can you overcome anxiety without medication?

Can you overcome anxiety without medication?The untold truth.


Hi friends,

Iam Angie, the founder of Anxiety free world. I suffered from Generalized Anxiety Disorder and depression for five  years including having severe symptoms that led me to being locked up for a few months in an isolated room because the doctors thought that I was going crazy.

In my years of suffering from Anxiety , I took lots of medication that were prescribed to me from the hospital and in the process of taking them, a question always popped up into my mind whether there was a way to overcome this illness without taking all these pills because to be honest I was getting scared for my body as well.

Question Is: Can you overcome anxiety without medication?

The answer Is: Yes, off course you can overcome Anxiety without any medication.

All my Anxiety sufferers out there should be happy because no one wants to be taking medication because of their inner beliefs, thoughts and feelings.

Let’s first dive into the Anxiety disorder and how medication isn’t the right way on overcoming Anxiety.

What is Anxiety disorder?

Is a mental state or illness that is characterized with unnecessary feelings of worry and stress. If this feeling goes on for more than six months then it turns into Generalized Anxiety Disorder termed as GAD.

Characteristics include;

1. Continuous nervousness

2. High stress levels

3. Panic attacks


There are millions of people around the globe who are suffering from severe anxiety. some do come out and they accept that they need help, while others remain silent which causes severe depression with some ultimately committing suicide.

Anxiety will never kill you and it isn’t a disease where you can take medication today and then you wake up the next day feeling better. As hard as it is to accept, Anxiety can’t be overcome with medication, rather medication will give you some relief from the anxiety symptoms. But does it do what i believe any Anxiety sufferer out there would wish for, to get outside the bubble and live a healthy life without this disorder.

Anxiety Medication,

These are drugs or any kind medicine prescribed by the doctor to cure or give a relief  from the Anxiety symptoms.

When I was suffering from Anxiety I had a number of painful symptoms that were unbearable. The only thing I wished for was to stop those symptoms from appearing over and over again. I know that when you are suffering from anxiety you look for the quick fix or the solution to stop the symptoms from appearing, but truth be told if you don’t eliminate the real cause of what triggers anxiety in your daily life the symptoms will keep coming.

Note: There are many types of medications that are used in treating Anxiety disorders. They also have different effects pertaining each medication.

Most common medication used,

Anxiety medication falls in different categories as listed below.

1,. ANTIDEPRESSANTS. The antidepressants are used to treat anxiety. They can be used for a long term treatment especially in patients with Generalized Anxiety disorder

* Paroxetine known as Paxil, Its one of the most common drug that is used by patients who are suffering from Anxiety.

Side effects of Paxil,


Loss appetite


Loss of sex Drive

Note; Research says that it can also lead to birth defects in women.

* Sertraline known as Zoloft, This is like any other anxiety medication it doesn’t take away the illness rather it gives a relief on the anxiety symptoms.

Side effects of Zoloft,

Increase in suicidal thoughts


sexual dysfunction

*Escitalopram known as Lexapro, This is an antidepressant used to treat generalized Anxiety disorder. Research says that it’s effective in reducing the symptoms of Anxiety but still it doesn’t overcome Anxiety disorder.

Side effects of Lexapro,

Suicidal thoughts in people under the age of 25

Trouble sleeping


Sexual Problems.

* Fluoxetine known as Prozac,

Side effects of Prozac

Dry mouth

loss of appetite

Abnormal dreams sexual dysfunction

Suicidal Behavior.

NOTE; The above antidepressants can be taken for along term period though they won’t overcome Anxiety.

2. BENZODIAZEPINES. These drugs act like tranquilizers or sleeping pills which enable muscle relaxation. They are mostly used to treat panic attacks or acute anxiety. In other wards they are for short term treatment.

* Alprazolam known as Xanax, This benzodiazepine shows sides effects after taking it within days. The moment you stop taking it the Anxiety symptoms will reappear again and more symptoms you never had before.

Side effects,



Dry mouth

Urinary Retention

Skin Rash.

*Clonazepam known as Klonopin, The withdraw symptoms are also massive on this one.

Side effects of Klonopin


Difficulty in sleeping

Poor coordination.

Other Benzodiazepines include



NOTE: All that medication listed above isn’t advisable to be taken while your pregnant as it might harm the baby.

After you have known some medication used for treating , would you go for it regardless of the side effects?

In my opinion it isn’t the best way in overcoming Anxiety.


Expensive, Buying drugs all the time because you are treating Anxiety it is very costly in the long run. I remember in my years of overcoming anxiety I used most of all my saving to buy medicine which left me broke and still anxious. I had to leave my job as it was really not easy buying the medicine.

Suicidal Behavior, This is one of my biggest reason why I am against medication as away of treating anxiety and depression. When a person gets addicted to taking these drugs that’s were the problem starts. They start thinking that these drugs are their shield from anxiety and depression which isn’t the case at all.

Doesn’t solve the problem, Taking drugs doesn’t solve the real problem which is Anxiety instead it prolongs it and that’s why so many people are live with the disorder for so many years. I realized when I had anxiety that these drugs were keeping me inside the bubble but not taking me outside the bubble.

Withdraw symptoms are the worst, After realizing that medication doesn’t overcome Anxiety, so many people try to stop taking these drugs but they end up feeling worse than they were before using them.

Depression. The medication leaves so many people depressed as it doesn’t solve the exact problem but it fuels it.

As you can see medication doesn’t cure anxiety, which takes us back to our Question.

Can you Overcome Anxiety without medication?

My Answer is yes you can.

There are a lot of Natural techniques that people say you can use to overcome anxiety without medication.

1. Using natural herbs

2. Meditation

3 Dieting

4. Getting a healthy coach

5. Exercising

6. CBT ( Cognitive behavioral therapy)

7. Gratitude

These aren’t bad techniques in overcoming Anxiety if used in the right way and a right state of mind. The problem comes in if you use them with the mentality of overcoming Anxiety which result in fueling and battling Anxiety.


when i was still suffering from anxiety, I used different things to cure my anxiety but unfortunately they didn’t work me. My only cure was my mind, learning how to perceive my thoughts differently and letting them be was my greatest weapon to overcome anxiety as i stopped battling it.

People find it hard to rely on their minds when anxious thoughts pop up, this is quite a challenge for everyone and to be honest it was for me as well.  I suggest if anyone is having a difficult time on how to ultra their mind and take control of their thoughts, you should learn to use self help books or use anything that can bring more positivity into your life. Me myself i wasn’t  good at reading books or listening to podcasts that help people move from a negative thinking to a positive thinking, but passing through the anxiety journey i learnt a lot because i knew this was my life and i needed to help myself get out of the ditch.

( **** my recommendation)

Below i have listed down some self help books which i believe can be a good start for someone who wants to overcome any type of Anxiety.


Product; Overcome social Anxiety and shyness.

Author;  Dr. Matt Lewis

Place to buy; Amazon

This book is powerful , it has a step by step plan that helps people understand social anxiety and helps them overcome it through changing t behaviours and perceptions. It doesn’t only people with social anxiety but it also does help people with low confidence, panic attacks, Agrophobia, anxiety disorder.


 Product; Rewire your anxious brain.

Author: Catherine Pittman

Place to buy; Amazon

This book shows how the brain really works when a person is anxious and it teaches how you can respond to those anxious thoughts when they appear.

so all those self help books can help anyone trying to overcome anxiety, you can also do a research of other mind changing books that can heal your mind and take away all the unnecessary fear you could be having.

Question, Why have I used all these techniques but my Anxiety isn’t shifting?


Answer, Because you use them with the mentality of fighting Anxiety.

NOTE; The moment you stop battling Anxiety or your inner thoughts it is the moment you start your road to freedom.

In all of my years of suffering from Anxiety I used all the natural techniques I have written above but nothing worked for me I stayed with Anxiety. After a period of self reflection I realized that I can’t live my life in the prison cell of Anxiety, and this made me find my own solution and to my surprise it was very effective. Am here to testify today that I don’t have Generalized Anxiety disorder any more.

If I could overcome my Disorders, you can also be free from it too. Heal your mind with the self help items because it is only you who knows what is going on inside your brain and be free from anxiety.

Take note that every thing starts in our minds, if we can repair our minds and let go of all the negativity and replace our minds with beautiful things , Anxiety will have no place in our minds nor our bodies.

‘Take control of your mind and thoughts that is the beginning of your recovery”

All the best.



6 thoughts on “Can you overcome anxiety without medication?The untold truth.”

  1. Hi my name is Fran and I was taking Effexor for a year and I started having numbness and shaky fever chills. I was so scared I quit taking them cold turkey thtee weeks ago. I still have the numbness and tlingling. I went to my doctor day before yesterday and she put me on amatripline. I have taken that for three days and I can finally sleep again. I have had five cancers. Breast upper pallet of the mouth. Skin cancer tongue cancer and I am seventy eight years old. I have had a hard life. My brothers and sisters made fun of me and said I was crazy. I heard my mom tell her neighbor that she didnt feel by me like she did the other kids. I never told nobody. Ijust went and hid behind a tree and cried. I was the ugly one and my sisters laughted at me. And my brother went to school and he didnt want to tell people I was his sister. He always made fun of me. I have four children. One passed away two years ago. My kids are very close to me. My husband found somone else and left me. I was on Welfare. I always took good care of my kids and we were in Church every Sunday. They are all grown and still go to Church. They come up to Michigan from Chicago to see me on weekends. And we all talk every day. I remarried twenty years ago and moved from Chicago to Michigan. I really enjoyed reading your post.

    1. Hi Fran, am glad that you really enjoyed my post. Am all about bringing awareness and helping people overcome any type of anxiety. Reading your story it has showed me how unfair life has been to you and i admire how strong you are. I don’t believe in medications healing any type of anxiety, they just provide relief to some extent and the withdraw effects aren’t good. I wish you complete recovery.


  2. Wow Angie,

    Great job! anxiety is very big in todays world. I think we all suffer from some form of anxiety in one way or another. But you are right it is all about treating it with your thoughts, they will become reality in the long term.

    This post was nicely done and I am so glad you are finding ways to help you through your anxiety.

    Good Luck

    1. Hi Karen. Anxiety has become very popular currently. we experience anxiety everyday in one way or the other but the unnecessary anxiety which affects people’s lives is which isn’t good. I believe we can overcome it through our mind if we understand it really well.

  3. Hi there Angie,

    Thank you kindly for creating and sharing the highly valuable article about naturally managing anxiety with us all, it is appreciated, thanks.

    I absolutely agree with you that we can manage our anxiety without the needs of medication. What helps me a lot is the use of herbs, being Mucuna Pruriens and He Shou Wu. When taken together they work by increasing the feel good brain chemical and hormone dopamine and aid in maintaining and prolonging the augmentation of it,

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