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How to help a person with anxiety. Do these simple things for someone suffering from anxiety.

You don’t need to be a therapist to help a person with anxiety.

how to help a person with anxiety

During the years i was suffering from anxiety, i felt lost as i explained in various articles. First of it all i didn’t know that i had an illness called anxiety and most importantly my parents had also no idea that it was anxiety, when they found out about my illness they didn’t know how to help me  recover.  There is nothing more painful than seeing a loved one suffering but you have no idea how to help them become happy again.

I know they are people in each of your own circles dealing with anxiety and the sad thing is that you might not know as many people feel like having an anxiety disorder is a crime so they instead choose to keep it as a secret from the their friends or family. In this article am going to be explaining how you can intervene and help a person suffering from anxiety without them feeling being attacked or ashamed of their situation.

Things to know about Anxiety.

For Anxiety, there are important things you should know before you jump into helping someone.  Anxiety is a state of living in fear, stress and worry because of something that happened in the past or something you think will happen in the future.  When a person is living in that state every single day then we can conclude that he or she is suffering from an Anxiety disorder.

Anxiety disorders differs that’s why it is important to know the type of anxiety that your child, partner or friend is suffering from. The types of anxiety disorders include;

  • Generalized Anxiety. This is when a person has excessive and uncontrollable worry about the future and their possible negative outcomes.
  •  Social Anxiety disorder.  This is when a person has excessive fear and worry to interact or participate socially. people with social anxiety don’t want to be around people they don’t know or they are unfamiliar with.
  • Panic Disorder. This is a state when a person feels unsettled due to persistent feelings of worry that what happened in the past forexample if they had a panic attack once , they might live their life everyday worrying and living in fear of it  occurring again.  In this condition a person just freaks out with no good reason.
  • Post traumatic disorder.  This when a person worries about a tragedy incident like unexpected death of a loved one, accident, loss of a job or relationship that occurred in the past and  any flash backs can cause them panic.

After knowing that a person suffers from one of the Anxiety disorder above then helping them will become easier as you will know what situations to avoid.

You should also know that Anxiety  is a mental illness that can be cured naturally with the right methods and understanding, the reason why am saying this, is because some people treat anxiety like it some horrible disease, don’t quote wrong i know the situation of having continuous anxiety sucks and it can deprive you of your freedom but  inorder to help others overcome or manage Anxiety we need to understand it and be patient towards the people suffering from it.

How do i know that my friend or partner is suffering from Anxiety.

How to help a person with anxiety

As i said it is very important to find out early whether your loved one has anxiety, and research shows how early intervention  is one of the major methods  of helping someone with anxiety  because you can be able to give support  before the situation changes into what they call severe anxiety which eventually leads to depression. The more the person takes long to get help for the anxiety disorder,  the higher the level of anxiety so that is why it is very crucial to notice those small situations that can make you suspect that your loved one has Anxiety.

If your worrying about how you can find out whether a person has anxiety or not, Am listing down some of the common behaviours or things that you can base on and conclude that someone has anxiety.

Behavioral change.

When a person is suffering from any anxiety disorder, what changes first is their behaviour. A person will behave differently when they don’t or do have Anxiety. This is very logical because when a person has anxiety they are often unhappy and they don’t feel good, which  causes them to isolate themselves from people.

I remember when i was suffering form Anxiety, my behaviour changed first before even experiencing any painful physical symptom though i didn’t know it was anxiety neither was family otherwise i wouldn’t have let my Anxiety turn into severe.  Behavioral change can happen in many different ways for example if a person turns out to be moody,  not wanting to participate in different activities, lazy, not wanting to associate all these things symbolize that a person is bothered and they are signs showing you that person isn’t feeling great especially when they weren’t like that in the first place.

Reoccurring physical symptoms without a clear basis.

This is a situation when a person experiences painful physical symptoms without any clear basis on what is causing them. Most of the people who suffer from anxiety just wake up one day and they have all the symptoms and what freaks people out is because the symptoms keep on coming back regularly.

These reoccurring symptoms can be uncomfortable and painful, in most cases when a person gets one symptom they become more anxious which leads to another symptom and when they check out with their doctors the only thing they tell them is that nothing is wrong with you everything is fine, that is the unclear basis am talking about. If you have anyone who is experiencing all the anxiety symptoms  that i listed in one of my articles, just know that they have anxiety.


In most cases depression comes from unnecessary worrying and stress that is caused by someone’s thoughts so when a person is in the state of depression they might be having anxiety and they feel like they have no one to confide to or they feel like their lives have come to an end hence depression.

Being with an anxiety disorder is one of the worst feelings you could ever have  because we all want to feel free and happy but with Anxiety you feel like your limited and you live your life in fear of what might happen and there is nothing more depressing than that. When you see your loved one wanting to commit suicide just know that one of reason why they feel so bad might be because they feel like no one is understanding their pain so they want to set themselves free.


If a person is always not contented with what they have or what others do for them then it means that they aren’t happy within themselves and one of the most common reason which people don’t know is because their mind is filled with all these anxieties that create a blockage in even seeing the good things when they are infront of them.

Let’s assume that you throw a birthday party for a person with social anxiety,  do you think they will appreciate you? the only thing he or she will think about are the  negative possible outcome of the event. What am trying to say that people who are  suffering from anxiety most of the situations do irritate them because they are often in their head.

Confiding in you.

This doesn’t happen very often but when a person comes to you and they trust you to tell you that they have anxiety then you shouldn’t doubt them, you should believe them instead because it takes strength for a person suffering from anxiety to tell you exactly what is going on with their life.

When a person tells you that hey! am having anxiety don’t make him or her feel like she committed a crime or something and if at all you don’t know what it means, take some time and research about it.

Drug misuse.

This is a situation where a person takes excessive drugs than what was prescribed by his or her doctor with or without an intention . This is very common and dangerous  thing because it can take away someone’s life.  People who misuse drugs sometimes do it with an intention of freeing themselves from the pain of their illness which  is termed as suicidal attempt and sometimes they do it just to increase on their dosage thinking that they would feel better.

This mostly happen to people who are having severe anxiety, where by they loose control of their own life and can’t perform the day to day activities so they resort to high dosages of medication and if no one is there  to check on them, they overdose.

Others include;

  • Change in physical appearance ( Gaining weight or loosing weight)
  • Change in performance. ( This can be either in work or sports or any activity)
  • Regular Absenteeism of the mind. ( Thoughts are wondering everytime)
  • Confusion.

How can i help.

Helping a person with anxiety is an easy thing but at the same time they are alot of challenges involved because you may find that the person with an anxiety disorder is your friend, partner or child and all these relationships are different in their own ways. Am going to list down the DO’S and the DON’TS that you can follow to help a person with anxiety.


Know exactly the type of Anxiety disorder. This is very crucial if you want to offer help, forexample checkout if they have phobias or panic disorders or any other type of anxiety because knowing the real thing will also help you to avoid mistakes.  You can find out through research and check out their symptoms then you will be able to tell the type of anxiety.

Find out the level of their Anxiety. After you have found out the type of the Anxiety, now the next step will be to know their anxiety levels because levels differ and they are treated differently. When i talk about levels i mean  they are people who have mild, moderate and severe anxiety.  Mild is that anxiety that almost everyone faces daily and it has very slight effects which do go away in few minutes, Moderate anxiety goes for longer than the mild anxiety and it can also cause some uncomfortable physical symptoms like muscle tension or fatigue whereas severe anxiety is the highest level of anxiety which can make you experience panic attacks. By knowing the level of anxiety, you will approach things differently.

Know the reason for their Anxiety. It is hard to go to a person who has anxiety and show him or her to do things differently without not knowing why they feel that way. Take sometime to dig into the reason  why your friend or partner is feeling like the way they are feeling, you can do this by talking to them in a friendly and normal conversation without being so direct or you can also talk to their closet friends to find out more about why they feel so anxious. When you find out it will be easy to help following the factors that are causing the illness.

Intervene Early. When you notice some of the physical symptoms of anxiety, don’t wait until things get worse , offer any of kind help as soon as possible. This helps because when someone is experiencing moderate anxiety and you intervene early, they won’t have severe anxiety. The problem is that most people are reluctant and they only realize when things are hitting up.

Limit Negative situations. I know it is really hard these days to avoid all sorts of   negativity because they are everywhere from the internet to our cycles but take a person who has anxiety where they are positive vibes or positive people this will make him or her less anxious.

Seek Medical help. You can help a person by taking them to see a doctor or a therapist regarding their condition. Even though you don’t know or can’t access a therapist physically, you can find an online therapist that you can talk to about your loved’s condition.

Get involved in their interests. You can do this by asking them what they enjoy daily and helping them enjoy that with the purpose of changing their focus from their anxious mind to the things they really like. This will help them have that anxiety break and it will help them reduce their anxiety.

Help them become self aware of their illness. This is done by educating them about their illness, you can do this by helping a person access some of the valuable information that can help him or her understand what is anxiety and how it can be overcome naturally. My best recommendation comes the release technique which i came to know about, it is a powerful program and has helped many to get their life back.

Give them hope. In most cases all what  people want is hope to help them pass through the day. A lot of people who are suffering from anxiety have lost hope, they think that they will die that way. You can change it by bring hope into their lives through talking about anxiety success stories, or reading to them inspirational things that do give hope. It will create a lot of difference.

Endevour to take them outside and let them enjoy the nature. When i was suffering from anxiety, i realized that everytime i went outside the house, i felt very different and was less anxious. The nature has a great impact on how a person feels and it can automatically change someone’s moods.


Don’t Question them.  When helping someone overcome their anxiety, avoid asking them a lot of questions forexample” Why do you always panic? ” why do you have anxiety? people who are suffering from anxiety always feel like they are being  attacked or judged so you should always avoid that.

Avoid publicizing your loved’s condition if they aren’t comfortable. If you friend tells you that they have anxiety, always first ask them if they feel comfortable sharing that information with others, if not then don’t go around sharing it because this might increase their anxiety. They are so many cultures especially in Africa where stigma is created against mental illnesses.

Don’t force them to do things they don’t want. If there are certain things that need to be done but the person with anxiety doesn’t feel like, kindly just let them be and wait for the time when they feel  ready to do a particular task.

Avoid stressful conditions. The more an anxious person is exposed to stressful conditions, the higher the anxiety and the lesser the stress the lower the anxiety.

Note; If you use those simple tips above while following the dos and don’ts you will see a bigger improvement on your loved one’s life. Always remember recovery takes time and you don’t have to get tired helping till you kick anxiety out of your person’s life.

If you have any questions, kindly leave them in the comment section below and i will answer.




The best Anxiety medication

There are a lot of people out there who are suffering from anxiety and who are willing to spend some dollars to find relief or to stop the physical symptoms of anxiety and before they buy the medication like most people do, they research about it and the common question they come up with is, what is the best  anxiety medication? To be honest i didn’t think about it for a while till recently when i came a cross some articles of people recommending what they thought was better to cure anxiety.

What people think are the best Anxiety medications.

Before i lead you to the right answer of what your looking for, i have also realized that a lot of people have been led to a wrong direction by either their doctors or the internet to purchase the medications below as they are believed to be the best medication towards overcoming any type of anxiety.


This is a kind of medication that is  prescribed by the doctors in hospitals to patients who are suffering from panic disorders and anxiety disorders.  Xanax is supposed to be taken by the patient for a short period of time to relax their muscles and reduce the anxiety physical symptoms though some people get addicted on these medications and that’s when the problem starts.

Expect to see the following side effects when taking Xanax to cure your anxiety.

  • Drowsiness
  • Tiredness
  • Insomnia
  • Constipation
  • Trouble concentration
  • Vomiting
  • Muscle weakness.

Though they are a lot of people experiencing such side effects, still they are people claiming that Xanax is a miracle drug when it comes to dealing with their Anxiety.


This drug works as a anti-depressant to help relieve or improve the symptoms of anxiety by increasing a level of certain chemicals in the brain which are connected to the central nervous system.

Me myself i was on amitriptyline for two weeks and it wasn’t the best time am telling you, yes it made me go to bed at night but in the morning i could wake up feeling very worse with no energy to do anything and this made me to immediately stop taking this drug.

If your on Amitriptyline expect to see the following effects.

  • Chest pain
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Skin Rash
  • Headaches
  • Numbness and tingling in the arms and legs
  • Constipation.

This drug is most famous for reducing the chronic pain that might be brought by anxiety.


The drug is used on the anxiety patients to calm their nerves because it contains that tranquilizer effect that can slow down the nerves in the brain. In my time of trying to cure anxiety, i didn’t use this drug but according to the reviews i have read, this drug is supposed to be used by people with mild to moderate anxiety which means that people with chronic anxiety ,this might not work for you.

Withdraw side effects include;

  • Confusion
  • Hallucinations
  • Memory loss
  • Mood and behaviour changes
  • Night mares
  • Depression.


This works as a anti-depressant drug that affects the brain chemicals known as the neurotransmitters which are involved in the cause of anxiety. It is known to relax the muscles and reduce pain. According to people who have used imipramine reported to have some ease in their anxiety symptoms but when they reduced or increased the dosage they immediately broke down.

Reported side effects include;

  • Dizzness
  • Headaches
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach cramps
  • Weight gain or loss


It is used in the short term management of people with severe anxiety. Though some people still get addicted to this drug like they do to other anxiety medication. Research states that it is not advisable to take it for longer than four months, but it acts fast on treating on set panic anxiety. According to my findings, many people who are taking it complain that they couldn’t get sleep after taking this drug.

The following are the side effects that can occur when you stay on Ativan for longer.

  • Aggressive behaviour
  • Violent mood changes
  • Headaches
  • Depression
  • Drowsiness
  • Memory loss
  • Suicidal thoughts.

Other know anxiety medication include

  • Klonopin
  • Serax
  • Elavil
  • Desipramine
  • Clomipramine.

Why i don’t think that they are the best medication.

The best anxiety medication

All the drugs that i have mentioned above, help with anxiety but they aren’t the best medication when it comes to treating or overcoming anxiety because of the reasons that am going to be discussing below.

Affect your finances, Believe it or not these drugs can  make you spend more than what you usually spend in a month or a week. Imagine if you have been on these drugs for like six months or a year and you can’t imagine living without them, do you realize how much you spent and willing to spend in the future which definitely affect your finances in one way or the other.

Addiction. The moment that you start taking this medication and you feel like it is the only way to cure your anxiety or to make you feel better i guarantee you that you will be dependant on these drugs and you will feel like you can’t live without them hence having an addiction.

Limitation. The anxiety medication mentioned above they all have limitation to them, Forexample if you have any particular disease or your pregnant, your not allowed to use any of those drugs mentioned above. It means that you have to find something else which will help your anxiety rather than those drugs.

Change in behaviour and physical appearance. Whether you like it or not, these drugs will affect either your moods or the way you look. If you have been smaller they might make you fat and if you have been with some weight, they can make you loose some weight.

End your anxiety today

Now you see the reasons why i don’t support anyone using the above medication as a way of managing and treating their anxiety. i know it is a hard pill to swallow but the fact is if your using the above medication for your anxiety, your not trying to manage or overcome anxiety but your just harboring it.

What is my other option in terms of medication.

For the people who are so used to taking the anxiety medication, my only option for you would be to use medication that is made out of natural plants or what they call natural supplements for anxiety because most of them don’t have withdrawal effects and they can also help in reducing anxiety. I won’t say that i recommend a person to use medication as a way to treat anxiety because it did  work for me but never cured my anxiety but for some cases especially people with severe anxiety that affects their daily life activities instead of using Xanax or anything i listed above, you should try these first.


Product; Zenta

Place to buy; Amazon




Zenta contain a blend of 13 natural  ingredients include chamomile, GABA, magnesium, Ashwangandha and other vitamins that will help in boosting your mood, increase the serotonin levels while reducing stress and anxiety through out the day.


  • Mood booster.
  • It doesn’t cause fatigue.
  • Promotes health cognitive functions.
  • Reduces anxiety.


Product;  Serenity Hemp oil

Place to buy; Amazon.




If your having sleeping problems because of anxiety, this hemp oil will help you to revive your sleep and it will also reduce on the body aches that are caused y anxiety. It is a natural supplement that can be used daily.  Hemp oil contain Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which are good for the brain health.    Instead of you taking the anti depressants, why not use hemp oil instead.


  • Helps to reduce the body aches
  • Corrects sleep issues
  • Provides a calm effect
  • It helps with dizzness
  • Reduces anxiety.


Product; Genius joy

Place to buy Amazon.




The Genius veggie pills are well known as a brain booster. They contain ingredients like Ginseng, Sam-e, L-Theanine and other 11 vitamins that will help in combating all kind of stress levels that can make you anxious. When we feel anxious it means that our serotonin levels and dopamine levels are very low which will lead to future depression but the Genius joy pills increase all these brain chemical hormones that are responsible for a positive mindset and a good feeling.


  • It enables greater motivation
  • Improves overall well being
  • It acts a brain booster
  • It gives relief on anxiety
  • It fights depression


Product; Anxie-T

Place to buy; Amazon




The product helps to nourish the nervous system and support the body’s natural ability to deal with stress, sleep problems and other things related to anxiety. The natural ingredients in the Anxie-T pills include L-Theanine and other plants like kava kava, GABA, they contain amino acids which are important for promoting brain health. The pills will provide you with a calming effect and you won’t feel tired when you take them.


  • Sleep better.
  • Relieves stress
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Boosts the moods.


Product; Transzen

Place to buy; Amazon






If your anxiety is caused by nutritional deficiency, then Transzen is for you because the product contains essential vitamins ( vitamin Bs), amino acids and herbs( lemon balm, Ashwangandha, passion flower and many more) that will nourish your brain and reduce on your anxiety.  All the natural ingredients in this product are very useful in treating depression and anxiety. Transzen will help you to restore the depleted nutrients that are very important for the Brain functioning.


  • It increases mental alertness
  • Increases energy
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Solves sleep problems.


For all that i have mentioned as medication produced out of plants can act as a second choice of the medication you can opt for rather than the anti- depressants but still however much you say that your seeing improvements in your anxiety by taking medication i call it harboring anxiety and letting the anxiety control you.  You have to ask yourself one thing if your an anxiety sufferer atleast that is what i did , will you take the pills for the rest of your life because of a condition you know that you can deal with without these pills, Hmmm well that should be at the back of your mind but let’s see my best option towards treating anxiety.


For me what i consider as my anxiety medication is what i call self healing there is nothing that can take it out of the anxiety circle unless you understand it yourself and know the real reason why your feeling that way, you will realize that all the pills your pumping yourself was just to extend your anxiety cycle and let you live in the bubble for another one or two years.

What you should do.

I know that some people are using depressants right now which is understandable but you should start slowly by educating yourself about the illness or seeking help from people that will help you with your situation forexample you can join online therapy where to sign up is for free and you don’t have to worry about a face to face conversation or someone judging you. Therapy is a natural healing process that allows you to understand your illness and heal without taking any medication.

If you feel like your anxiety is caused because of the external factors like money, health or worry about the future, there is also a self help online program that is called the release technique it  allows you to learn how to take control of your life regardless of what situation your in and teaches how you can develop or change that area of your life  that is causing you to have anxiety. You can also take the matters in your hands by reading self help books that can widen your knowledge on the illness because they worked for me during my recovery period. Learn use the natural ways when it comes to dealing with anxiety or depression because it is the most effective way that will give you long term results.

If you have any questions, kindly leave them in the comment section below, i will gladly answer.

Note;  Am not trying to create stigma about the famous anxiety medication, i know they are alot of people using them and they are ok with it, this is my opinion due to my experience about the meds, it was one of the reason why i stayed with anxiety for so long because i realised i wasn’t trying to overcome it but to harbor the anxiety instead.


How to help a child with depression. Solutions that will change your child’s life


How to help a child with depression

I always say that when it comes to depression, early intervention is key because alot can be avoided when the situation is detected early. There is high increase in depression today in children than it was years back and what is more painful is that when a parent or a guardian finds out that a child is depressed, they sometimes loose it or get stressed because they have no idea on how to deal with the situation and trust me i know how hard it is for a parent doing what he or she can to help a child with depression.

What you should know about child depression.

For a person who has suffered from depression knows that it is a mental illness  where someone feels sad and unhappy about life itself which can affect their emotional and physical behaviours.

Depression is considered to be one of the worst mental health disorder because its effects include someone committing suicide which is the worst thing that could ever happen to your loved one. When it comes to a kid having persistent mood swings or hating there own life, most of the times these kids don’t even know  what they are experiencing, that is why it is very important to be monitoring your kid so that anything you notice unfamiliar in your kid’s behaviour you can take an action right away before the situation worsens.

Misconception about child depression

The an incorrect opinion that some people have about child depression is that “children aren’t supposed to be depressed because it is only for adults” which has been one of the reason why alot of kids now days are  committing suicide in regards of people not understanding the pain that they are going through. Research shows that 300 million people world wide suffer from depression where by 22.2% of the American youth will have diagnosable mental illness with serious impairment at some point before they are 18 and when it come to African countries depression in children is increasing everyday because there is less awareness on the subject.

What are the causes of depression in children?

In one of my previous articles, i discussed some of the causes of depression in teens which isn’t so far away from child depression there are some similar causes as i have discussed them below. However the cause of depression among humans is still open and discussions through research do go on daily to find the root cause of this issue.

Abandonment, When a child is a abandoned by his parents this can be for a good reason or not for something beneficial to the child all in all it will affect the child emotionally in one way or the other. Most of the parents who do abandon their kids they always say i did it for the sake of the child’s happiness or future not forgetting the impact it will have on the kid.

Lack of enough attention towards the child. They are parents or guardian that feel like they want there kids to be independent and strong people so they become less aware or observant in what their kids are doing which make the kids to feel like they aren’t loved by their own parents hence having persistent feelings of sadness and mood swings.

Too much access to technology.  A kid should act like a kid, where by they should able to and enjoy the nature and involve themselves in activities that improve their serotonin levels but these days with all the technology that being created everyday has made it impossible for our to enjoy nature activities.  You can find a kid on a tablet from morning to evening just playing video games which do have nothing about brain boosting.

High ranking your child from other kids. If you treat a kid like he or she is superior to other kids, his fellow kids will hate him or her and will definitely bully him at school so it’s better to show a kid that he is equal to other kids of the same age group.

Bullying. This  has been and still one of the reason why many children become depressed. Bullying can affect a child’s performance at school if not realized early, it can also lead to high levels of anxiety and stress among the kids that do fall victim of bullying.  They are alot of reasons why children are being bullied by their fellow age group mates this might be because of skin colour, religion, or behaviour.

Health issues.  If a child is suffering from a particular deadly disease which exempts him or her from involving themselves in daily activities, they will feel left out which will cause depression. It is a parent’s duty to guide or counsel a child inorder to avoid mental health disorder.

Differences in physical appearance.  When a child looks at him or herself and they realize that they don’t look like their fellow kids, this might happen to children with different races, weights, heights or kids characterized by albinism which in the end might create discrimination among the kids hence causing depression to a child that feels like he or she is different.

Undiagnosed  Anxiety disorder. They are kids who have high anxiety levels but when a parent has no clue about it. Anxiety as a mental illness damages our self-esteem and destroys our moods and when it goes untreated it turns out into depression.  Wit the way that our kids are exposed to high technology of the internet, Anxiety has become inevitable in our societies.

Over controlling the child. It is good to guide our kids in the right path but if we turn out to make our kids do exactly what we feel is right for them, this can impose stress on the child and since some kids fear to talk to their guardians or parents they will feel more depressed.

call to action

Poor feeding. What we eat always has either a positive or a negative impact on our mental health.  Since a child most of the times eats what a parent or guardian gives to him or her whether are healthy foods or not it will have an impact on a child’s mood. They are a lot of foods that can avoid a child or reduce depression in kids if consumed effectively.

How to help a depressed Child.

how to help a depressed child.

Assisting a depressed  child is like helping the future of this nation to move forward, this might be your kid or anyone your not related to but it is really important to offer help to a child if you notice they have depression.  Below are some of the things that can be done to help a child overcome depression.

Seek medical help.

When i talk about medical help i don’t necessarily mean that you should buy tablets or anything of the sort.  In most cases it means you seek advise from a doctor or a therapist who is well versed in treating depression.  When you seek medical help it will help you find the root cause early before the situation worsens and most of the time it is better to also talk to some who is experienced and get the way forward on how you can help a child.

These days it is becoming very easy to find a therapist so it is not an excuse it doesn’t matter where you are, you can get your own therapist to help you or your child overcome depression or any other mental illness. Sign up for free here to talk to a therapist online.

Educate the child about the situation.

There is nothing more valuable on this planet than information.  If you realize that a child is depressed, get access to some of the valuable information that can get a kid to understand what he or she is going thorough, this can be inform of workbooks that help children understand their feelings a little bit more.

Sometimes we can talk to the kids and they fail to really understand what we are trying to say but if we give them the freedom of reading on their own things could stick more easily into their heads than when you try to show them what to do.

Child counselling,

Counselling helps when it comes to depression because it gives a chance to  a depressed child to really talk about what is bothering him or her which helps to uncover the root cause of depression. They are different types of counselling which include;

  • Face to Face counselling, where by a child or a depressed person meets a therapist or a counselor in person  to talk about what is really bothering him or her.
  • Individual Group. This is the type of counselling which is done in a group, where people of the same issues meet together to discuss about how they feel and this allows sharing of information between individuals.
  • Telephone counselling.  This is where a person talks to a therapist through the phone this is mostly works for those people with busy schedules
  • Online counselling.  This is done on the internet through email exchanging or on different forums. This is done when a patient wants to keep their identity anonymous.  Get online counselling here.

Child monitoring in disguise.

Any parent or guardian if you find out that your child is depressed, its better to start monitoring what your child is doing without him finding out to avoid stress being put on the child. Remember when a child is depressed they can resort to uncomfortable habits which might affect their social, emotional and physical behaviours.

This also helps if the child has been seeing the therapist or doing anything to help his or her depression, it allows you to know whether what your doing is making a difference in your child’s life.

Show more love and interest towards the child.

If you could ask most of the children why they are depressed, most of them will say that ”  i feel am not loved by family or parents“. The reason why a child feels that way is because you show less interest in what he or she is doing.

I know these days parents or guardians do have crazy schedules and a lot weigh on their shoulder like financial and marriage anxiety but we need to find a balance between taking of our children and work it’s self.  There a lot of things we can do to show more love and interest to our kids like helping them with home work, taking time to listen to what they have to say, playing with them and asking them questions about different situations.

Feed your child with healthy foods.

As we all know that food is the natural medicine that we have on this planet and it is capable of healing any type of illness including depression. If your child is depressed, try feeding him on more healthy foods and you will see improvement in his state.

Many people out there think that taking a child to burger king makes them more happy, yes it might feel like that to a child because junk feels to be more tasty than the other healthy foods but in the long run it affects  a child’s  a mental health.

Talk to a child.

You will never understand the child unless you talk to them and find out what is really bothering your child.  I know that sometimes when a person is depressed they don’t tell you right away why they are feeling like that but if you create an environment comfortable enough for your child to speak it would make a difference.

Forexample you can start by asking fair questions like ” sweetheart do you like your school?” if the child answers no it means that there is something about the school which is causing a child to have persistent mood swings and if  so then a solution should be taken.

Be patient.

When dealing with a depressed child or anyone with a mental illness, you need to be patient because the reality is that recovery takes time. You should try to understand and if progress isn’t made right away even when your doing all you can, still you shouldn’t give up on your child.

Note; Depression among our children keeps on increasing every single day and still in different countries they are kids who go on undiagnosed which is destroying the future tomorrow.

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Let’s all join hands and create more awareness about depression.


Cbt Anxiety worksheets. My top reviews

CBT Anxiety worksheets. My top reviews.

When it comes to managing or overcoming anxiety,  you should know that your mind determines alot on whether your anxiety level will increase or decrease and no other tool works better with  changing the way our mind perceives things than CBT. By referring to the CBT anxiety worksheets you can be in position to control, manage and even end your anxiety cycle for good.

How do you understand CBT?

Many people have different understanding of the cognitive Behavioral Therapy but there is one thing in common that i have realized , which is the reason why people opt for CBT is to create a shift from the pictures they have in their mind inorder to improve their mental health.

In simple terms CBT is an exercise or practice that is done on or by the person inorder  to change their current thinking and feelings so that to influence their  behaviors which can solve their problems or challenges. The end result of doing CBT is a person should be in position to change their frame work of thinking or behaviour that is causing them pain to a totally different way of seeing things inorder to create a shift in how a person feels.

In order to fully utilize this exercise you will need recordings which you can refer to or which can educate you more about Anxiety. Some people think that if they are visiting the therapists it’s enough and they don’t need the work sheets. I highly recommend that you even request or kindly ask your therapist to give you his favourite CBT worksheet because i believe that however much someone can try to help you with a problem, sometimes you need to take sometime off and educate yourself about the illness i bet you will heal faster if you get to understand it from it’s core roots.

How does  CBT works?

How CBT works

This kind of therapy is a short term therapy carried out by a trained therapist in CBT and the session usually takes 50 minutes. During a session a therapist asks the patient to identify his problem, together with the feelings and the behaviour that are linked with an anxiety disorder.

CBT focuses on what an individual thinks and how the thoughts are affecting an individual’s emotions and behaviours.  Through CBT a person will be able to take control of their negative thoughts and look at them in a positive view which will improve their feelings and create a behavioral change.  CBT  has two components which include the cognitive therapy and behavioral therapy which both focuses on examining  one’s thoughts and behaviours and how they contribute to an individual’s anxiety.  According to research CBT is becoming more popular when it comes to helping people with mental illnesses and the therapy is highly recommended by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence to solve anxiety disorders.

What is included in the CBT Anxiety worksheet.

Since CBT focuses on the here now, it is very important to keep recordings which will help you to keep track on your thoughts. Everything that is included in the CBT anxiety work sheet doesn’t focus on what happens in our lives rather it focuses on how we think about what has happened to us in our lives.

In the worksheets you will be able to find tools that will help you understand your thoughts better and how they are affecting the way you feel.  In CBT there is one powerful tool which is known as Keep thought tracking records. Have you ever been there and you take note of the things that you think about in an hour or two?You will sometimes be surprised because some of these thoughts that make us feel sad or anxious aren’t even worthy our energy.  The thoughts that just come to us unaware are called automatic thoughts like you have no control about them so they just keep on coming and coming.

These thoughts can be;

  • Iam not worthy.

  • Iam not loved.

  • Iam so fat.

  • I will never be good enough

  • No one cares about me

  • No one loves

  • I will never be successful

  • I will not recover.

When you can’t take control of these automatic thoughts that do pop in your brain then your bound to feel anxious or depressed.

Other tools;

  • Thoughts stopping, In Cbt anxiety worksheets you will learn how to stop your own thoughts,  sometimes our own minds can get noisy with unwanted thoughts and inorder to eliminate them you need to know how to stop them or change them to a positive voice.
  • Bring awareness to your own thoughts.  Most of the times we aren’t aware of what we are thinking, we just let ourselves be controlled by our own thoughts which can lead to anxiety. Through the worksheets you will understand the importance of being aware of your own thoughts and what impact your thoughts can have on the way you feel.
  • Realize cognitive distortions. The worksheets also do include the things that may come in your way of challenging your negative thoughts and how you can deal with them.

Importances of using the CBT Anxiety worksheets.

Reduces Anxiety,  When you start the therapy and using the worksheets as a referral tool, your more likely to experience a change in your anxiety levels. According to research individuals who have undergone  CBT experience greatly improved in their levels of anxiety after 16 sessions.

 You get well equipped with the knowledge. There is nothing more important on this planet like knowledge, the more you really understand your illness and you get immersed with how things are the way they are, the faster the healing. A person with a worksheet understands better than a person without.

Changes your perception. Through the use of the worksheets, you will get understand that anxiety isn’t a disease or isn’t something you have to hate because it will always be part of our lives  but learning how to look at our thoughts differently is the only way to control our anxiety.

They do give hope, Most of the anxiety worksheets are written by people who have experienced anxiety and they have been there so they know how to suffer when you have anxiety disorder and you use a worksheet of someone who was experienced something your going through, it gives you hope that one day you will also live a testimony.

You can help others. The CBT anxiety worksheets aren’t only used by the patients who are suffering from anxiety only but also therapists do you use or refer to them to help their own patients.

Recovery comes easier. Most of the people who are using CBT are most likely to recover fast than people who aren’t involved in the Therapy.

CBT Anxiety worksheets, My top reviews.

As we have seen how important CBT and anxiety worksheets can contribute to our recovery or managing anxiety, now it is the time to look at what best anxiety worksheets you can choose to help you create a change in your anxiety level. Me myself, when i was trying to overcome anxiety i didn’t use the worksheets but through research i realized that the worksheets can be of a great health when it comes to curing or understanding our anxiety disorders.

Note ; All these workbooks that am listing down can be purchased from Amazon and they are price friendly.

  1. Retrain your Brain. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in 7 weeks.


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This is an interactive workbook that outline a simple practical plan that occurs over the course of 7 weeks.   It allows the reader to quickly connect and also gives hope to those who are looking to regain control of their life.

In the work book the author gives practical CBT skills to practice to improve your condition and functioning. When you use this book, it will feel like though your working with the therapist.  The book is very brief and realistic because the author let’s you know that you won’t overcome anxiety just in one night.


  • Become familiar with the basic principles of CBT and understand how it works.
  • It helps to turn negative thoughts into positive ones.
  • Learn fundamental skills through guided writing exercises that apply to your current real life challenges.
  • It encourages you to change aspects of your  thinking and behaviour by suggesting alternative ways that can help you manage your anxiety or depression.
  • It defines specific goals that you will work toward over the course of 7weeks

At the end of reading this book, you will be able to get relief from anxiety.

2. The Anxiety and worry work Book. The  Cognitive Behavioral solution.


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If you have decided to overcome anxiety, then this book is made especially for you. The author listed the tools and techniques of cognitive Behavioral therapy at your finger tips. The book also includes the author’s experience in helping people with anxiety.

I know that there people who have already used anxiety worksheets and they haven’t really worked for them, i highly recommend you to use this book  as it is more advanced  and it provides a better view on what anxiety really is.


  • Strong emphasis on cognitive skills that can help you change your thinking about anxiety.
  • It can also be used as a reference book for therapists who are treating patients.
  • It teaches you on how you can challenge your thoughts and beliefs that lead to stress and anxiety.

3. The Anxiety work book. A 7 Week- plan to overcome Anxiety, stop worrying and end Panic.

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The book focuses on the  practice, strategy and developing behaviours to manage Anxiety. If your starting out to understand your anxiety, i request you to get this book for yourself as  it will help you understand and control your feelings that make you anxious.

The book gives an essential overview covering the basics of anxiety and how cognitive behavioral therapy approaches it.


  • It shows the right tools you can use to identify the score of anxiety and take a proactive step by step approach to find relief.
  • It includes checklists, guidelines and activities to help you understand  your anxiety and set action.
  • It shows an overview covering the basics of anxiety and how cognitive behavioral therapy approaches it.

4. The Cognitive Behavioral work book for Anxiety. A step-by-step Program.

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The work book can be used by  a person with any type of anxiety. In this workbook the author offers a step by step program to help you overcome anxiety and get back to the way you used to live your life.

It also includes an new evidence based techniques such behavioral activation and values-based action, addresses perfectionism and anxiety. Through this workbook your anxiety will broken down into specific cases and it will help you to deal with panic attacks. There is a reflection after each chapter that helps you remember what you have read.


  • It will help you to develop a personal wellness plan using techniques from rational emotive behavior therapy and Cognitive behavioral therapy.
  • The work book offers a practical program that you can use on your own or with the therapist to take back that power and end anxiety once and for all.
  • It will help you to break down anxiety into specific cases and help you deal with panic attacks.
  • It offers powerful treatment methods proven to be more effective than the anxiety medication.
  • It shows the source of anxiety.

Can i use the CBT Anxiety worksheets without a therapist?

Most of the people who use the worksheets or workbooks they use them with the help of a therapist because it can help you understand the material much faster or better. if you want your own online therapist sign up for free here.

But still you can use them without a therapist as well because overcoming anxiety it all starts with you making that decision and dropping those behaviors that keep you in the anxiety circle.  If you want to lean more about the ways i used to reduce my anxiety to the point  of overcoming it you can check here.

How to reduce anxiety at work.

Do you know that Anxiety can reduce our level of productivity at work?

how to reduce anxiety at work

I know anyone of us has experienced anxiety or symptoms of anxiety at there work place in one way or the other and to be honest it feels terrible to the extent of it affecting your work output.  But you shouldn’t worry about that a lot because write now we are going to find solutions on how you can you can reduce anxiety at your work place.

Anxiety sucks, but sometimes it helps us to make the right decision or it can act as a driving factor to complete some tasks at work.  Have you ever been at work and you start shaking, trembling or feel sharp pains in any of your body parts? If yes, then you should know that it is anxiety which has invaded your peace of mind. When we are at work sometimes we find ourselves feeling very anxious, forexample you might be sitting infront of your computer doing some work and you start having a panic attack. Do you think that it comes from nowhere ?  To my experience of living with anxiety till to the period of overcoming it i realized one thing that whenever anxiety strikes just know that there are some factors triggering it or which are making you anxious

Now, lets find out what can trigger anxiety while at work.

Perfectionism. Wanting to be perfect in every task that you want to accomplish can make you anxious if you realize that the things your working on aren’t making that picture as the way you have installed in your mind. There is a saying that goes ” no one is perfect” and that is why aiming at doing your job  right and the tasks your being assigned too  is good, though if things don’t become as perfect as you want them to be don’t stress over it  just be happy that you were able to complete a task.

Carrying thoughts from home to work. Some of us like carrying our negative and stressful thoughts from home to our work places which i think it  isn’t a good idea. Today people experience different challenges like paying bills at home, marriage problems , children problems and many more which has made alot of people experience anxiety attacks while at work. The moment you start thinking about what happened last night at your home, all your thoughts will be diverted from your work related issues to what exactly happened. That’s why controlling your thoughts and learning to rewire your brains is the most important. Learn more from the experts on how you can control your thoughts here.

Loud bosses. For  a person who has a loud boss, should know what am talking about because there are bosses when by them talking they scream instead. Those kind of bosses can make you anxious even before they come to work because your always in fear and on tension to accomplish the assigned tasks. My cousin always tell me this “my boss isn’t the best and am always in fear my  work place and that affects the way i do things”  Our own circle can trigger our anxiety at work so be aware , if necessary ignore those kind of bosses afterall what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Too much overload.  When we over load our selves with tasks most of the time we get overworked and this one of the reason why i had anxiety in the first place. I still remember i was doing what they call multitasking ( means doing different tasks at once) i used to get so stressed out because i had a lot to work on which made me get what they call a burn out. However much you want to be so productive and make your boss happy, don’t forget to take care of your health first, always try to reduce on the number of tasks your doing a day.

Delayed paycheque, In most cases when you don’t get paid in the days you expect, it can freak you out. I don’t know what about you but i know that most people plan on how they are going to spend their cheque before they even receive it. The anxiety is triggered when our payments are delayed and bills start knocking on your door, that is what makes more people to freak out at their work places. This can make someone to even loose interest in coming for work hence getting a panic attack.

Negative perception. The way you view things can trigger anxiety at work.  Perception is a big word and it can change your life if you put it at work. There people who always think of their work places or the activities they are doing at work as something like a burden and it is like they are being forced to be there.  If you view your work as something stressful or unhappy place to be, it will always bring you more of the unhappy moments like anxiety, stress and depression. When your at work, try to find out how do you view your profession and the place of work, if they are only negative perceptions am sure that your already depressed and feeling like that is not a place you want to be.  Find out more on how you can change your perception by being part of release technique program.

Dehydration.  Having enough water levels in your body can increase your work output because you will feel always energetic and the level of focus is high, but when you ignore the need of drinking water, your water levels in the body drop which can bring major effects and one of it is anxiety.  Studies link anxiety, depression and stress to dehydration because the 85% of the brain tissue is water. If you have been taking less water at work and your experiencing anxiety attacks, just know that you might be dehydrated and it is very important to increase the level of your water intake to avoid anxiety.

Frequent fasting.  Even if fasting can be good at times because it helps us achieve some things like weight loss management but it can also trigger anxiety especially at work. The more you work the more your body needs nutrients to help your brain focus and concentrate on what your working on.  They are alot of effects that come along when your fasting which include increase in our stress levels and stress can obviously trigger anxiety which also can deplete our body’s vital minerals. In one of my previous articles i discussed how low nutrients in our bodies can cause anxietyand that is why it is very important to make sure you eating foods daily that are helpful to your body.

Let’s head to the very important part, in position to reduce your anxiety at work, you should take note at the following things below.

  • You should be aware when anxiety strikes, in this case you should be mindful of your thoughts and feelings.
  • You should accept anxiety when it strikes.  when your anxious don’t think that it is something else because it will make you more anxious.
  • Always take note of the thoughts, things and feelings that trigger your anxiety in the first place. This will help you to deal with those things when they come in your mind again.

End your anxiety today


Are you ready to be happy at your work place? then take note of the following and your anxiety will reduce or it will be no more if you apply what am going to write down effectively.

how to reduce anxiety at work








Write down your thoughts. The power of writing down things is unbelievable. Most people call it journalizing or taking notes while others call it keeping information. The moment you will start writing down things that make you anxious or worried you will then realize that they are just daily challenges and you shouldn’t waste your time worrying.  My recommendation is whenever your anxiety strikes at work, stay calm and get a piece of paper then write down everything you feel in your head at that time, am sure your anxiety will immensely  drop.

. Acceptance. If you want to reduce or overcome any anxiety disorder, acceptance is key. When you accept that it is anxiety your experiencing at the moment but not any other illness then your on the road to reduce or stopping anxiety for good. When we live in denial that makes us more anxious because we try to look for reasons why we are feeling in that way and it will only stress us the more.

Reduce on your overload of work.  Try as much as possible to reduce on the work that your doing, however much you would want to accomplish many tasks to get praised or promoted, you have to know that your well being comes first in whatever your doing. There lots of ways you can multitask without overloading yourself forexample take note and plan which certain tasks you want to accomplish at a minimal level.

Get your own therapist.   If you find yourself becoming anxious on the daily basis, maybe you should consider getting yourself a therapist who can help you deal with a certain situation. In most cases i know having your own therapist can be a little costly but it is worth it when it comes to your health.  These days finding a therapist is becoming more easier as you can also find a therapist online when you join the online program it is free of charge to sign up and start talking to a therapist, you will still get the positive results as one meeting a therapist in person.

Socialize.  Don’t underestimate the power of socializing at work because you will be surprised with the massive benefits it will bring to you. When you see your friends socializing with each other at work, don’t just sit there and feel pity because things aren’t going on well with your life at the moment, instead join the group and start cracking jokes. This reduces anxiety in a great way because most chats will include laughing and sharing information which  can help increase your serotonin levels hence boosting your moods.

Confide in someone about your fears and emotions.  Find a person to talk to about the situation at work, this can be your boss, or anyone outside your work place. Get a trust worthy person to tell what is burdening you because the moment you start opening up your emotions to someone you will start to heal and benefit alot from other people as well. If your out there and still you suffer from anxious thoughts at work, i recommend that you should talk to someone than burying yourself in the dark thoughts.

Keep your body hydrated. Make sure to take lots of water when working and i highly recommend sole water if you experience panic attacks frequently, in one of my posts i wrote about one natural way of how a person can cure their panic attacksby taking sole water daily. If this method worked for me, am sure it will work for you as well so try it and you will not regret it.

Focus when your working. I know sometimes it can be hard to focus when you have alot going on in your mind but through practicing mindfulness daily you learn to live in the now because most cases they are our past thoughts that trigger anxiety. we should learn to rewire our brains incase we get negative thoughts, you can do this by reading self help books that will help you learn more about your thoughts and help you overcome anxiety.

Relax.  Take some breaks off within your work schedule and create the time for yourself to relax. Avoid to bury yourself in the daily activities to the extent of where by you cant breath. There alot of things you can do to relax at work like going out for lunch, taking a nap, chilling with friends or taking a walk to get fresh air and many more.

how to reduce anxiety at work

Hope the tips i have provided with you will be able to help anyone dealing with anxiety at work to create a change in their life. For any questions leave them in a comment section below. i will gladly answer.

Foods that help with Anxiety. Eat the right food to overcome your anxiety.


As Dr. Axe says that food is medicine, i firmly believe that it is true because we can heal our anxiety disorders naturally through the foods that we eat daily.  Back in the days before we had science take over the world, what do you think people used to cure their illness? It was through plants or food that people in old days used to cure their healthy problems and i believe that it still works today. We can still use foods to reduce all anxiety Levels and cure anxiety for good.

Do you know that there are lots of people today being put on antidepressants to make them pass through the day as a normal human being?  Many people are experiencing problems which are caused by anxiety for example, sharp pains, depression, and sleep problems  which makes them take anxiety medication on the daily basis. During my days when i had anxiety i had to swallow 7 tablets every after 6 hours, i bet that is not the life you would want to live of being imprisoned by medications 24/7. Research shows that globally 1 in 13 suffers from anxiety, this shows how the rate of anxiety disorders is increasing everyday. In one of my previous articles i explained how nutritional deficiencies are linked to anxiety and other mental problems and that’s why eating the right foods will help you overcome anxiety or avoid it in the first place.

The ugly truth today.

Foods that help with anxiety

One of the main reason why anxiety is increasing in our societies is because we have completely changed our life style and the way we live.  We have more things that can trigger our anxieties today than it was in the past and one of the reason is our diet.  People today want to consume more fast foods or foods that they call tasty foods than eating more natural meals.  There has always been a connection between the food we eat  and our moods, the way we feel definitely has a great impact on our mental health that’s why eating  the right foods would help a lot with your anxiety.

When you eat the foods that your body needs, it will improve the health of your brain chemistry but if your body doesn’t feed well, it will not be in position to produce brain chemicals known as the neurotransmitters  which are  responsible for producing serotonin which is vital for mood boosting and regulation.

For people suffering from anxiety always endeavor to consume foods that are high in nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, omega 3 fatty acids and amino acids.

Special foods that can help reduce Anxiety.

Today am here to discuss about those special foods that will reduce or have a great impact on your anxiety. When i was suffering from generalized anxiety disorder,  the foods that i started to put in my stomach helped me a lot to overcome my anxiety in one year.  If your out there and you have an anxiety or stress issue, my advise for you will be to change your diet in order to get more healthy benefits that will create a positive change in your life.

  1. Bananas,

Foods that help with anxiety

Bananas act as a mood booster because they are high in potassium that help a lot in the functioning of the brain. When you have low levels of potassium in your body, you will find yourself experiencing high levels of stress that can eventually cause anxiety and consuming enough foods that are rich in potassium like bananas will keep your stress lows and help regulate your blood pressure.

The bananas also contain vitamin B6 which is responsible for regulating the mood and preventing mental fatigue. We need enough vitamin B6 in our bodies to produce serotonin a feel good neurotransmitter that relaxes and makes us happy.

2. Spinach.

Foods that help with anxiety

This is one of my favorite leafy greens, spinach is very rich in magnesium and iron. As you know magnesium is also one of those vital minerals that our bodies need to function. It is involved in hundreds of chemical reactions in the body , which includes brain functioning and consuming foods that are high in magnesium like spinach, you will reduce symptoms like insomnia,  depression, fatigue, muscle cramping that are related to Anxiety.

Spinach also contain high iron which has a component called hemoglobin which helps the blood carry oxygen throughout the body and having low iron can cause Anemia  leading to anxiety.

Spinach is also rich in vitamin A, vitamin K,  and C, it also has folic Acid ( B2, B6).  My advise is, if you have kidney stones you shouldn’t eat raw spinach because it contains high oxalates which maynot be good for people with kidney stones but you can steam it at a low temperature to reduce on the oxalates.

I know there are people who don’t want to consume leafy greens because they don’t find them delicious but there are ways of how you could make your spinach more delicious.

3. Salmon.

Foods that help with anxiety

Salmon contains high level of Omega-3 fats which are the DHA and EPA that are very important in maintaining the normal brain function throughout our life. The brain is made of 60 percent fat and the largest percentage contains omega -3 fat  which is responsible to build the brain and the nerve cells.

It is very important for people who are suffering from anxiety to consume salmon at least 2 to 3 times a week to achieve more healthier benefits. Research says that eating salmon regularly makes you more happy and less depressed because it allows the chemicals called the neurotransmitters to produce serotonin which acts as a happy mood booster.

These days people find it hard to consume the recommended amount of fish daily, that’s why  supplementing is really good because it enables us to get the enough nutrients that are needed for our body. In this case fish oil is very recommended to avoid falling short of DHA and EPA in your diet.

4. Blue berries.

Foods that help with anxiety

Blue berries are not only sweet and popular but they are very important in maintaining brain health. They contain various nutrients like fiber, vitamin C, Vitamin K, Magnese  which improve our mental clarity. The blue berries have high oxidants that help in reducing stress since most of our anxiety is caused by stressful factors.

For a person suffering from anxiety, it is very important to eat berries daily not only blue berries but you can eat other berries such as  strawberries, acai berries and many other. Berries can also reduce genetic and biochemical drivers behind depression and postraumatic stress disorder.

They also slow down the aging process and the problems related to it which include the memory loss. There are many ways which you can consume your berries daily for example you can make a smoothie, you can put it in your yogurt and other foods as well.

5. Avocados.

Foods that help with anxiety

Avocados are one of the most delicious dense fruits we have on the planet. They also contain nearly 20 essential nutrients which can help in reducing anxiety for example fiber, vitamin A,D,E, K ,Vitamin Bs ( B-6, B-12) .They are also high in omega-3 fatty acids which an essential in promoting brain health.

If your an avocado lover like me you surely know what am talking about and for a person suffering from anxiety you should start eating avocado atleast few times a week and you will be more happier and more healthy than ever.

6. Eggs.

foods that help with anxiety

Eggs are important to include in your diet when suffering from anxiety. In the past it has been controversial whether to consume eggs or not but recently the nutritionists have brought back eggs as one of the important foods to include in our diet because it contains choline which is important for a normal brain development.

Choline plays a part in several processes within the body that are carried out hundreds of time every single day and low choline in your body won’t help you with your anxiety because your moods won’t be lifted up than when you have enough choline.  Adding eggs in your diet will also allow you to get other important nutrients and minerals which include Vitamin D, B6,B12, zinc, iron and copper.

start your anxiety recovery journey here

Eggs are easily accessible because they are very affordable and try to be cautious when buying eggs, opt for the organic ones because they contain all the nutrients that i have mentioned above.

7. Dark chocolate.

foods that help with anxiety

Have you ever known that if you eat dark chocolate without any added sugars or milk it can reduce your anxiety? dark chocolates contain high levels of flavanoids which are a class of antioxidants which increase memory and learning. Dark chocolate also contains cocoa an ingredient that reduces stress and avoids brain damage. Cocoa also contains stimulant substances like caffeine and theobromine, which may be a key factor in improving our daily moods to reduce anxiety.

Magnesium being a vital mineral that helps to suppress the stress hormone called cortisol is also found in dark chocolate. When your consuming chocolate, you don’t have to eat chocolate daily to avoid adding weight but once in a week it is definitely good.

8. Cashew nuts.

foods that help with anxiety

Nuts have been proved to provide various healthy benefits when consumed on the daily basis. Cashews are an excellent source of vitamins which include Vitamin E,K,B6 and minerals like copper, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium and iron which are very important in overcoming anxiety .

Cashew nuts  are one of the best sources of tryptophan which allows the production of of serotonin which helps us improve our moods during stressful times and when the levels of serotonin are depleted we can feel more anxious and stressed.  Instead of eating unhealthy fats i recommend you replace them with cashews to reduce your anxiety levels.

9. Broccoli.

foods that help with anxiety

We already know that eating vegetables daily can improve our mental health which also include reducing anxiety. Broccoli doesn’t only make soups heavy but it also has variety of nutrients like vitamin C, potassium , magnesium which can help in the reduction of anxiety.

Eating broccoli everyday will reduce your nervousness, stress and depression. It will also reduce anxiety physical symptoms like muscle cramps, insomnia and body aches. You can steam your broccoli or boil it at a low temperature and eat it as a side dish.

9. Green tea

what is the best tea for anxiety

Taking tea daily was proven to be one of the ways to reduce stress and anxiety.  In one of my previous article i discussed one of the best teas that reduce anxiety  because not all teas will provide you with the results you want.  Green tea contain L-theanine an amino acid that helps to alleviate stress, anxiety and depression.

Drinking tea has always been used by the Chinese in the past to treat anxiety and depression and it’s better if your suffering from anxiety to replace your carbonated sugary drinks with green tea and you will experience the change in your anxiety levels.

Tips to include in your diet.

Eating healthy foods is a natural way of reducing and overcoming anxiety. There healthy tips that you can also follow when consuming your healthy foods.

  1. Drink enough water.  Keeping your body hydrated 24/7 will reduce your anxiety levels. Drinking enough water helps us to calm our nerves and avoids over straining the body parts like the brain.
  2. Go test for food tolerance. There are alot of causes of anxiety, one being the food intolerance which means that your allergic to some kind of foods which might be causing your anxiety.
  3. Avoid consuming foods at midnight. When i used to suffer from anxiety, everytime i consumed food at midnight my anxiety increased so if you have doing it just forget about the habit and eat atleast early mornings.
  4. Add Himalayan salt in your diet. Himalayan salt consists of atleast 80 % minerals of what i body needs. In one of my article i discussed how taking sole water can help you to overcome panic attacks.
  5. Avoid taking carbonated drinks. I know it is not very easy when to leave your sodas and blend your natural juice to take but believe me or not carbonated drinks do increase our cortisol hormone leading to high levels of anxiety.
  6.  Avoid sugar. People with severe anxiety should avoid sugar till when their anxiety levels are decreased.

End your anxiety today

Now you can start your anxiety recovery journey by changing your diet first and you will be amazed by the results you will get in few weeks.


how to reduce anxiety naturally. 16 powerful ways that can control anxiety


ways to reduce anxiety naturally

If your an anxiety sufferer, and you are experiencing anxiety or panic attacks frequently, to the extent of not being able to perform your daily activities, you know that life can become very unbearable and painful. That’s why today I bring you the 16 powerful tips that you can use to reduce the level of your anxiety to a manageable state.

How anxiety levels differ.

There are different levels of anxiety experienced by different people as explained below.

Mild anxiety is a type of anxiety most people experience on a daily basis during certain situations, for example you can feel uneasiness in the stomach or muscle tightness in your body which can go away after a short time. This type of anxiety isn’t dangerous instead it can be beneficial as it increases alertness and focus.

Moderate anxiety, this can be similar to the mild anxiety but the difference is that you put all your total attention to the situation which is making you nervous or anxious and ignore everything around you. This type of anxiety can go on for a specific period of time and if it isn’t controlled it can easily turn out into severe anxiety.

Severe anxiety, Is the highest and dangerous type of anxiety whereby it can control your life and interfere with your daily activities if not treated early. This type of anxiety has no time frame on how long it will stop, it all depends on the person experiencing it at the moment. It is very important to know your anxiety level to avoid stress and depression because they are linked together. Taking an Anxiety level test will help you know to what extent does your anxiety have a negative influence on your daily life.

Ways that can reduce Anxiety

There are various ways on how you can reduce anxiety without taking any medication. It is very normal today for a person to fall into a fight or flight response due our everyday stress factors, but the issue comes in when this kind of feeling and perception remains consistent even without any reason that triggers the situation.

1. Acceptance. Acceptance is key when you are suffering from anxiety, the moment you start to live in denial that your not suffering from anxiety but something else which you have no idea about that is what increases our anxiety. You have to accept the situation because by doing so you will stop worrying as much about your physical symptoms which will eventually reduce your anxiety. I remember during my anxiety days what kept my anxiety levels to go up was because I had failed to accept the reality and when I accepted, that is when I started to see my anxiety levels shifting because I knew it wouldn’t kill me.

2. Change of beliefs. Our beliefs are very important when we have healthy issues, for example if you get to know that you have an anxiety disorder from the doctor and after sometime you reach in a situation where you are feeling very nervous or anxious, you have to be in position to change that belief in order to cut down the worries or the nervousness that causes the anxiety. Learn how to change your own beliefs here.

3. Stop checking yourself. When a person is suffering from anxiety, we experience all these physical symptoms that can be scary and according to our anxiety levels we can experience different symptoms everyday so by checking yourself to see what symptom has appeared or not appeared it only increases our anxiety. Many people find it hard to avoid checking on themselves, I don’t say that you shouldn’t be aware of how you are feeling but the thoughts you put on the anxiety physical symptoms it is what makes us very anxious, in one of my article I wrote about the best natural anxiety relief which I believe if you don’t know how to stop checking yourself you can include those activities in your daily life and you will be able to have breaks from your anxiety.

4. Stop dwelling on your past. I know that we all have our past that maybe triggered our anxiety or makes us anxious when we think about it, but you have to realize that the more you overthink or talk about an incident that happened to you in the past the more memories of that situation are stuck in your brain. Dwelling on something can very much increase your anxiety because it will always give you flash backs, Learn how you can stop dwelling on your past and focus on more positive things.

5. Reduce on the anxiety medication, Anxiety medication is good for a short term anxiety sufferer, because it is effective for only a short while. Those who are still on the anxiety medications know it very well that they can be addictive and withdraw effects can increase your anxiety. For anyone out there suffering from anxiety and has been on the anxiety medication for such a long period of time but still your anxiety hasn’t reduced, my only advice for you is to get off medications and approach anxiety in a more natural way. I know it can be hard to get off medication but if you start by reducing your dosages of pills you take a day, then you won’t be affected as much.

6. Educate yourself. Education has always been the greatest tool if you want to accomplish something and in most cases overcoming anxiety is all about knowing exactly what anxiety disorder really is. During my anxiety days I had to get selfhelpbooks that helped know about how to control and overcome anxiety attacks. I know that so many people don’t want to read or others it isn’t in their nature to read books but having knowledge about your illness will definitely shift your anxiety levels.

7. Build strong affirmations. This is one of the most natural ways that can help you reduce anxiety, by building your own strong affirmations that provide relief to your anxiety, it will make a huge difference. This can be a challenge at first but the more you do it the more you will get used to it and the more positive results you will get. There a lot of a affirmations you can build on your own that can help you reduce anxiety, for example the more you say to your self that I will be fine the less worried you become.

8. Being grateful. Being thankful for what we have or have accomplished in our lives everyday is a very powerful tool. When you are suffering from anxiety, most of the times we are depressed and we find it hard to appreciate even the smallest things around us and that increases our anxiety. Fear and anxiety are caused by our mental thoughts and how we perceive a situation, if your anxiety is caused by a financial situation or anything, try to look at the other bright side and be thankful for your life that you can still overcome a situation.

9. Surround yourself with positive people. When you are suffering from anxiety, try as much as possible to surround yourself with people who talk about positive things, otherwise if you hangout with people who only make your anxiety worse you won’t create a shift in your anxiety levels and your situation will be worse. There are people you meet in life when they will never say anything positive in their life, always talking about the negative side, those are the people you shouldn’t hangout around with during your recovery journey.

20 physical symptoms of anxiety and depression

10. Stop the daily search for solutions. It is very normal for a person to always look for solutions when they aren’t feeling OK or when they are trying to solve a problem. Researching and trying to figure out how to overcome anxiety is good to some extent but when you over do it you will become addicted to look out on the internet which I believe increases anxiety. When we look for solutions, we come across scary stories or anything that can trigger our anxiety so the best thing to do is to educate yourself the moment you find out that you have anxiety rather than trying to dig deeper into whatever situation your facing.

11. Limit everything that triggers your anxiety. We all have things that makes us anxious or depressed at some point but there situations or people that trigger our anxiety on a daily basis and that is what you should put a limit at. When I had an anxiety disorder, I realized that there where situations that could increase my anxiety levels from moderate to severe and it would make the physical symptoms worse. Things that can increase your anxiety include the unhealthy relationships, stressful work conditions, social media and many more others. The more you limit these situations the less stressed you will be.

12. Be hopeful, One of the reason why some people keep on moving even when the situation gets tough is, because they are still hopeful that things will workout for the best and for anyone suffering from anxiety should be hopeful that one day he or she will be anxiety free. Hope is that motivating factor that can bring tremendous benefits like reducing stress, reduces anxiety, helps to control the emotions, if practiced constantly. The reason why people with anxiety also fall a victim of depression is that they lose hope of recovering from an anxiety disorder.

13. Get out and enjoy nature. Nature has always been one of the way to reduce stress in our daily lives. I know some people when they are suffering from anxiety, they want to stay indoors and isolate themselves for the rest of the world in fear of getting a panic attack when they go outside. Being surrounded by nature or participating in nature activities reduces anxiety because research shows that nature lowers our stress hormone levels hence boosting our moods.

14. Find a person to talk to. It is good to find a person that you can talk to and share all your fears with, because now days it is common to experience any hardships in any different area of our life like relationships, financial problems, healthy problems which are the cause of our anxiety today. When you find out that you have anxiety disorder, talk it out with a person who understands what your really going through, this will help you feel that emotional support that can help you move forward to in your recovery journey. My advice is to avoid judgmental people and approach those who have suffered from anxiety before or you can as well find your own therapist that will help you throughout your journey.

change your life

15. Be happy. Happiness works so much better than any other depressant for anxiety. I know that it is really hard to be happy when you have a lump in your throat or a burning skin due to an anxiety disorder but I also believe that there are things that you can do that can still make you happy regardless of what your going through. In most cases a person who is always happy has low chances of being anxious but a person who is always unhappy has high chances of being stressed and having high anxiety levels.

16. Learn to control your own thoughts. Many people most of the times they aren’t aware of what they are thinking about, which is one of the reasons why we stay in the anxiety bubble because we get imprisoned by our own thoughts. There are thoughts that can make us feel angry, frustrated and depressed whereas there are thoughts that can make us smile, laugh out loud, confident and happy but the issue remains that thoughts can have a great impact on our bodies. For anyone suffering from anxiety, he or she should be able to rewire their thoughts and replace bad thoughts with good thoughts.

End your anxiety today

The above ways don’t only reduce anxiety but also you can use them to overcome any anxiety disorder naturally. If your out there and you are suffering from anxiety, I would recommend you to include the above tips in your daily life and you will be amazed of what you will achieve in just a few months.

If anyone has any questions, or any of the natural tips to reducing anxiety naturally, kindly leave them in a comment section below.


What is the best tea for anxiety? My top recommendations

what is the best tea

Are you taking the right Tea for your anxiety?

what is the best tea for anxiety

When we are anxious and restless, did you know that taking a cup of tea would make a huge difference during that period?  though not all teas have that tranquilizer effect for calming the mind,  that is why if your suffering from anxiety you need that special tea that can give you the result that your looking for.

Drinking tea has always been used as one of the ways to reduce anxiety and stress symptoms by therapists.  Our daily consumption of tea can provide us with various benefits including having a great impact on our mental health.

What is tea?

Tea is known as a beverage made out of leaves ,flowers or herbs which is prepared by boiling water and mixing it with the beverage to make a solution.  There are so many type of teas which include green tea, yellow tea, black tea and so on.

How tea reduces anxiety

Most of the tea is made out of camellia sinensis leaves which contain caffeine which acts as a stimulant that reduces fatigue and drowsiness. Although caffeine is reported to cause anxiety but the percentage of caffeine in tea is just enough for the brain function.

Teas also contain small amounts of theobromine and theophylline which increase activity of the central nervous system.

The Beauty of drinking tea to reduce anxiety is that no side effects unlike other anxiety short term relief medication which gives  a lot of with draw effects. Taking tea has no time you can have it at any time of the day and as many times as you want.

Have you realized that most of the common reasons why people take tea these days has a link to anxiety symptoms?  These reasons maybe;

  • To sleep better
  • To boost the moods
  • To reduce dizziness
  • To relax
  • To improve on the cognitive performance.

The best tea for Anxiety.

During my anxiety days, waking up all feeling foggy with regular panic attacks it was the worst period of my entire life.  Drinking tea twice a day used to provide me with some relief on my anxiety symptoms. The challenge is always to find that tea that gives you relief in your anxious moments because to be honest not all teas help in reducing anxiety.

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Instead of relying on medication to reduce your anxiety, why not try out these natural herbal teas that will give you the same results as the pills but without giving you side effects. Below are my top tea recommendations for anyone suffering from Anxiety.

  1. Hey Girl Tea

what is the best tea for anxiety

This brand has a lot of different teas but i recommend the hey girl tea for sleep because this tea is made purposely to reduce symptoms related to anxiety.  It is made out of different herbs like chamomile, lemon balm, Valerian Root and passion flower.  The Valerian and lemon balm together improve the sleep quality in people with anxiety and sleep orders.

Daily benefits.

  • Treat insomnia.
  • Aids relaxation


  • Passion flower, reduces anxiety
  • Chamomile flower, aids relaxation
  • Lemon balm, solves digestive problems
  • Stevia leaf, supports weight loss
  • Valerian root extract, reduces depression

2. Pink stork Tea.

what is the best tea for anxiety

It is good for pregnant mothers with anxiety. The tea naturally eases the nerves and calms the body and mind. It is 100% organic, non GMO , vegan and gluten free.  Herbs included are chamomile, lavender, skull cap, rose hip fruit which naturally relieve anxiety and stress.

Daily benefits,

  • Improves sleep during pregnancy
  • Provides relaxation
  • Reduces anxiety


  • Chamomile flowers, aids relaxation
  • Lavender, reduces anxiety
  • Rose hip fruit, boosts the immune system
  • Skull cap, treat allergies


3. Tranquily Tea.

what is the best tea for anxiety

The tea is a natural remedy for stress, headaches and anxiety. It gives a natural relief from worries and stress of our everyday life.  The good taste for the tea which is naturally sweetened by stevia makes it easy and enjoyable to drink.

Daily benefits.

  • Eases tension headaches
  • Provides relaxation
  • Resolves sleep isues
  • Stress relief.


  • Passion flower, reduces anxiety
  • Lemon grass, treats insomnia
  • Spearmint, reduces headache
  • stevia, supports weight loss
  • Linden, treat nervous palpitations

4. Modest Earth happy camper tea.

   what is the best tea for anxiety

The tea is very good if your suffering from anxiety attacks. It is 100% organic, and provides a natural relief for anxiety, stress and depression. The nutrients from the leaves and roots strengthen and nourishes the nervous system.

Daily benefits,

  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Nourishes the nervous system
  • Reduces irritability


  • Lemon balm, solves sleep problems
  • Passion flower, reduces anxiety
  • Skull cap, treats allergies
  • Lemon verbena, strengthens muscles

5. Tealyra tea

                                        what is the best tea for anxiety

It is a natural herbal tea that encourages relaxation. It helps to improve sleep, promotes solid, restfulness and reduces anxiety. The tea has a natural sweet honey floral taste so it is much enjoyable when drinking. It is made up of purely organic chamomile.

Daily benefits,

  • Reduces anxiety
  • Solves sleep problems
  • Treat cold sores


  • Chamomile, Reduces stress
  • Lemon verbena, Reduces inflammation
  • Lavender flowers, Reduces anxiety
  • Strawberry leaf, helps in digestion
  • Orange blossom, good fragrance

6. Cutea

what is the best tea for anxiety

If your suffering from generalized anxiety disorder instead of taking pills , this tea might turn out to be what you need to reduce your anxiety. The whooooo care tea includes all the special herbs that will give you stress and anxiety relief while increasing your mental focus.


Milstle. promotes calmness                                                                                         Lemon grass; Supports stress relief                                                                          Birch; Bolsters your system with antioxidant.                                                    Ginkgo; sharpens your memory and concentration.                                        Nettle; soothes and relaxes your system.

7. kailo Tea

                                                     what is the best tea for anxiety

The tea has a combination of multivitamins including Vitamin D, C and calm magnesium citrate. It is caffeine free

Daily benefits include;

  • Helps calm anxiety
  • Anti inflammatory
  • Helps aid insomnia
  • Helps with digestion.

Ingredients ;

  • Ginger;  improves brain function
  • Hibiscus; Manages blood pressure
  • Acai berry, Reduces irritation
  • Rooibos,  Acts as antidepressant agent.
  • Lavender, Resolves sleep issues

8. Be happy tea

                                                      what is the best tea for anxiety

The purpose of be happy tea is to restore the nervous system, ease tension and anxiety.

Daily benefits;

  • Reduces anxiety
  • Restoring the nervous system


  • Skull cap; Hardening of the arteries
  • Lemon balm; Treat anxiety and insomnia
  • Vervain; Reduces depression.

9.  Organic chamomile with lavender.

                                                         what is the best tea for anxiety

The tea is made up of organic chamomile and it is non-GMO with no additives.


  • Settles the nervous system
  • Relaxes  your digestive.

Even though tea  has various benefits which can help reduce anxiety but the truth is, it won’t cure the anxiety.  Anyone out there suffering from anxiety needs extra help to recover because no one wants to live with the unnecessary anxiety. Check out my recommendations on how you can start your recovery journey here.

if you have any questions about the best for anxiety, leave a question in the comment section below and i will kindly reply back.

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Causes of Depression in teens. Things that parents don’t know.

Depression is one of the major problem that is affecting our society today, it doesn’t only affect the adults but also teenagers as well. There are various reasons as to why kids in their teens fall a victim of depression, which parents have continuously ignored leading to more increased numbers of youth suicidal attempts.

How does Depression feel to a teenager?

When a teenager experiences persistent feelings of sadness, emptiness and loss of interest in doing daily activites, this can be termed as depression. Some people may have low moods for a short period of time while other stay in this state for a long period of time which turns out to be a mental illness that has to be treated. Reseacrh shows that 20 percent of the teens world wide experience depression before they reach adulthood and the increased risk of attempting suicide is by 12 times.

The process of becoming a teenager can be exciting because this is where your hormones are changing and puberty is coming through, but it  comes with both the positive and negative consequences which do play a big role on how a person lives their life.When a person is in teens they feel like they can do anything they want and they are nolonger controlled by their parents or guardians , which makes them fall a victim of social, environmental  and economic factors that cause depression.

Every teenager feels differently when they are depressed that is to say we all experience different things but parents should take note of the following signs in their children so that they can seek help where neccesary.

  • Frequent mood swings
  • Violence
  • Insomnia
  • Internet addiction
  • Increased fatigue
  • Suicidal attempts
  • Running away
  • Loss of appetite
  • Eating disorders.
  • Self injury
  • Feeling worthless.
  • Untentional weightloss.

Causes of depression in teenagers.

Depression comes in many different ways under different circumustances, some people become depressed without a reason, but still there are limitless causes of depression in teens today and am going to discuss a few of the most important.



This is the unwanted aggressive actions which occur among children in school or society through the use of abusive words, threats and physical assault. . The behaviour is often repeated and habitual. Bullying can be done in different ways like physically, verbally and electronically. It is the worst act that can be done to anyone, it puts a person in uncomfortable state which leads to physical and emotional stress.

According to the statistics 30 percent of teenagers in the USA have been involved  in bullying, either as a bully or as a victim of teenage bullying. This kind of behaviour is increasing day by day through social media sites and various media platforms.

The bullying of the teenagers is often done by they fellow age group members because of various reasons like peer pressure, wanting to feel empowered, payback reasons, gaining popularity, family problems back home and many more other reasons. So parents should take the intiative to talk to their kids to find out if they are being bullied by anyone in the society to avoid depression.

Physical appearence.

When i became i teenager that is when i started to mind about how i looked, whether i was small, fat or average. The physical appearence remains as one the main causes of depression in teens today. The whole world is becoming more advanced with a lot of exposure on how people look physically, this is done by exposing their physicality through social media plat forms which has caused anxiety in teens who feel like their physical appearence is ashaming.

A study shows that teens who are highly concerned about their body image  severely affect their mental health which causes depression and anxiety. The physical appearance factor applies more to teen girls as they want to have the perfect hair, clothing, shoes and body so that they can fit in the society. If a teenage girl doesn’t appreciate her physical attributes it reduces her self-esteem which can lead to teen depression.

Family issues

Every family has ongoing issues though some problems differ, in most cases  a child  who comes from a broken family forexample if  parents fight everyday, they are undergoing divorce, or they are addicts, that only can ruin a child who is in teens because of the failure of not having anyone to confide in during that stage of his or her life.

The situation in our families does have a great impact on how our kids or people in the family behave in the society. Just imagine if parents fight everyday while the child is seeing, what will the child feel or percieve of the situation. It will definately cause mental health issues and one of them is depression.

Poor grades.

Most of the teens do enjoy being at school as they get to meet friends but the problem comes in if they start performing poorly. When a child starts to have a poor performance this won’t only affect the child but also the parent as well. The teen will always feel embarrased infront of his collegues and the anxiety will arise when it comes to approaching the parents.There are reasons as to why teens can have poor grades for example taking alchol, drugs, loose of focus or just losing interest.

Some of the parents find it hard to watch their kids declining everyday, which can lead to them taking measures towards improving a child’s perfomance by putting strong rules or getting a private coaching tuitors. This  rarely solves the issue because it imposses stress on the teens which makes the very depressed. It is always advisable for a parent to talk to their kids before they take any measures.

Boy and girlfriend relationships.

People always get their first crushes and experience their first love when they are teens. The relationships they form don’t last forever and when they end these relationships, is where the depression comes in. I remember when i was 16, that is when i had my first boyfriend and i was very happy. The moment we separated i felt very devastated and i remember crying for the whole night. This is what exactly is happening to the teens, though some of teens decide to dwell on the first heart break they have ever experienced  which makes them feel so down and unworthy.

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When teens do fall in love they become overly excited not knowing the pressure that comes along with these relationships. Relationships sometimes do cause stress and teens may feel pressured to do things they don’t want to do, like a boy can ask a girl to do something as a proof that she loves him which can lead to stress. It is good if parents take a chance and talk to their kids about relationships when they reach their teens.

Bad diet.

Eating unhealthy food has been linked to how our brain functions. A clean diet  has a great impact on how we feel and our thoughts. Adolescents who consume a lot of unhealthy foods like junk food, sweatners, sodas are more likely to suffer from mental healthy issues.

Researchers in Australia analyzed the diets of teens aged between 11 and 18 years in 2005 and 2006, again two years later, they found out that there was an improvment in mental health after two years for those teens who where eating a clean diet and things detoriated for those who opted for a poor diet.  Most teens do  ignore foods that are high in nutrients like leavy greans, fruits, high proiten foods which do cause depression because healthy foods can inprove our state of mind.

Healthy problems.

There are  many chronic illnesses or diseases that people deal with today. Teens who suffer from chronic illnesses like Asthma, cancer, Diabets  are often depressed because most of their time is spent in treating their diseases which can even last for a life time.  Having a medical problem sometimes can deprive or discriminate a teen from participating in different activities which can develop sadness and self pity into a child’s life.

Parents should always support and give hope to their teens who are facing any medical problem to avoid a huge depression because this can be emotionally and socially draining.

Drug  abuse.

The excessive use of drugs and alchol in teens has caused many of them to become depressed. When a child reaches the age of 13, they feel like they drink and take any drug that they want, not knowning these drugs aren’t good for someone’s mental health and wellbeing.

Many kids who take excessive drugs and alchol do it for  different reasons like to cope with stress at school, peer presure, to feel grown which can lead to an addiction. Once the teens do realise that they can’t take themselves off drugs and they are loosing control that is when they become more depressed.

A report from CBS news showed a recent survey which was done and two million of children between the ages of 12 and 17 need treatment for substance abuse problem but only about 150,000 get the help they need. This is like awake up call to any parent who has a teen to interven early to avoid more serious problems.


Due to our busy schedules as parents or guardians, we often neglect our kids which make them to feel unloved hence making them depressed. Teens need more care and attention but if they feel that they aren’t getting enough of it from their guardians or parents, they will become stressed and sad.  Many teens are being neglected by their parents who don’t check up on them leading to various consequences that cause depression.

Teens who lack emmotional support are more likely to behave in away that hurt others. They are so many things a parent could do to show care to their children like, offering support if kids do have a problem, showing interest in what kids do if even though your not interested, taking care of them if they don’t feel well,  and monitoring what they are doing when not at home to avoid any surprises.


The state of lack or not having enough money to meet the basic needs like food, education, shelter, clothing, medical bills  is always depressing. Kids in their adolscent they want to have and experience things what others in the same group do experience, but if they get to know that they can’t afford it because their parents don’t have enough money it will put themin a depressed state.

Teens always care about what circle they come from, how do they come to school, whether in a fancy car or not, because some want to show off to their friends and others do feel embarrased if they aren’t living a life they want. A lot of kids lives have been affected due to overty this always comes from the environmental situation which include the neighbourhood, being homeless, lack of food and school tuition which destroys a child leading to depression.

Mental Health issues.

Depression in teens is often caused by  mental illnesses, it  takes  time to realize that a child is really suffering from a mental health problem which can cause serious damage on the child’s life. Mental issues like Anxiety disorder have become serious issues today affecting both adults and teens.join the online therapy program

If a teen has social anxiety, socializing with others becomes difficult which can lead to isolating him or herself from kids of the same age group.

If your teen or any child out there shows signs of depression,  he or she should seek medical help or counselling. Remember early intervention saves lives.








10 weighted blankets for Anxiety. My top reviews.

10 weighted blankets for anxiety

 Having a good sleep has always been one of the ways to reduce stress and anxiety, and  things have become a lot easier by using weighted blankets . A weighted blanket stimulates the deep pressure touch (DPT) a feeling of gentle squeezing, hugs or holding that relaxes the nervous system and makes us to sleep better in our anxious or stressful moments

Have you ever had a stressful day or your having anxiety but the only break you get is when your sleeping, but you also fail to do so  because you have an itchy blanket or bed cover that isn’t comfortable enough for you to sleep.

Why you need a weighted blanket

Many people today suffer from high levels of stress and anxiety. This can be because of their jobs, family, relationships or the food they eat.  Having a good sleep is always a good way to reduce levels of stress and anxiety.

High levels of stress and anxiety are said to be the main causes of Insomnia. Research shows that 40 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep disorders and 20 percent of the global population are deprived of enough sleep.

Weighted blankets have been scientifically proven to act as a natural treatment in people suffering from stress, anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, MS and many more.  They stimulate a deep pressure touch , a type of therapy that uses firm, hands on pressure to reduce chronic stress and high levels of anxiety.

But before we buy the weighted blankets there are things to consider.

  • It has to be 100% cotton
  • weighted blanket should at least be 10% of your body weight
  • The nature of the fabric

Though we all have our own tastes and preferences. what feels good for you might not feel good on some else so it is always important to choose a blanket that you really like.

Below are my top weighted blankets for anxiety

[table id=2 /]
  1.  Miesling weighted blanket.   most popular

The meisling blanket is one of the most well known weighted blanket to be used by people who are suffering from anxiety, stress, insomnia. The blanket has a quality premium for weighted sensory and great sleep.The hugging feeling of the blanket aids relaxation by helping the brain to release  neurotransmitters like serotonin that reduces the level of stress and anxiety.

The meisling weighted blanket is sewed in a beautiful diamond pattern which is attractive physically, so it looks good when laid on the bed.

Even though the blanket has a heavy materials , it has a soft feeling at the same time which will keep you in one posture and avoid tossing around in bed.)

call to action


  • 100 percent cotton
  • Machine washable Blanket.
  • it has two sides the cotton and the glass side
  • The company offers convenient after sale services


  • It’s a little heavy.

2.  Miran weighted blanket.  Immediate stress relief

The miran weighted blanket is a premium washable construction heavy comforter with a removable cover  60″ by 80″ | 20lb |.

if you experience stress factors through your daily life, this blanket is a must take as it provides immediate stress relief.

The manufacturers of the miran weighted blanket named it ” a warm hug” because it has a feeling of someone sleeping next to you. The miran manufacturers are known to only source the best materials for all their products and to make the most luxurious weighted blanket on the market.

The manufacturer provides three different sizes of blankets and a removable cover that is machine washable so it is easy to care of it unlike other blankets which can’t fit in the washing machine.

Pros ( table)

  • Machine washable blanket
  • It comes in different sizes 20lb, 15lb, 25lb
  • It has  removable cover
  • Its not too heavy.

Cons ( table)

3.  Buzio Weighted blanket.  A perfect gift

The blanket maximizes relaxation and minimizes body movement for a longer and deep sleep period which allows you to sleep better during the night.

Buzio blankets are safe and effective non -drug therapy for anyone seeking a solution for loss of sleep and relaxation. This may as well be given as a gift to someone who is undergoing a lot of stress, anxiety and sleep orders.

The manufacture uses 100 percent cotton fabrics for the inner shell and poly fill inside the blanket which makes it more comfortable. They also use 100 percent non toxic, hypoallergenic, sand like pellets to weigh the blankets.

( Even though this blanket doesn’t come with a duvet or a cover, you can easily put a design on it or pick a duvet of your own choice.)

The manufacturer provides a warranty of 12 months


  • machine washable blanket
  • 100 percent cotton
  • it can be shared by two people
  • 100 percent non- toxic
  • No overheating during warm months.


  • its kind of heavy
  • no removable cover. so might have to wash frequently or purchase one.

4. KOZEE weighted blankets. High quality materials with a natural source of gravity

The Kozee premium weighted blanket is a home smart product which provides you with the high quality materials with the natural force of gravity  which enables you to have the best weighted blanket on the market.

It has a soothing sensation of pressure which is known as a deep pressure touch that will calm your mind and relax your senses. Many people who have used this blanket have reported improvement and positive effects in bedtime anxiety, depression, restless leg syndrome, PTSD and many more.

The blanket also has a 100 percent cotton, an oversized dimension and is also perfect for hot summer nights or cold winter days.

There is a money back guarantee if you purchase the product and you have a bad experience with it within the 90 days of purchase, they will replace the blanket at no cost.


  • 100 percent cotton
  • Natural gravity force
  • No overheating even in warm days
  • Oversized dimension
  • Good for adults and kids.


  • Too heavy
  • it can only be used by adults
  • No duvet cover.

5. Gafly therapeutics weighted blanket.  Good for kids and Adults.

The blanket is a heavy premium comforter for promoting calm and sensory therapy. It relieves anxiety by stimulating deeply and increasing the neurotransmitters that promote happiness and calm.

The blanket has a two featured construction, the durable weighted inner part and the ultra soft mink cover that dramatically increases the life of the blanket. Its durability and quality is tested for quality insurance and feature hypo-allergenic is smaller than any other blanket.

They have a 30 day money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the product.


  • Unmatched durability and quality
  • Money back guarantee
  • Designed by professionals
  • softy mink duvet cover
  • Good for both Adults and kids.
  • Good packaging


  • It is not machine washable

6. Deluxe value weighted blanket.   Holistic alternative.

The blanket is made out of the best relaxation sleep fabric which provides heavy stress relief, restless leg syndrome and natural calm for anxiety.

The blanket has a sensory sensitive” minky dots” on one side and a cashmere like a smooth texture on the other.

It comes with both the cover and the cotton blanket. The cover is deluxe duvet style with security ties inside and the blanket is weighted by small beads woven securely in quilted design.

Because of its of holistic effect, it acts as a natural remedy to manage physical and mood sensitivity as well as insomnia. It promotes an easy personal hygiene  because the cover is conveniently machine washable.


  •  Holistic aternative
  •  It has a duvet cover
  • Premium quality
  • Tactile comfort.


  • Its a little heavy
  • slides off the bed

7. Fuzzy body weighted blanket.  Budget friendly

The fuzzy body is a sensory weighted blanket, designed specifically to mimic the feeling loved, embraced which helps you to relax and ease repetitive thinking and anxiety.

It is  made of 100%  cotton so you won’t be suffering from the night sweats, or toss around the bed.

The fuzzy body blanket is non -toxic so they have a low irritation.

If something happens to the blanket, there is 100 percent money back guarantee.


  • Soft not scratcy
  • 100 percent cotton
  • weight is evenly distributed
  • No over heating.
  • It is budget friendly


  • No duvet cover

8. YnM weighted blanket.  It comes in different designs.

The YnM weighted blanket is a great therapy for people with anxiety and insomnia. It helps to relax the nervous system by stimulating the feeling of being held and hugged. This increases the serotonin and melatonin levels and decreases cortisol levels which improves your mood and provides a better sleep.

The manufacturers are pioneers in making good quality weighted blankets, so they develop superior quality compared to any other brands out there.

As it is recommended to always choose a weighted blanket that is atleast 10% of the body weight, the YnM blanket comes in different sizes which do fit the twin bed, Queen and the King size.  The beauty of this brand is that it also comes in different designs which i really like, because  different people have different tastes and preferences.

The blanket is made of organic cotton which makes it non toxic, non allergenic and odorless giving you a more soothing and a comforting feeling for a better sleep.

The manufacturers give a warranty of three years just incase something happens to the blanket.  This means that they are so confident in their product which i find it really nice.


  • 100 percent organic cotton
  • It has different designs
  • Non-Toxic
  • No overheating


  • It can’t be used on kids
  • The duvet and the blanket is sold seperately

9. Harkla weighted blanket. Perfect for those who weigh 100 to 150 pounds

The harkla weighted blanket is a five star rated blanket which means that many people appreciate this blanket and it is worth a purchase.

It gives a perfect way to relax by laying down with your blanket instead of taking medications. The design of this blanket is a fluffy cotton filler which gives a great comfort and it’s additional extra dots are a great sensory input that have a calming effect when you rub your hands over it.

Research has shown that there has been a positive effect on people with insomnia , anxiety, sleep problems, sensory processing disorder, and PTSD who have used this blanket.

Even though this blanket has a less odor when you have just purchased it which some people don’t like , but the odor goes away with time.

Most of the weighted blankets need to be taken to the dry cleaner to be washed but the harkla weighted blanket is very easy to clean because it comes with a two piece  duvet cover that can easily be washed and dried.


  • Life time guarantee
  • Its good for people with extra weight
  • It comes with two piece duvet cover.


  • Less odor

10. YJ. GWL weighted blanket. It is affordable below 100 dollars.

The YJ.GWL weighted blanket is a gravity blanket for adults and it is designed to weigh 10-20% of your body weight.  It is great if you have sleep issues and anxiety, it also has a therapy effect inform of deep pressure which can help you to relax and fall asleep easier for a long period of time.

The blanket is made of 100 natural cotton which make its more cooler and durable than the normal blanket.                                                         The weight of the blanket and the duvet may feel heavy at first which you might not like but the weight helps you to relax the nervous system.

Due to its natural cotton, it is non-toxic, hypo-allergenic and odorless. The compression blanket  evenly distributes weight to your body.


  • It has a therapy effect
  • made of 100 % natural cotton
  •  Non-toxic
  • weight is evenly distributed.


  • It is recommended to some people like pregnant women. kids or physically weak people
  • The blanket and the duvet are sold separately
  • The blanket is a little heavy

start your recovery journey now

Weighted blankets can help to reduce anxiety and solve sleep problems but getting the weighted blanket depends on what a person wants at the end of the day and what works best for him or her.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section below i will gladly answer back.