Best natural anxiety relief

Best natural anxiety Relief. 17- natural tips that will reduce your anxiety

Best natural anxiety relief

Anyone trying to to overcome anxiety knows that the recovery journey isn’t an easy one, there are always some set backs to it, for example today your ok but then the next day your worse. For that matter getting a break from your anxious mind is always a good thing when dealing with any type of anxiety. There are so many natural ways that can help a person living with anxiety to get some relief during the dark days.


What are the dark days to a person living with anxiety?
These are days when a person with anxiety feels worse to the extent of not performing his or her daily activities.

for instance when you have an anxiety disorder you can easily get panic attacks, anxiety physical symptoms and suicidal thoughts due to feeling extremely anxious.

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What should i do when am feeling anxious?

Anxiety doesn’t have time of occurrence, we easily get scary thoughts that make our minds worry, causes us pain and lead to unnecessary fear.

There are natural tips that a person dealing with anxiety can use to reduce the levels of anxiety daily.These  ideas won’t bring any side effects to your mind and body but will instead make you feel better every single day.

1. Taking sole water,






I recommend anyone suffering from anxiety to take sole water ( water mixed with Himalayan salt) this won’t only provide relief but it will put an end to the panic attacks. Sole water is very healthy if you take a little of it everyday during the anxiety journey since it contains natural minerals that the body needs.

2. Warm Bath.

It’s always nice to soak yourself in a warm bath and relax for some few minutes. A person can also include chamomile products like oils in the warm water as chamomile is a well known herb for treating anxiety and reducing anxiety symptoms.

3. Read inspirational books.

Self help books that only talk about positive thinking can act as a relief from anxiety. The more a person reads a book that ultras the mind from negative to positive thinking, the less anxious a person will be. There a lot of materials out there inform of books, quotes that provide hope and inspiration to a person with anxiety.

4. Prepare your favorite food.

There is nothing more relaxing than eating what you want.  In anxious moments we always feel sad, so preparing our favorite food can be a good remedy for anxiety. Keep in mind that the food should be healthy because unhealthy food contributes to a very anxious mind.

5. Listen to nice Relaxation music,







Music has always been used as a way of relaxing, when the anxious thoughts pop up in away find your favorite music that you enjoy to listen to, this doesn’t mean meditation music or slow music, it should be something you enjoy because this will increase your focus on the music and let the anxiety be which will provide a  a big relief.

6. Meditation,

Meditation is when you put all your focus onto something. This can be a particular feeling, words, sound or activity. Meditation is proved to be a powerful technique in changing our thoughts, beliefs and feelings. This can be done anywhere at anytime whenever you feel anxious. When your meditating try to think about only positive things because humans we are bigger than the anxiety that we feel.

7. Laugh









Find something that makes you laugh because laughter goes hand in hand with happiness. The more your happy the less anxious you will be. There is a saying that when you laugh the bad energy goes out of your body. There are a lot of things that you can opt for like reading funny articles, watching comedy and  laughing with friends.

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8. Play sports or games,






During anxious situations don’t just sit there and dwell on how bad your feeling in that moment, instead engage yourself in sports or games that keep your mind active and focused on other things. This can be light sports or computer games with friends, anything fun and competitive will provide relief in anxious moments.

9. Exercise,











Any work out can reduce levels of stress and improve the healthy of the body. If you work out often you will realize that the mind will start to change and perceive thoughts different. Exercising has tremendous benefits because it increases a person’s mood and makes them mentally alert. They are lots of different exercises a person could do for example, going to the gym, jogging, taking light walks, riding a bicycle.

10. Write down your anxious thoughts,








This is a very powerful exercise to providing relief in anxiety sufferer. The more you write down what you are afraid of the most, you won’t be afraid of it anymore. Practice this exercise every time you feel stressed or anxious it will take some load off your mind and you will feel more relaxed.

11. Meet up with friends,






A good meet up with friends is always a good thing to get the worries off your shoulder. When meeting friends make sure they are good friends who only talk about positive things that doesn’t increase your anxiety. This will help you massively because social interactions are always good when it comes to relaxation.

12. Take a trip,







This can be a short trip maybe in the mountains or somewhere new. Traveling to a totally different area will put your mind at ease. When traveling it is better you either go alone or with good company.

13. Tea.







Taking tea has always been beneficial to our overall health. There are lots of beverages that you can use to make a stress reliever tea. For example chamomile, green tea, check out the benefits of drinking tea everyday.

14. Eat some fruits






Fruits contain minerals and vitamins that our bodies do need for example vitamin A, Vitamin D, zinc, magnesium. vitamin c, potassium. Daily consumption of fruits will make a person feel better and it will create a big change in someone’s moods hence lowering the anxiety levels.

15. Social community work,






Working with others and providing help to another people will shift the thoughts in your mind. The social activities can include counseling others, giving first aid to others and providing help where necessary.This is a good anxiety reliever because you won’t focus on your fears anymore rather you will focus on helping out others.

16. Take a nap,






It’s always good to find time and sleep for a few minutes or an hour. Napping improves the alertness, moods and performance of a person. You can always fix 30mins in your schedule everyday and take some time off to nap.

17. Just do nothing.

Most of the time when we are stressed or anxious we want to find something to do or to occupy us but what if we choose to just do nothing and just visualize the good things we want in life. Just doing nothing for like 30 minutes can give you relief during the anxious moments.


Note; All the natural tips work for short and long term in providing relief during the anxious moments. Remember to always focus on the things you enjoy and that only will change your moods and feelings.

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If you have any questions. Leave them in the comment section below. i will gladly answer back.


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