how to reduce anxiety at work

How to reduce anxiety at work.

Do you know that Anxiety can reduce our level of productivity at work?

how to reduce anxiety at work

I know anyone of us has experienced anxiety or symptoms of anxiety at there work place in one way or the other and to be honest it feels terrible to the extent of it affecting your work output.  But you shouldn’t worry about that a lot because write now we are going to find solutions on how you can you can reduce anxiety at your work place.

Anxiety sucks, but sometimes it helps us to make the right decision or it can act as a driving factor to complete some tasks at work.  Have you ever been at work and you start shaking, trembling or feel sharp pains in any of your body parts? If yes, then you should know that it is anxiety which has invaded your peace of mind. When we are at work sometimes we find ourselves feeling very anxious, forexample you might be sitting infront of your computer doing some work and you start having a panic attack. Do you think that it comes from nowhere ?  To my experience of living with anxiety till to the period of overcoming it i realized one thing that whenever anxiety strikes just know that there are some factors triggering it or which are making you anxious

Now, lets find out what can trigger anxiety while at work.

Perfectionism. Wanting to be perfect in every task that you want to accomplish can make you anxious if you realize that the things your working on aren’t making that picture as the way you have installed in your mind. There is a saying that goes ” no one is perfect” and that is why aiming at doing your job  right and the tasks your being assigned too  is good, though if things don’t become as perfect as you want them to be don’t stress over it  just be happy that you were able to complete a task.

Carrying thoughts from home to work. Some of us like carrying our negative and stressful thoughts from home to our work places which i think it  isn’t a good idea. Today people experience different challenges like paying bills at home, marriage problems , children problems and many more which has made alot of people experience anxiety attacks while at work. The moment you start thinking about what happened last night at your home, all your thoughts will be diverted from your work related issues to what exactly happened. That’s why controlling your thoughts and learning to rewire your brains is the most important. Learn more from the experts on how you can control your thoughts here.

Loud bosses. For  a person who has a loud boss, should know what am talking about because there are bosses when by them talking they scream instead. Those kind of bosses can make you anxious even before they come to work because your always in fear and on tension to accomplish the assigned tasks. My cousin always tell me this “my boss isn’t the best and am always in fear my  work place and that affects the way i do things”  Our own circle can trigger our anxiety at work so be aware , if necessary ignore those kind of bosses afterall what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Too much overload.  When we over load our selves with tasks most of the time we get overworked and this one of the reason why i had anxiety in the first place. I still remember i was doing what they call multitasking ( means doing different tasks at once) i used to get so stressed out because i had a lot to work on which made me get what they call a burn out. However much you want to be so productive and make your boss happy, don’t forget to take care of your health first, always try to reduce on the number of tasks your doing a day.

Delayed paycheque, In most cases when you don’t get paid in the days you expect, it can freak you out. I don’t know what about you but i know that most people plan on how they are going to spend their cheque before they even receive it. The anxiety is triggered when our payments are delayed and bills start knocking on your door, that is what makes more people to freak out at their work places. This can make someone to even loose interest in coming for work hence getting a panic attack.

Negative perception. The way you view things can trigger anxiety at work.  Perception is a big word and it can change your life if you put it at work. There people who always think of their work places or the activities they are doing at work as something like a burden and it is like they are being forced to be there.  If you view your work as something stressful or unhappy place to be, it will always bring you more of the unhappy moments like anxiety, stress and depression. When your at work, try to find out how do you view your profession and the place of work, if they are only negative perceptions am sure that your already depressed and feeling like that is not a place you want to be.  Find out more on how you can change your perception by being part of release technique program.

Dehydration.  Having enough water levels in your body can increase your work output because you will feel always energetic and the level of focus is high, but when you ignore the need of drinking water, your water levels in the body drop which can bring major effects and one of it is anxiety.  Studies link anxiety, depression and stress to dehydration because the 85% of the brain tissue is water. If you have been taking less water at work and your experiencing anxiety attacks, just know that you might be dehydrated and it is very important to increase the level of your water intake to avoid anxiety.

Frequent fasting.  Even if fasting can be good at times because it helps us achieve some things like weight loss management but it can also trigger anxiety especially at work. The more you work the more your body needs nutrients to help your brain focus and concentrate on what your working on.  They are alot of effects that come along when your fasting which include increase in our stress levels and stress can obviously trigger anxiety which also can deplete our body’s vital minerals. In one of my previous articles i discussed how low nutrients in our bodies can cause anxietyand that is why it is very important to make sure you eating foods daily that are helpful to your body.

Let’s head to the very important part, in position to reduce your anxiety at work, you should take note at the following things below.

  • You should be aware when anxiety strikes, in this case you should be mindful of your thoughts and feelings.
  • You should accept anxiety when it strikes.  when your anxious don’t think that it is something else because it will make you more anxious.
  • Always take note of the thoughts, things and feelings that trigger your anxiety in the first place. This will help you to deal with those things when they come in your mind again.

End your anxiety today


Are you ready to be happy at your work place? then take note of the following and your anxiety will reduce or it will be no more if you apply what am going to write down effectively.

how to reduce anxiety at work








Write down your thoughts. The power of writing down things is unbelievable. Most people call it journalizing or taking notes while others call it keeping information. The moment you will start writing down things that make you anxious or worried you will then realize that they are just daily challenges and you shouldn’t waste your time worrying.  My recommendation is whenever your anxiety strikes at work, stay calm and get a piece of paper then write down everything you feel in your head at that time, am sure your anxiety will immensely  drop.

. Acceptance. If you want to reduce or overcome any anxiety disorder, acceptance is key. When you accept that it is anxiety your experiencing at the moment but not any other illness then your on the road to reduce or stopping anxiety for good. When we live in denial that makes us more anxious because we try to look for reasons why we are feeling in that way and it will only stress us the more.

Reduce on your overload of work.  Try as much as possible to reduce on the work that your doing, however much you would want to accomplish many tasks to get praised or promoted, you have to know that your well being comes first in whatever your doing. There lots of ways you can multitask without overloading yourself forexample take note and plan which certain tasks you want to accomplish at a minimal level.

Get your own therapist.   If you find yourself becoming anxious on the daily basis, maybe you should consider getting yourself a therapist who can help you deal with a certain situation. In most cases i know having your own therapist can be a little costly but it is worth it when it comes to your health.  These days finding a therapist is becoming more easier as you can also find a therapist online when you join the online program it is free of charge to sign up and start talking to a therapist, you will still get the positive results as one meeting a therapist in person.

Socialize.  Don’t underestimate the power of socializing at work because you will be surprised with the massive benefits it will bring to you. When you see your friends socializing with each other at work, don’t just sit there and feel pity because things aren’t going on well with your life at the moment, instead join the group and start cracking jokes. This reduces anxiety in a great way because most chats will include laughing and sharing information which  can help increase your serotonin levels hence boosting your moods.

Confide in someone about your fears and emotions.  Find a person to talk to about the situation at work, this can be your boss, or anyone outside your work place. Get a trust worthy person to tell what is burdening you because the moment you start opening up your emotions to someone you will start to heal and benefit alot from other people as well. If your out there and still you suffer from anxious thoughts at work, i recommend that you should talk to someone than burying yourself in the dark thoughts.

Keep your body hydrated. Make sure to take lots of water when working and i highly recommend sole water if you experience panic attacks frequently, in one of my posts i wrote about one natural way of how a person can cure their panic attacksby taking sole water daily. If this method worked for me, am sure it will work for you as well so try it and you will not regret it.

Focus when your working. I know sometimes it can be hard to focus when you have alot going on in your mind but through practicing mindfulness daily you learn to live in the now because most cases they are our past thoughts that trigger anxiety. we should learn to rewire our brains incase we get negative thoughts, you can do this by reading self help books that will help you learn more about your thoughts and help you overcome anxiety.

Relax.  Take some breaks off within your work schedule and create the time for yourself to relax. Avoid to bury yourself in the daily activities to the extent of where by you cant breath. There alot of things you can do to relax at work like going out for lunch, taking a nap, chilling with friends or taking a walk to get fresh air and many more.

how to reduce anxiety at work

Hope the tips i have provided with you will be able to help anyone dealing with anxiety at work to create a change in their life. For any questions leave them in a comment section below. i will gladly answer.

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