causes of depression in teens

Causes of Depression in teens. Things that parents don’t know.

Depression is one of the major problem that is affecting our society today, it doesn’t only affect the adults but also teenagers as well. There are various reasons as to why kids in their teens fall a victim of depression, which parents have continuously ignored leading to more increased numbers of youth suicidal attempts.

How does Depression feel to a teenager?

When a teenager experiences persistent feelings of sadness, emptiness and loss of interest in doing daily activites, this can be termed as depression. Some people may have low moods for a short period of time while other stay in this state for a long period of time which turns out to be a mental illness that has to be treated. Reseacrh shows that 20 percent of the teens world wide experience depression before they reach adulthood and the increased risk of attempting suicide is by 12 times.

The process of becoming a teenager can be exciting because this is where your hormones are changing and puberty is coming through, but it  comes with both the positive and negative consequences which do play a big role on how a person lives their life.When a person is in teens they feel like they can do anything they want and they are nolonger controlled by their parents or guardians , which makes them fall a victim of social, environmental  and economic factors that cause depression.

Every teenager feels differently when they are depressed that is to say we all experience different things but parents should take note of the following signs in their children so that they can seek help where neccesary.

  • Frequent mood swings
  • Violence
  • Insomnia
  • Internet addiction
  • Increased fatigue
  • Suicidal attempts
  • Running away
  • Loss of appetite
  • Eating disorders.
  • Self injury
  • Feeling worthless.
  • Untentional weightloss.

Causes of depression in teenagers.

Depression comes in many different ways under different circumustances, some people become depressed without a reason, but still there are limitless causes of depression in teens today and am going to discuss a few of the most important.



This is the unwanted aggressive actions which occur among children in school or society through the use of abusive words, threats and physical assault. . The behaviour is often repeated and habitual. Bullying can be done in different ways like physically, verbally and electronically. It is the worst act that can be done to anyone, it puts a person in uncomfortable state which leads to physical and emotional stress.

According to the statistics 30 percent of teenagers in the USA have been involved  in bullying, either as a bully or as a victim of teenage bullying. This kind of behaviour is increasing day by day through social media sites and various media platforms.

The bullying of the teenagers is often done by they fellow age group members because of various reasons like peer pressure, wanting to feel empowered, payback reasons, gaining popularity, family problems back home and many more other reasons. So parents should take the intiative to talk to their kids to find out if they are being bullied by anyone in the society to avoid depression.

Physical appearence.

When i became i teenager that is when i started to mind about how i looked, whether i was small, fat or average. The physical appearence remains as one the main causes of depression in teens today. The whole world is becoming more advanced with a lot of exposure on how people look physically, this is done by exposing their physicality through social media plat forms which has caused anxiety in teens who feel like their physical appearence is ashaming.

A study shows that teens who are highly concerned about their body image  severely affect their mental health which causes depression and anxiety. The physical appearance factor applies more to teen girls as they want to have the perfect hair, clothing, shoes and body so that they can fit in the society. If a teenage girl doesn’t appreciate her physical attributes it reduces her self-esteem which can lead to teen depression.

Family issues

Every family has ongoing issues though some problems differ, in most cases  a child  who comes from a broken family forexample if  parents fight everyday, they are undergoing divorce, or they are addicts, that only can ruin a child who is in teens because of the failure of not having anyone to confide in during that stage of his or her life.

The situation in our families does have a great impact on how our kids or people in the family behave in the society. Just imagine if parents fight everyday while the child is seeing, what will the child feel or percieve of the situation. It will definately cause mental health issues and one of them is depression.

Poor grades.

Most of the teens do enjoy being at school as they get to meet friends but the problem comes in if they start performing poorly. When a child starts to have a poor performance this won’t only affect the child but also the parent as well. The teen will always feel embarrased infront of his collegues and the anxiety will arise when it comes to approaching the parents.There are reasons as to why teens can have poor grades for example taking alchol, drugs, loose of focus or just losing interest.

Some of the parents find it hard to watch their kids declining everyday, which can lead to them taking measures towards improving a child’s perfomance by putting strong rules or getting a private coaching tuitors. This  rarely solves the issue because it imposses stress on the teens which makes the very depressed. It is always advisable for a parent to talk to their kids before they take any measures.

Boy and girlfriend relationships.

People always get their first crushes and experience their first love when they are teens. The relationships they form don’t last forever and when they end these relationships, is where the depression comes in. I remember when i was 16, that is when i had my first boyfriend and i was very happy. The moment we separated i felt very devastated and i remember crying for the whole night. This is what exactly is happening to the teens, though some of teens decide to dwell on the first heart break they have ever experienced  which makes them feel so down and unworthy.

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When teens do fall in love they become overly excited not knowing the pressure that comes along with these relationships. Relationships sometimes do cause stress and teens may feel pressured to do things they don’t want to do, like a boy can ask a girl to do something as a proof that she loves him which can lead to stress. It is good if parents take a chance and talk to their kids about relationships when they reach their teens.

Bad diet.

Eating unhealthy food has been linked to how our brain functions. A clean diet  has a great impact on how we feel and our thoughts. Adolescents who consume a lot of unhealthy foods like junk food, sweatners, sodas are more likely to suffer from mental healthy issues.

Researchers in Australia analyzed the diets of teens aged between 11 and 18 years in 2005 and 2006, again two years later, they found out that there was an improvment in mental health after two years for those teens who where eating a clean diet and things detoriated for those who opted for a poor diet.  Most teens do  ignore foods that are high in nutrients like leavy greans, fruits, high proiten foods which do cause depression because healthy foods can inprove our state of mind.

Healthy problems.

There are  many chronic illnesses or diseases that people deal with today. Teens who suffer from chronic illnesses like Asthma, cancer, Diabets  are often depressed because most of their time is spent in treating their diseases which can even last for a life time.  Having a medical problem sometimes can deprive or discriminate a teen from participating in different activities which can develop sadness and self pity into a child’s life.

Parents should always support and give hope to their teens who are facing any medical problem to avoid a huge depression because this can be emotionally and socially draining.

Drug  abuse.

The excessive use of drugs and alchol in teens has caused many of them to become depressed. When a child reaches the age of 13, they feel like they drink and take any drug that they want, not knowning these drugs aren’t good for someone’s mental health and wellbeing.

Many kids who take excessive drugs and alchol do it for  different reasons like to cope with stress at school, peer presure, to feel grown which can lead to an addiction. Once the teens do realise that they can’t take themselves off drugs and they are loosing control that is when they become more depressed.

A report from CBS news showed a recent survey which was done and two million of children between the ages of 12 and 17 need treatment for substance abuse problem but only about 150,000 get the help they need. This is like awake up call to any parent who has a teen to interven early to avoid more serious problems.


Due to our busy schedules as parents or guardians, we often neglect our kids which make them to feel unloved hence making them depressed. Teens need more care and attention but if they feel that they aren’t getting enough of it from their guardians or parents, they will become stressed and sad.  Many teens are being neglected by their parents who don’t check up on them leading to various consequences that cause depression.

Teens who lack emmotional support are more likely to behave in away that hurt others. They are so many things a parent could do to show care to their children like, offering support if kids do have a problem, showing interest in what kids do if even though your not interested, taking care of them if they don’t feel well,  and monitoring what they are doing when not at home to avoid any surprises.


The state of lack or not having enough money to meet the basic needs like food, education, shelter, clothing, medical bills  is always depressing. Kids in their adolscent they want to have and experience things what others in the same group do experience, but if they get to know that they can’t afford it because their parents don’t have enough money it will put themin a depressed state.

Teens always care about what circle they come from, how do they come to school, whether in a fancy car or not, because some want to show off to their friends and others do feel embarrased if they aren’t living a life they want. A lot of kids lives have been affected due to overty this always comes from the environmental situation which include the neighbourhood, being homeless, lack of food and school tuition which destroys a child leading to depression.

Mental Health issues.

Depression in teens is often caused by  mental illnesses, it  takes  time to realize that a child is really suffering from a mental health problem which can cause serious damage on the child’s life. Mental issues like Anxiety disorder have become serious issues today affecting both adults and teens.join the online therapy program

If a teen has social anxiety, socializing with others becomes difficult which can lead to isolating him or herself from kids of the same age group.

If your teen or any child out there shows signs of depression,  he or she should seek medical help or counselling. Remember early intervention saves lives.








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  1. Thanks for the amazing post.

    We have two teenage kids. Our son doesn’t express any signs of anxiety. He gets down every once in a while, but normally is very positive and doesn’t stress about much of anything.

    Our daughter on the other hand has experienced anxiety since she went through puberty. It wasn’t until she changed her diet (turns out she had a gluten allergy) and started counseling that she was able to really turn things around. We were so glad that she didn’t have to go onto any meds…that has always been a fear of ours.

    Dealing with our daughters depression and anxiety helped my wife and I identify times when we experienced anxiety. This helped up related more to what she was going through.

    You are doing great work here…teens and parents need this kind of information. And your story is very inspirational.

    1. Thanks very much for reading. i know how depression is destroying lives and dreams so early intervention is a must to avoid teens to be a prisoner of meds.

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