When i hear a person talking about stress or complaining of how much he or she is stressed, i often want to listen and get to know the person’s situation so that to see if i can help in any way, but i came to realize that alot of us don’t understand what stress is or how chronically stress can affect our bodies.  The reason for writing this article is to make a person understand why stress should be avoided or managed at all cost.


3 Ways stress affects our bodies
3 Ways stress affects your body.


Stress as a subject is very broad and it has alot of definitions or everyone can explain it in his or her own way.  In simple terms, Stress is a psychological and physical strain or tension caused by economical, social, political events that becomes difficult to manage or endure by any human being.

Stress falls into three categories

Stress as a stimulus

Stress as a Response

Stress as interaction

The categories above define stress and how it happens.

Stress as a stimulus, Is an event or influence on the external environment that causes a response. In other wards it is known as something that causes stress or you can call it a stressor.

Stress as a Response, Is a psychological or physical reaction of an organism ( a person) to a stimulus.  Every person reacts to stress in a different way whereby a person’s behaviour can change or a person  can have a mental reaction.

Stress as interaction,  there has to be a relationship between an organism and its environment.  The environment has an influence on every person which can cause stress.


3 Ways stress affects our body
Facts about stress

Now days for a person to suffer from stressful conditions has become normal due to the lifestyle and the way the world is transforming.  Even though people have come out and give various reasons to why they are stressed, researchers still conclude that the causes of stress is still unclear.

However there  are different theories that talk about stressors which can influence a person to feel stressed in one way or the other.

What is a stressor? These are things that cause physical or psychological strain to a person.

Stressors are classified into three different categories

  • Life Changes
  • The Hassles
  • Occupation linked stressors


These are unpredictable events about life, which can include; Death of Spouse, Divorce, Marital Separation, Jail term, Marriage, Fired at work, Retirement, Son or daughter living home, Sex difficulties, Trouble with boss, Change in living conditions, Change in schools, Change in financial state, pregnancy e.t.c


These are everyday demands, transactions that are influenced by an environment that causes irritation and frustrations to a person. They include; Traffic jams, noise, disappointments, arguments, financial and family concern, weather, losing things e.t.c


This applies to people working in emergency services or those who are required to deal with people in pain and distress . Forexample;  Firefighters,  Mountain rescue workers, Midnight nurses,  e.t.c. It is said that people working in these areas  face additional demands and most of the are likely to experience PTSD.


Stress isn’t something extraordinary or something to be afraid of if you get to understand it.  Stress is useful at a small extent because in some situations it can push us to do stuff that we felt lazy doing, forexample if you have unfinished work and the deadline is approaching , a little stress can push you finish whatever you wanted to finish before the deadline.

There is something you should know that our bodies are designed to combat or deal with stress with the help of a hormone known as cortisol.  

As much as we might have a stress hormone, chronic stress can still put our health at risk. When our bodies detect stress, we fall into fight or flight syndrome but its upto us  to stay in that mode or become resistant.  Below is the structure that shows how the body responds to stress.






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