How to help a child with depression

How to help a child with depression. Solutions that will change your child’s life


How to help a child with depression

I always say that when it comes to depression, early intervention is key because alot can be avoided when the situation is detected early. There is high increase in depression today in children than it was years back and what is more painful is that when a parent or a guardian finds out that a child is depressed, they sometimes loose it or get stressed because they have no idea on how to deal with the situation and trust me i know how hard it is for a parent doing what he or she can to help a child with depression.

What you should know about child depression.

For a person who has suffered from depression knows that it is a mental illness  where someone feels sad and unhappy about life itself which can affect their emotional and physical behaviours.

Depression is considered to be one of the worst mental health disorder because its effects include someone committing suicide which is the worst thing that could ever happen to your loved one. When it comes to a kid having persistent mood swings or hating there own life, most of the times these kids don’t even know  what they are experiencing, that is why it is very important to be monitoring your kid so that anything you notice unfamiliar in your kid’s behaviour you can take an action right away before the situation worsens.

Misconception about child depression

The an incorrect opinion that some people have about child depression is that “children aren’t supposed to be depressed because it is only for adults” which has been one of the reason why alot of kids now days are  committing suicide in regards of people not understanding the pain that they are going through. Research shows that 300 million people world wide suffer from depression where by 22.2% of the American youth will have diagnosable mental illness with serious impairment at some point before they are 18 and when it come to African countries depression in children is increasing everyday because there is less awareness on the subject.

What are the causes of depression in children?

In one of my previous articles, i discussed some of the causes of depression in teens which isn’t so far away from child depression there are some similar causes as i have discussed them below. However the cause of depression among humans is still open and discussions through research do go on daily to find the root cause of this issue.

Abandonment, When a child is a abandoned by his parents this can be for a good reason or not for something beneficial to the child all in all it will affect the child emotionally in one way or the other. Most of the parents who do abandon their kids they always say i did it for the sake of the child’s happiness or future not forgetting the impact it will have on the kid.

Lack of enough attention towards the child. They are parents or guardian that feel like they want there kids to be independent and strong people so they become less aware or observant in what their kids are doing which make the kids to feel like they aren’t loved by their own parents hence having persistent feelings of sadness and mood swings.

Too much access to technology.  A kid should act like a kid, where by they should able to and enjoy the nature and involve themselves in activities that improve their serotonin levels but these days with all the technology that being created everyday has made it impossible for our to enjoy nature activities.  You can find a kid on a tablet from morning to evening just playing video games which do have nothing about brain boosting.

High ranking your child from other kids. If you treat a kid like he or she is superior to other kids, his fellow kids will hate him or her and will definitely bully him at school so it’s better to show a kid that he is equal to other kids of the same age group.

Bullying. This  has been and still one of the reason why many children become depressed. Bullying can affect a child’s performance at school if not realized early, it can also lead to high levels of anxiety and stress among the kids that do fall victim of bullying.  They are alot of reasons why children are being bullied by their fellow age group mates this might be because of skin colour, religion, or behaviour.

Health issues.  If a child is suffering from a particular deadly disease which exempts him or her from involving themselves in daily activities, they will feel left out which will cause depression. It is a parent’s duty to guide or counsel a child inorder to avoid mental health disorder.

Differences in physical appearance.  When a child looks at him or herself and they realize that they don’t look like their fellow kids, this might happen to children with different races, weights, heights or kids characterized by albinism which in the end might create discrimination among the kids hence causing depression to a child that feels like he or she is different.

Undiagnosed  Anxiety disorder. They are kids who have high anxiety levels but when a parent has no clue about it. Anxiety as a mental illness damages our self-esteem and destroys our moods and when it goes untreated it turns out into depression.  Wit the way that our kids are exposed to high technology of the internet, Anxiety has become inevitable in our societies.

Over controlling the child. It is good to guide our kids in the right path but if we turn out to make our kids do exactly what we feel is right for them, this can impose stress on the child and since some kids fear to talk to their guardians or parents they will feel more depressed.

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Poor feeding. What we eat always has either a positive or a negative impact on our mental health.  Since a child most of the times eats what a parent or guardian gives to him or her whether are healthy foods or not it will have an impact on a child’s mood. They are a lot of foods that can avoid a child or reduce depression in kids if consumed effectively.

How to help a depressed Child.

how to help a depressed child.

Assisting a depressed  child is like helping the future of this nation to move forward, this might be your kid or anyone your not related to but it is really important to offer help to a child if you notice they have depression.  Below are some of the things that can be done to help a child overcome depression.

Seek medical help.

When i talk about medical help i don’t necessarily mean that you should buy tablets or anything of the sort.  In most cases it means you seek advise from a doctor or a therapist who is well versed in treating depression.  When you seek medical help it will help you find the root cause early before the situation worsens and most of the time it is better to also talk to some who is experienced and get the way forward on how you can help a child.

These days it is becoming very easy to find a therapist so it is not an excuse it doesn’t matter where you are, you can get your own therapist to help you or your child overcome depression or any other mental illness. Sign up for free here to talk to a therapist online.

Educate the child about the situation.

There is nothing more valuable on this planet than information.  If you realize that a child is depressed, get access to some of the valuable information that can get a kid to understand what he or she is going thorough, this can be inform of workbooks that help children understand their feelings a little bit more.

Sometimes we can talk to the kids and they fail to really understand what we are trying to say but if we give them the freedom of reading on their own things could stick more easily into their heads than when you try to show them what to do.

Child counselling,

Counselling helps when it comes to depression because it gives a chance to  a depressed child to really talk about what is bothering him or her which helps to uncover the root cause of depression. They are different types of counselling which include;

  • Face to Face counselling, where by a child or a depressed person meets a therapist or a counselor in person  to talk about what is really bothering him or her.
  • Individual Group. This is the type of counselling which is done in a group, where people of the same issues meet together to discuss about how they feel and this allows sharing of information between individuals.
  • Telephone counselling.  This is where a person talks to a therapist through the phone this is mostly works for those people with busy schedules
  • Online counselling.  This is done on the internet through email exchanging or on different forums. This is done when a patient wants to keep their identity anonymous.  Get online counselling here.

Child monitoring in disguise.

Any parent or guardian if you find out that your child is depressed, its better to start monitoring what your child is doing without him finding out to avoid stress being put on the child. Remember when a child is depressed they can resort to uncomfortable habits which might affect their social, emotional and physical behaviours.

This also helps if the child has been seeing the therapist or doing anything to help his or her depression, it allows you to know whether what your doing is making a difference in your child’s life.

Show more love and interest towards the child.

If you could ask most of the children why they are depressed, most of them will say that ”  i feel am not loved by family or parents“. The reason why a child feels that way is because you show less interest in what he or she is doing.

I know these days parents or guardians do have crazy schedules and a lot weigh on their shoulder like financial and marriage anxiety but we need to find a balance between taking of our children and work it’s self.  There a lot of things we can do to show more love and interest to our kids like helping them with home work, taking time to listen to what they have to say, playing with them and asking them questions about different situations.

Feed your child with healthy foods.

As we all know that food is the natural medicine that we have on this planet and it is capable of healing any type of illness including depression. If your child is depressed, try feeding him on more healthy foods and you will see improvement in his state.

Many people out there think that taking a child to burger king makes them more happy, yes it might feel like that to a child because junk feels to be more tasty than the other healthy foods but in the long run it affects  a child’s  a mental health.

Talk to a child.

You will never understand the child unless you talk to them and find out what is really bothering your child.  I know that sometimes when a person is depressed they don’t tell you right away why they are feeling like that but if you create an environment comfortable enough for your child to speak it would make a difference.

Forexample you can start by asking fair questions like ” sweetheart do you like your school?” if the child answers no it means that there is something about the school which is causing a child to have persistent mood swings and if  so then a solution should be taken.

Be patient.

When dealing with a depressed child or anyone with a mental illness, you need to be patient because the reality is that recovery takes time. You should try to understand and if progress isn’t made right away even when your doing all you can, still you shouldn’t give up on your child.

Note; Depression among our children keeps on increasing every single day and still in different countries they are kids who go on undiagnosed which is destroying the future tomorrow.

Call to action

Let’s all join hands and create more awareness about depression.


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