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Hello Everyone, welcome to Anxiety free world.

Am Angie, i suffered from Anxiety and depression for  five years and it was the most painful period of my entire life. Within those five years suffering from anxiety and depression,  i passed through alot of things that also taught me a lesson about life experiences.

Growing up I was just like any average girl from a good family full of love and support. All my life I passed through boarding school because my parents believed it as the best way of nurturing a kid, and to be honest I loved being in boarding school since I could spend time with my friends other than staying home bored. That was the best time of my life with no worries and stress of anything.

Things started to change

When I left high school things started to change. I joined the university and I was trying to find the direct path to my career which made me all stressed out. I wanted to prove to myself and my parents that I can be someone important in the future which didn’t help me at all but worsened my situation.

Dark days.

Throughout my university life I was always stressed and worried which went on for some time but I didn’t realize it. My chronic Anxiety started when I had finished school and I had started working. I suffered from severe chronic anxiety disorder and depression for five years. I call those years the black spot. i went from being misdiagnosed by the doctors to attempt suicide.

When it comes to anxiety, i know how exactly a person can be feeling because i was there before

Road to Freedom

After taking a lot of medication for three years which didn’t help me at all but only kept me in the cycle, i decided ti take the matter in my own hands by educating myself about my mental illness and that’s when recovery started for me and i healed myself through natural methods.


Am here to help every Anxiety sufferer overcome their dark days as they say goodbye to the path of living under stress and excessive fear to the path of a happy life with no Anxiety and depression.


  • .provide solutions to overcoming anxiety.
  • . Reduce the number of Anxiety sufferers as no one deserves to live like this
  • . Give hope to people who are suffering
  • . Prevent Anxiety from occurring
  • . Overcome Depression.
  •  Reduce stigma towards the people suffering from anxiety.

Bring more awareness on Anxiety and depression.

TIP; Recovery takes time therefore patience is required


Email; wecare@anxietyfreeworld.com

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