety but overcoming the real problem. This is what i say to all of my friends everyday who are suffering from anxiety that we shouldn’t look for ways to get some relief but overcoming anxiety should be our main goal.


Note, There are so many natural techniques out there suggested to overcome anxiety but why are some people using them and still living inside the  anxiety bubble.

Answer. These techniques aren’t bad at all but the mentally your using doesn’t allow you to heal otherwise you would have been cured by now. Think about it.

The moment you will start using your mind and train your brain react differently to thoughts and different situations that’s the beginning of your recovery. Remember before the body recovers you should heal your brain first.

” Be patient with yourself overcoming anxiety is a journey “

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If anyone has questions. leave them in a comment section below i will gladly answer.






Can you overcome anxiety without medication?The untold truth.


Hi friends,

Iam Angie, the founder of Anxiety free world. I suffered from Generalized Anxiety Disorder and depression for five  years including having severe symptoms that led me to being locked up for a few months in an isolated room because the doctors thought that I was going crazy.

In my years of suffering from Anxiety , I took lots of medication that were prescribed to me from the hospital and in the process of taking them, a question always popped up into my mind whether there was a way to overcome this illness without taking all these pills because to be honest I was getting scared for my body as well.

Question Is: Can you overcome anxiety without medication?

The answer Is: Yes, off course you can overcome Anxiety without any medication.

All my Anxiety sufferers out there should be happy because no one wants to be taking medication because of their inner beliefs, thoughts and feelings.

Let’s first dive into the Anxiety disorder and how medication isn’t the right way on overcoming Anxiety.

What is Anxiety disorder?

Is a mental state or illness that is characterized with unnecessary feelings of worry and stress. If this feeling goes on for more than six months then it turns into Generalized Anxiety Disorder termed as GAD.

Characteristics include;

1. Continuous nervousness

2. High stress levels

3. Panic attacks


There are millions of people around the globe who are suffering from severe anxiety. some do come out and they accept that they need help, while others remain silent which causes severe depression with some ultimately committing suicide.

Anxiety will never kill you and it isn’t a disease where you can take medication today and then you wake up the next day feeling better. As hard as it is to accept, Anxiety can’t be overcome with medication, rather medication will give you some relief from the anxiety symptoms. But does it do what i believe any Anxiety sufferer out there would wish for, to get outside the bubble and live a healthy life without this disorder.

Anxiety Medication,

These are drugs or any kind medicine prescribed by the doctor to cure or give a relief  from the Anxiety symptoms.

When I was suffering from Anxiety I had a number of painful symptoms that were unbearable. The only thing I wished for was to stop those symptoms from appearing over and over again. I know that when you are suffering from anxiety you look for the quick fix or the solution to stop the symptoms from appearing, but truth be told if you don’t eliminate the real cause of what triggers anxiety in your daily life the symptoms will keep coming.

Note: There are many types of medications that are used in treating Anxiety disorders. They also have different effects pertaining each medication.

Most common medication used,

Anxiety medication falls in different categories as listed below.

1,. ANTIDEPRESSANTS. The antidepressants are used to treat anxiety. They can be used for a long term treatment especially in patients with Generalized Anxiety disorder

* Paroxetine known as Paxil, Its one of the most common drug that is used by patients who are suffering from Anxiety.

Side effects of Paxil,


Loss appetite


Loss of sex Drive

Note; Research says that it can also lead to birth defects in women.

* Sertraline known as Zoloft, This is like any other anxiety medication it doesn’t take away the illness rather it gives a relief on the anxiety symptoms.

Side effects of Zoloft,

Increase in suicidal thoughts


sexual dysfunction

*Escitalopram known as Lexapro, This is an antidepressant used to treat generalized Anxiety disorder. Research says that it’s effective in reducing the symptoms of Anxiety but still it doesn’t overcome Anxiety disorder.

Side effects of Lexapro,

Suicidal thoughts in people under the age of 25

Trouble sleeping


Sexual Problems.

* Fluoxetine known as Prozac,

Side effects of Prozac

Dry mouth

loss of appetite

Abnormal dreams sexual dysfunction

Suicidal Behavior.

NOTE; The above antidepressants can be taken for along term period though they won’t overcome Anxiety.

2. BENZODIAZEPINES. These drugs act like tranquilizers or sleeping pills which enable muscle relaxation. They are mostly used to treat panic attacks or acute anxiety. In other wards they are for short term treatment.

* Alprazolam known as Xanax, This benzodiazepine shows sides effects after taking it within days. The moment you stop taking it the Anxiety symptoms will reappear again and more symptoms you never had before.

Side effects,



Dry mouth

Urinary Retention

Skin Rash.

*Clonazepam known as Klonopin, The withdraw symptoms are also massive on this one.

Side effects of Klonopin


Difficulty in sleeping

Poor coordination.

Other Benzodiazepines include



NOTE: All that medication listed above isn’t advisable to be taken while your pregnant as it might harm the baby.

After you have known some medication used for treating , would you go for it regardless of the side effects?

In my opinion it isn’t the best way in overcoming Anxiety.


Expensive, Buying drugs all the time because you are treating Anxiety it is very costly in the long run. I remember in my years of overcoming anxiety I used most of all my saving to buy medicine which left me broke and still anxious. I had to leave my job as it was really not easy buying the medicine.

Suicidal Behavior, This is one of my biggest reason why I am against medication as away of treating anxiety and depression. When a person gets addicted to taking these drugs that’s were the problem starts. They start thinking that these drugs are their shield from anxiety and depression which isn’t the case at all.

Doesn’t solve the problem, Taking drugs doesn’t solve the real problem which is Anxiety instead it prolongs it and that’s why so many people are live with the disorder for so many years. I realized when I had anxiety that these drugs were keeping me inside the bubble but not taking me outside the bubble.

Withdraw symptoms are the worst, After realizing that medication doesn’t overcome Anxiety, so many people try to stop taking these drugs but they end up feeling worse than they were before using them.

Depression. The medication leaves so many people depressed as it doesn’t solve the exact problem but it fuels it.

As you can see medication doesn’t cure anxiety, which takes us back to our Question.

Can you Overcome Anxiety without medication?

My Answer is yes you can.

There are a lot of Natural techniques that people say you can use to overcome anxiety without medication.

1. Using natural herbs

2. Meditation

3 Dieting

4. Getting a healthy coach

5. Exercising

6. CBT ( Cognitive behavioral therapy)

7. Gratitude

These aren’t bad techniques in overcoming Anxiety if used in the right way and a right state of mind. The problem comes in if you use them with the mentality of overcoming Anxiety which result in fueling and battling Anxiety.


when i was still suffering from anxiety, I used different things to cure my anxiety but unfortunately they didn’t work me. My only cure was my mind, learning how to perceive my thoughts differently and letting them be was my greatest weapon to overcome anxiety as i stopped battling it.

People find it hard to rely on their minds when anxious thoughts pop up, this is quite a challenge for everyone and to be honest it was for me as well.  I suggest if anyone is having a difficult time on how to ultra their mind and take control of their thoughts, you should learn to use self help books or use anything that can bring more positivity into your life. Me myself i wasn’t  good at reading books or listening to podcasts that help people move from a negative thinking to a positive thinking, but passing through the anxiety journey i learnt a lot because i knew this was my life and i needed to help myself get out of the ditch.

( **** my recommendation)

Below i have listed down some self help books which i believe can be a good start for someone who wants to overcome any type of Anxiety.


Product; Overcome social Anxiety and shyness.

Author;  Dr. Matt Lewis

Place to buy; Amazon

This book is powerful , it has a step by step plan that helps people understand social anxiety and helps them overcome it through changing t behaviours and perceptions. It doesn’t only people with social anxiety but it also does help people with low confidence, panic attacks, Agrophobia, anxiety disorder.


 Product; Rewire your anxious brain.

Author: Catherine Pittman

Place to buy; Amazon

This book shows how the brain really works when a person is anxious and it teaches how you can respond to those anxious thoughts when they appear.

so all those self help books can help anyone trying to overcome anxiety, you can also do a research of other mind changing books that can heal your mind and take away all the unnecessary fear you could be having.

Question, Why have I used all these techniques but my Anxiety isn’t shifting?


Answer, Because you use them with the mentality of fighting Anxiety.

NOTE; The moment you stop battling Anxiety or your inner thoughts it is the moment you start your road to freedom.

In all of my years of suffering from Anxiety I used all the natural techniques I have written above but nothing worked for me I stayed with Anxiety. After a period of self reflection I realized that I can’t live my life in the prison cell of Anxiety, and this made me find my own solution and to my surprise it was very effective. Am here to testify today that I don’t have Generalized Anxiety disorder any more.

If I could overcome my Disorders, you can also be free from it too. Heal your mind with the self help items because it is only you who knows what is going on inside your brain and be free from anxiety.

Take note that every thing starts in our minds, if we can repair our minds and let go of all the negativity and replace our minds with beautiful things , Anxiety will have no place in our minds nor our bodies.

‘Take control of your mind and thoughts that is the beginning of your recovery”

All the best.



About Anxiety Free World

About the author

Hello Everyone, welcome to Anxiety free world.

Am Angie, i suffered from Anxiety and depression for  five years and it was the most painful period of my entire life. Within those five years suffering from anxiety and depression,  i passed through alot of things that also taught me a lesson about life experiences.

Growing up I was just like any average girl from a good family full of love and support. All my life I passed through boarding school because my parents believed it as the best way of nurturing a kid, and to be honest I loved being in boarding school since I could spend time with my friends other than staying home bored. That was the best time of my life with no worries and stress of anything.

Things started to change

When I left high school things started to change. I joined the university and I was trying to find the direct path to my career which made me all stressed out. I wanted to prove to myself and my parents that I can be someone important in the future which didn’t help me at all but worsened my situation.

Dark days.

Throughout my university life I was always stressed and worried which went on for some time but I didn’t realize it. My chronic Anxiety started when I had finished school and I had started working. I suffered from severe chronic anxiety disorder and depression for five years. I call those years the black spot. i went from being misdiagnosed by the doctors to attempt suicide.

When it comes to anxiety, i know how exactly a person can be feeling because i was there before

Road to Freedom

After taking a lot of medication for three years which didn’t help me at all but only kept me in the cycle, i decided ti take the matter in my own hands by educating myself about my mental illness and that’s when recovery started for me and i healed myself through natural methods.


Am here to help every Anxiety sufferer overcome their dark days as they say goodbye to the path of living under stress and excessive fear to the path of a happy life with no Anxiety and depression.


  • .provide solutions to overcoming anxiety.
  • . Reduce the number of Anxiety sufferers as no one deserves to live like this
  • . Give hope to people who are suffering
  • . Prevent Anxiety from occurring
  • . Overcome Depression.
  •  Reduce stigma towards the people suffering from anxiety.

Bring more awareness on Anxiety and depression.

TIP; Recovery takes time therefore patience is required