ways to reduce anxiety naturally

how to reduce anxiety naturally. 16 powerful ways that can control anxiety


ways to reduce anxiety naturally

If your an anxiety sufferer, and you are experiencing anxiety or panic attacks frequently, to the extent of not being able to perform your daily activities, you know that life can become very unbearable and painful. That’s why today I bring you the 16 powerful tips that you can use to reduce the level of your anxiety to a manageable state.

How anxiety levels differ.

There are different levels of anxiety experienced by different people as explained below.

Mild anxiety is a type of anxiety most people experience on a daily basis during certain situations, for example you can feel uneasiness in the stomach or muscle tightness in your body which can go away after a short time. This type of anxiety isn’t dangerous instead it can be beneficial as it increases alertness and focus.

Moderate anxiety, this can be similar to the mild anxiety but the difference is that you put all your total attention to the situation which is making you nervous or anxious and ignore everything around you. This type of anxiety can go on for a specific period of time and if it isn’t controlled it can easily turn out into severe anxiety.

Severe anxiety, Is the highest and dangerous type of anxiety whereby it can control your life and interfere with your daily activities if not treated early. This type of anxiety has no time frame on how long it will stop, it all depends on the person experiencing it at the moment. It is very important to know your anxiety level to avoid stress and depression because they are linked together. Taking an Anxiety level test will help you know to what extent does your anxiety have a negative influence on your daily life.

Ways that can reduce Anxiety

There are various ways on how you can reduce anxiety without taking any medication. It is very normal today for a person to fall into a fight or flight response due our everyday stress factors, but the issue comes in when this kind of feeling and perception remains consistent even without any reason that triggers the situation.

1. Acceptance. Acceptance is key when you are suffering from anxiety, the moment you start to live in denial that your not suffering from anxiety but something else which you have no idea about that is what increases our anxiety. You have to accept the situation because by doing so you will stop worrying as much about your physical symptoms which will eventually reduce your anxiety. I remember during my anxiety days what kept my anxiety levels to go up was because I had failed to accept the reality and when I accepted, that is when I started to see my anxiety levels shifting because I knew it wouldn’t kill me.

2. Change of beliefs. Our beliefs are very important when we have healthy issues, for example if you get to know that you have an anxiety disorder from the doctor and after sometime you reach in a situation where you are feeling very nervous or anxious, you have to be in position to change that belief in order to cut down the worries or the nervousness that causes the anxiety. Learn how to change your own beliefs here.

3. Stop checking yourself. When a person is suffering from anxiety, we experience all these physical symptoms that can be scary and according to our anxiety levels we can experience different symptoms everyday so by checking yourself to see what symptom has appeared or not appeared it only increases our anxiety. Many people find it hard to avoid checking on themselves, I don’t say that you shouldn’t be aware of how you are feeling but the thoughts you put on the anxiety physical symptoms it is what makes us very anxious, in one of my article I wrote about the best natural anxiety relief which I believe if you don’t know how to stop checking yourself you can include those activities in your daily life and you will be able to have breaks from your anxiety.

4. Stop dwelling on your past. I know that we all have our past that maybe triggered our anxiety or makes us anxious when we think about it, but you have to realize that the more you overthink or talk about an incident that happened to you in the past the more memories of that situation are stuck in your brain. Dwelling on something can very much increase your anxiety because it will always give you flash backs, Learn how you can stop dwelling on your past and focus on more positive things.

5. Reduce on the anxiety medication, Anxiety medication is good for a short term anxiety sufferer, because it is effective for only a short while. Those who are still on the anxiety medications know it very well that they can be addictive and withdraw effects can increase your anxiety. For anyone out there suffering from anxiety and has been on the anxiety medication for such a long period of time but still your anxiety hasn’t reduced, my only advice for you is to get off medications and approach anxiety in a more natural way. I know it can be hard to get off medication but if you start by reducing your dosages of pills you take a day, then you won’t be affected as much.

6. Educate yourself. Education has always been the greatest tool if you want to accomplish something and in most cases overcoming anxiety is all about knowing exactly what anxiety disorder really is. During my anxiety days I had to get selfhelpbooks that helped know about how to control and overcome anxiety attacks. I know that so many people don’t want to read or others it isn’t in their nature to read books but having knowledge about your illness will definitely shift your anxiety levels.

7. Build strong affirmations. This is one of the most natural ways that can help you reduce anxiety, by building your own strong affirmations that provide relief to your anxiety, it will make a huge difference. This can be a challenge at first but the more you do it the more you will get used to it and the more positive results you will get. There a lot of a affirmations you can build on your own that can help you reduce anxiety, for example the more you say to your self that I will be fine the less worried you become.

8. Being grateful. Being thankful for what we have or have accomplished in our lives everyday is a very powerful tool. When you are suffering from anxiety, most of the times we are depressed and we find it hard to appreciate even the smallest things around us and that increases our anxiety. Fear and anxiety are caused by our mental thoughts and how we perceive a situation, if your anxiety is caused by a financial situation or anything, try to look at the other bright side and be thankful for your life that you can still overcome a situation.

9. Surround yourself with positive people. When you are suffering from anxiety, try as much as possible to surround yourself with people who talk about positive things, otherwise if you hangout with people who only make your anxiety worse you won’t create a shift in your anxiety levels and your situation will be worse. There are people you meet in life when they will never say anything positive in their life, always talking about the negative side, those are the people you shouldn’t hangout around with during your recovery journey.

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10. Stop the daily search for solutions. It is very normal for a person to always look for solutions when they aren’t feeling OK or when they are trying to solve a problem. Researching and trying to figure out how to overcome anxiety is good to some extent but when you over do it you will become addicted to look out on the internet which I believe increases anxiety. When we look for solutions, we come across scary stories or anything that can trigger our anxiety so the best thing to do is to educate yourself the moment you find out that you have anxiety rather than trying to dig deeper into whatever situation your facing.

11. Limit everything that triggers your anxiety. We all have things that makes us anxious or depressed at some point but there situations or people that trigger our anxiety on a daily basis and that is what you should put a limit at. When I had an anxiety disorder, I realized that there where situations that could increase my anxiety levels from moderate to severe and it would make the physical symptoms worse. Things that can increase your anxiety include the unhealthy relationships, stressful work conditions, social media and many more others. The more you limit these situations the less stressed you will be.

12. Be hopeful, One of the reason why some people keep on moving even when the situation gets tough is, because they are still hopeful that things will workout for the best and for anyone suffering from anxiety should be hopeful that one day he or she will be anxiety free. Hope is that motivating factor that can bring tremendous benefits like reducing stress, reduces anxiety, helps to control the emotions, if practiced constantly. The reason why people with anxiety also fall a victim of depression is that they lose hope of recovering from an anxiety disorder.

13. Get out and enjoy nature. Nature has always been one of the way to reduce stress in our daily lives. I know some people when they are suffering from anxiety, they want to stay indoors and isolate themselves for the rest of the world in fear of getting a panic attack when they go outside. Being surrounded by nature or participating in nature activities reduces anxiety because research shows that nature lowers our stress hormone levels hence boosting our moods.

14. Find a person to talk to. It is good to find a person that you can talk to and share all your fears with, because now days it is common to experience any hardships in any different area of our life like relationships, financial problems, healthy problems which are the cause of our anxiety today. When you find out that you have anxiety disorder, talk it out with a person who understands what your really going through, this will help you feel that emotional support that can help you move forward to in your recovery journey. My advice is to avoid judgmental people and approach those who have suffered from anxiety before or you can as well find your own therapist that will help you throughout your journey.

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15. Be happy. Happiness works so much better than any other depressant for anxiety. I know that it is really hard to be happy when you have a lump in your throat or a burning skin due to an anxiety disorder but I also believe that there are things that you can do that can still make you happy regardless of what your going through. In most cases a person who is always happy has low chances of being anxious but a person who is always unhappy has high chances of being stressed and having high anxiety levels.

16. Learn to control your own thoughts. Many people most of the times they aren’t aware of what they are thinking about, which is one of the reasons why we stay in the anxiety bubble because we get imprisoned by our own thoughts. There are thoughts that can make us feel angry, frustrated and depressed whereas there are thoughts that can make us smile, laugh out loud, confident and happy but the issue remains that thoughts can have a great impact on our bodies. For anyone suffering from anxiety, he or she should be able to rewire their thoughts and replace bad thoughts with good thoughts.

End your anxiety today

The above ways don’t only reduce anxiety but also you can use them to overcome any anxiety disorder naturally. If your out there and you are suffering from anxiety, I would recommend you to include the above tips in your daily life and you will beĀ amazed of what you will achieve in just a few months.

If anyone has any questions, or any of the natural tips to reducing anxiety naturally, kindly leave them in a comment section below.


4 thoughts on “how to reduce anxiety naturally. 16 powerful ways that can control anxiety”

  1. I suffered anxiety after I lost my husband and moved to a new Country it Was a chain reaction, but I do agree with you, one can reduce the level of anxiety by some of the things you have outlined.

    Unfortunately mine went to severe depression and had symptons which were even misdiagnozed but what took me out like you said were 1, Prayer 2 educating myself, 3. Building Strong affirmations and being grateful.

    Also I dwelled so much on my past that I become bitter and very ungrateful, when I accepted my mistakes and Why I Was anxious and depressed. My healing came without medication.

    Thank you for confirmation that These do Help and work in finding healing.

    1. H i Cinderella, am glad that you where able to heal without medication because through acceptance that’s when we start healing and definitely we move out of the anxiety bubble.

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