how to cure anxiety naturally

how to cure anxiety naturally. A must read

Hi friend,

Are you an anxiety sufferer? you have been looking for a solution on how to cure your anxiety naturally but you haven’t been able to find one or you have tried so many techniques that haven’t worked for you? Today I bring  you my best recommendation that can help you kick any type of anxiety that you have in your life.


Anxiety is a mental illness characterized of excessive worrying, fear, stress and nervousness caused by a person’s thoughts, beliefs and feelings. Everyone should know that anxiety is part of our lives and it’s healthy because it enables us to make decisions in our everyday lives.

The problem comes in when we take our worries to the extreme level in that we let anxiety interfere with our daily activities for example work, school, relationships and parenthood. They are so many things that trigger excessive fear and worrying today which has made people suffer from all sorts of different anxiety disorders.  Fore instance many of us tend to think about our present situations and what the future holds which isn’t bad but the way we perceive our thoughts it’s what causes us to fall into the anxiety mode.

Note, Anxiety doesn’t kill. It only makes people’s lives a living hell.

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1. Social phobia

This is a fear of interaction with other people or being in social gatherings. It becomes a disorder when a person continues to develop excessive fear to speak in public or shying away from healthy social interactions with others. This type of disorder has interfered a lot with people’s dreams because people fear to be evaluated or misjudged by others

signs of social phobia

* Isolating yourself from a crowd with no reason

* Excessive fear when your in public places or with unfamiliar people.

* Obsession of being judged by others

2. Generalized anxiety disorder

This a continuous state of excessive worrying and nervousness with or without a specific reason. This is where a person is on tension 24/7 having high stress levels of what is happening in the present or of what might happen in the future with no anxiety breaks. This type of disorder interferes with our daily activities since we fail to control our thoughts and emotions.

Signs of generalized anxiety disorder.

*Fatigue. Waking up and feeling so tired without doing anything

* Body aches. Having body sharp pains especially in the back and in the stomach.

*Poor eating habits. Missing out meals or over eating.

*Difficulty in sleeping. Having sleepless nights.

* Muscle tension.

* Panic attacks.

3. Panic disorder.

This a situation where a person continuously keeps having panic attacks without a specific reason. This happens when a person who experienced anxiety attacks for first the time including panic attacks, tend to live in fear of experiencing the situation again.

Signs of panic disorder.


*Stomach pains.

*Hot or cold flashes.

*High blood pressure.

* Difficulty in breathing.

4. Agrophobia.


This is where a person fears to go out in the public since they feel like they could have a panic attack if they do. The people suffering from this kind of disorder find it hard to be far away from their homes and they want to always be near people or places they know.

Signs of Acrophobia

* Severe anxiety when your in a new place

*Obsession of being only around people you know

5. Post traumatic stress disorder



This disorder happens when a person fails to recover from the terrible event or experience they went through for example like accidents, murder and shocking news. A person keeps on getting flash backs on that specific event which leads to a lot of nervousness and anxiousness.

Signs of Post traumatic stress disorder.

  • severe feelings of anxiety in places where the event happened.
  •  Obsessive memories about the past traumatic event.

As we have seen from the above anxiety disorders, they are all connected to the mind. Our thoughts do trigger and let us stay with anxiety for a every long time or sometimes for the rest of our lives.

In my years of suffering from anxiety i realized that it was all in my mind though it took me time to really understand it but i got there. I know how your feeling  right now, thinking that how am i causing myself to live with continous anxiety.

In my opinion no one deserves to live their life in a state of fear and worry that’s why we have to overcome anxiety with our minds in the best way that we can without causing any harm to our bodies.


My recommendation is to be able to learn how to rewire your mind from all the thoughts and beliefs that trigger anxiety so that anxiety doesn’t affect our daily life. It’s through our minds that we shall learn to know what anxiety really is and to take control of our thoughts and feelings. That’s why i suggest if your an anxiety sufferer and your finding it hard to use your mind to overcome anxiety try these self help books am sure you won’t regret as they will teach you how to use your mind for the benefits of your body.

1. The ultra mind solution

* Product Name. The ultra mind solution by Dr. Hyman

* Description.  A book

* price .  11.34dollars

* place to buy Amazon

The book has 7 keys to the brain health, a simple program that will heal and strengthen your brain. This will enable any anxiety sufferer out there to train their minds on how to approach any anxiety disorder.

2.  Badass ways to end Anxiety and stop panic attacks

* Product Name. Badass ways to end anxiety and stop panic attack.

* Description. book

* Price. 9.47 dollars

* Place to buy. Amazon

This is one of my favorite books because the author doesn’t believe in managing anxiety but overcoming the real problem. This is what i say to all of my friends everyday who are suffering from anxiety that we shouldn’t look for ways to get some relief but overcoming anxiety should be our main goal.


Note, There are so many natural techniques out there suggested to overcome anxiety but why are some people using them and still living inside the  anxiety bubble.

Answer. These techniques aren’t bad at all but the mentally your using doesn’t allow you to heal otherwise you would have been cured by now. Think about it.

The moment you will start using your mind and train your brain react differently to thoughts and different situations that’s the beginning of your recovery. Remember before the body recovers you should heal your brain first.

” Be patient with yourself overcoming anxiety is a journey “

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If anyone has questions. leave them in a comment section below i will gladly answer.






6 thoughts on “how to cure anxiety naturally. A must read”

  1. Hello Angie-

    This is an excellent article on anxiety… I had no idea there were so many variations of it. I actually suffered from anxiety growing up. I use to hate when the teacher called me up to speak in class. I would get so nervous I’d start sweating.
    And yet, here we are today… and I love speaking in front of people. Not sure if it was something I just grew out of or the fact that people always told me I had a nice speaking voice, and over the years I just became more comfortable talking in public.
    Nonetheless, I’m glad there are books available to help people with anxiety overcome their own fears.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi mark,  anxiety comes in many different ways, as my article says that many people have anxiety but they don’t know it. so reading self help books can really open someone’s eyes and you can get rid of anxiety naturally and quickly before it interferes wth your future dreams

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