CBT Anxiety worksheets. My top reviews.

Cbt Anxiety worksheets. My top reviews

CBT Anxiety worksheets. My top reviews.

When it comes to managing or overcoming anxiety,  you should know that your mind determines alot on whether your anxiety level will increase or decrease and no other tool works better with  changing the way our mind perceives things than CBT. By referring to the CBT anxiety worksheets you can be in position to control, manage and even end your anxiety cycle for good.

How do you understand CBT?

Many people have different understanding of the cognitive Behavioral Therapy but there is one thing in common that i have realized , which is the reason why people opt for CBT is to create a shift from the pictures they have in their mind inorder to improve their mental health.

In simple terms CBT is an exercise or practice that is done on or by the person inorder  to change their current thinking and feelings so that to influence their  behaviors which can solve their problems or challenges. The end result of doing CBT is a person should be in position to change their frame work of thinking or behaviour that is causing them pain to a totally different way of seeing things inorder to create a shift in how a person feels.

In order to fully utilize this exercise you will need recordings which you can refer to or which can educate you more about Anxiety. Some people think that if they are visiting the therapists it’s enough and they don’t need the work sheets. I highly recommend that you even request or kindly ask your therapist to give you his favourite CBT worksheet because i believe that however much someone can try to help you with a problem, sometimes you need to take sometime off and educate yourself about the illness i bet you will heal faster if you get to understand it from it’s core roots.

How does  CBT works?

How CBT works

This kind of therapy is a short term therapy carried out by a trained therapist in CBT and the session usually takes 50 minutes. During a session a therapist asks the patient to identify his problem, together with the feelings and the behaviour that are linked with an anxiety disorder.

CBT focuses on what an individual thinks and how the thoughts are affecting an individual’s emotions and behaviours.  Through CBT a person will be able to take control of their negative thoughts and look at them in a positive view which will improve their feelings and create a behavioral change.  CBT  has two components which include the cognitive therapy and behavioral therapy which both focuses on examining  one’s thoughts and behaviours and how they contribute to an individual’s anxiety.  According to research CBT is becoming more popular when it comes to helping people with mental illnesses and the therapy is highly recommended by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence to solve anxiety disorders.

What is included in the CBT Anxiety worksheet.

Since CBT focuses on the here now, it is very important to keep recordings which will help you to keep track on your thoughts. Everything that is included in the CBT anxiety work sheet doesn’t focus on what happens in our lives rather it focuses on how we think about what has happened to us in our lives.

In the worksheets you will be able to find tools that will help you understand your thoughts better and how they are affecting the way you feel.  In CBT there is one powerful tool which is known as Keep thought tracking records. Have you ever been there and you take note of the things that you think about in an hour or two?You will sometimes be surprised because some of these thoughts that make us feel sad or anxious aren’t even worthy our energy.  The thoughts that just come to us unaware are called automatic thoughts like you have no control about them so they just keep on coming and coming.

These thoughts can be;

  • Iam not worthy.

  • Iam not loved.

  • Iam so fat.

  • I will never be good enough

  • No one cares about me

  • No one loves

  • I will never be successful

  • I will not recover.

When you can’t take control of these automatic thoughts that do pop in your brain then your bound to feel anxious or depressed.

Other tools;

  • Thoughts stopping, In Cbt anxiety worksheets you will learn how to stop your own thoughts,  sometimes our own minds can get noisy with unwanted thoughts and inorder to eliminate them you need to know how to stop them or change them to a positive voice.
  • Bring awareness to your own thoughts.  Most of the times we aren’t aware of what we are thinking, we just let ourselves be controlled by our own thoughts which can lead to anxiety. Through the worksheets you will understand the importance of being aware of your own thoughts and what impact your thoughts can have on the way you feel.
  • Realize cognitive distortions. The worksheets also do include the things that may come in your way of challenging your negative thoughts and how you can deal with them.

Importances of using the CBT Anxiety worksheets.

Reduces Anxiety,  When you start the therapy and using the worksheets as a referral tool, your more likely to experience a change in your anxiety levels. According to research individuals who have undergone  CBT experience greatly improved in their levels of anxiety after 16 sessions.

 You get well equipped with the knowledge. There is nothing more important on this planet like knowledge, the more you really understand your illness and you get immersed with how things are the way they are, the faster the healing. A person with a worksheet understands better than a person without.

Changes your perception. Through the use of the worksheets, you will get understand that anxiety isn’t a disease or isn’t something you have to hate because it will always be part of our lives  but learning how to look at our thoughts differently is the only way to control our anxiety.

They do give hope, Most of the anxiety worksheets are written by people who have experienced anxiety and they have been there so they know how to suffer when you have anxiety disorder and you use a worksheet of someone who was experienced something your going through, it gives you hope that one day you will also live a testimony.

You can help others. The CBT anxiety worksheets aren’t only used by the patients who are suffering from anxiety only but also therapists do you use or refer to them to help their own patients.

Recovery comes easier. Most of the people who are using CBT are most likely to recover fast than people who aren’t involved in the Therapy.

CBT Anxiety worksheets, My top reviews.

As we have seen how important CBT and anxiety worksheets can contribute to our recovery or managing anxiety, now it is the time to look at what best anxiety worksheets you can choose to help you create a change in your anxiety level. Me myself, when i was trying to overcome anxiety i didn’t use the worksheets but through research i realized that the worksheets can be of a great health when it comes to curing or understanding our anxiety disorders.

Note ; All these workbooks that am listing down can be purchased from Amazon and they are price friendly.

  1. Retrain your Brain. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in 7 weeks.


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This is an interactive workbook that outline a simple practical plan that occurs over the course of 7 weeks.   It allows the reader to quickly connect and also gives hope to those who are looking to regain control of their life.

In the work book the author gives practical CBT skills to practice to improve your condition and functioning. When you use this book, it will feel like though your working with the therapist.  The book is very brief and realistic because the author let’s you know that you won’t overcome anxiety just in one night.


  • Become familiar with the basic principles of CBT and understand how it works.
  • It helps to turn negative thoughts into positive ones.
  • Learn fundamental skills through guided writing exercises that apply to your current real life challenges.
  • It encourages you to change aspects of your  thinking and behaviour by suggesting alternative ways that can help you manage your anxiety or depression.
  • It defines specific goals that you will work toward over the course of 7weeks

At the end of reading this book, you will be able to get relief from anxiety.

2. The Anxiety and worry work Book. The  Cognitive Behavioral solution.


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If you have decided to overcome anxiety, then this book is made especially for you. The author listed the tools and techniques of cognitive Behavioral therapy at your finger tips. The book also includes the author’s experience in helping people with anxiety.

I know that there people who have already used anxiety worksheets and they haven’t really worked for them, i highly recommend you to use this book  as it is more advanced  and it provides a better view on what anxiety really is.


  • Strong emphasis on cognitive skills that can help you change your thinking about anxiety.
  • It can also be used as a reference book for therapists who are treating patients.
  • It teaches you on how you can challenge your thoughts and beliefs that lead to stress and anxiety.

3. The Anxiety work book. A 7 Week- plan to overcome Anxiety, stop worrying and end Panic.

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The book focuses on the  practice, strategy and developing behaviours to manage Anxiety. If your starting out to understand your anxiety, i request you to get this book for yourself as  it will help you understand and control your feelings that make you anxious.

The book gives an essential overview covering the basics of anxiety and how cognitive behavioral therapy approaches it.


  • It shows the right tools you can use to identify the score of anxiety and take a proactive step by step approach to find relief.
  • It includes checklists, guidelines and activities to help you understand  your anxiety and set action.
  • It shows an overview covering the basics of anxiety and how cognitive behavioral therapy approaches it.

4. The Cognitive Behavioral work book for Anxiety. A step-by-step Program.

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The work book can be used by  a person with any type of anxiety. In this workbook the author offers a step by step program to help you overcome anxiety and get back to the way you used to live your life.

It also includes an new evidence based techniques such behavioral activation and values-based action, addresses perfectionism and anxiety. Through this workbook your anxiety will broken down into specific cases and it will help you to deal with panic attacks. There is a reflection after each chapter that helps you remember what you have read.


  • It will help you to develop a personal wellness plan using techniques from rational emotive behavior therapy and Cognitive behavioral therapy.
  • The work book offers a practical program that you can use on your own or with the therapist to take back that power and end anxiety once and for all.
  • It will help you to break down anxiety into specific cases and help you deal with panic attacks.
  • It offers powerful treatment methods proven to be more effective than the anxiety medication.
  • It shows the source of anxiety.

Can i use the CBT Anxiety worksheets without a therapist?

Most of the people who use the worksheets or workbooks they use them with the help of a therapist because it can help you understand the material much faster or better. if you want your own online therapist sign up for free here.

But still you can use them without a therapist as well because overcoming anxiety it all starts with you making that decision and dropping those behaviors that keep you in the anxiety circle.  If you want to lean more about the ways i used to reduce my anxiety to the point  of overcoming it you can check here.

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