20 physical symptoms of anxiety and depression

20 Physical symptoms of anxiety and depression.


20 physical symptoms of anxiety and depression

Today we discuss about the several physical symptoms of anxiety and depression. When a person is experiencing anxiety for the first time, they have no idea what’s going on with their bodies which makes them freak out the more.

Now you might be thinking why am I combining anxiety with depression? The reason is, in most cases anxiety moves along with depression and it takes time for some people to realize that they have anxiety or have also fallen in a state of depression.

During my Anxiety journey, it took me three years to know that all the physical symptoms I had where because of anxiety and depression. I moved from one hospital to another trying to figure out what was wrong with me by that time, which also increased my levels of anxiety as I kept on having different symptoms every single day.

Misconception about the symptoms of anxiety and depression

There is a lot of misunderstandings about the physical symptoms of anxiety. When an anxiety sufferer or a depressed person goes to the hospital to ask about why he or she has particular symptoms, in most cases the doctors won’t detect right away that it is anxiety leading to causing more frustrations among people

In my experience I went to so many hospitals in my country but they couldn’t tell me exactly what was wrong with me., they used to say lots of different diseases that I had no clue about which made me more depressed and anxious. If anyone is having one of the symptoms that am going to write below and you have checked with different hospitals but there is nothing wrong with you, just know that it’s all anxiety making your body to be in that kind of state.

.symptoms that indicate you might be having anxiety and depression



1. Dizziness, This is a state where a person feels lightheaded or feels like fainting. In most cases people who feel dizzy they find it hard to move because they fear to fall down. If you’re experiencing this often when you feel anxious and stressed just know that you have anxiety.

2. Heart palpitations, This is where a person’s heart is beating at a faster rate and pounding more than normal. When you’re experiencing heart palpitations you can feel them in certain body parts like neck, chest and throat. In most cases people who experience this kind of symptom might be mistaken to have a heart disease.

3. Body aches and pains, This where a person feels pain and discomfort in different parts of the body without any reason. This type of symptom can be so frustrating as it makes you to feel fatigued most of the times.

4. Trembling, It’s a situation where a person starts shaking involuntarily. This can happen to any part of the body, for example legs, thighs, arms or lips. When this happens just try to relax because it eventually stops in minutes and if the situation goes on for so long now you know that you have an anxiety disorder which needs to be delt with.  Find out more on how you Can overcome anxiety and depression here.

5. Frequent headaches, Having constant headaches from nowhere is a symptom of anxiety and depression because a person always feels on edge which causes an impact on the nervous system.

6. Eating disorders, It’s where a person resort to poor eating habits from nowhere, some start to miss out meals which can lead them to become anorexic, while others start eating more than the usual hence gaining a lot of weight.

20 physical symptoms of anxiety and depression

7. Frequent crying, It’s a situation where a person cries all the time without an explainable reason. When a person suffers from anxiety and depression they become very emotional in that even the little things make them cry. This happens because anxiety makes us feel lonely inside and it changes the way you perceive things.

8. Tingling sensations, This can happen anywhere on the body, sometimes they can be scary for the first time especially if you’re experiencing them throughout the body but as the stress levels decrease they will also disappear. I remember when I used to suffer from anxiety I had constant tingling sensations which appeared on my whole body and they used to happen anywhere, here I mean from head to toe so if your experiencing this just know you have an anxiety disorder which need to be treated.  Check out my best recommendation here.

9. Pins and needles, These are strong piercings which are felt in different parts of the body, they can be painful most of the times but they disappear within minutes. In most cases some people are mistaken to have  different types of diabetes.

10. Isolation. This is a situation where a person often isolates him or herself from people. Anxiety and depression makes people think that they are different from others so they need to stay away which ends up making them more depressed. This kind of symptom can happen to anyone with any type of anxiety so seeking help as soon as possible would be the best alternative.  Learn how to control you anxiety here.

11. Burning skin, This is where the skin feels like though its on fire. This was one of the most scary symptom I used to experience when I had anxiety and depression. The burning sensation keeps on moving from all the parts of the body and in certain cases people are mistake it to be skin cancer or anything of the sort which only increased their anxiety levels. Sometimes this symptom can be caused when you have insufficient body minerals where you need supplements that can correct your deficiencies.

12. Numbness, This is lack of feeling or insensibility in some of the body parts. For example when a person wakes up but feels as though his arm or leg is dead like there is no any sensation felt. This happens especially when you have just woken up.


13. Ringing in the ears, It’s a state where a person feels certain noise in the ears which are like bells. This can happen at any time of the day and it’s quite disturbing.

14. Frequent Nightmares, Having scary dreams all the time is a symptom of anxiety and depression. This happens because you sleep with an anxious and stressful mind that makes the brain to formulate scary pictures due to high levels of stress and unhappiness.

15. Buzzing, These are feelings of vibrations occurring in different parts of the body. This can also happen anywhere in the body. In my case I used to feel them from head to toe and sometimes they could appear slightly in my feet.

16. Hot and cold flashes, This is a sudden feeling of heat or cold in different parts of the body. When this happens try to relax till the flashes subsidize.

17. Insomnia, This is a situation of having difficulty in sleeping. A person with insomnia can’t stay sleeping for reasonable hours, they are always awake or they sleep for a very little time.

18. Lump in the throat, It’s a feeling of having something under your throat, this symptom is very uncomfortable some people mistake it to be throat cancer or something but when actually the real cause is anxiety.

19. Suicidal thoughts. A feeling of wanting to kill yourself because of not feeling worthy of living. People with anxiety and depression always feel like though their purpose on this earth is no more which do create feelings of unworthiness hence wanting to commit suicide.

20. Muscle tightness, This is where muscles feel very tight and it becomes very uneasy to move hence causing some discomforts in different parts of the body.

End your anxiety today

Every symptom that I have written above, I experienced it during my days of having anxiety and depression.

Note; if you have been to different hospitals, checked by different doctors and they never came to any conclusion of what you’re suffering from, and your still having the above symptoms just know your having an anxiety disorder and depression.

Below i have included a video of mine explaining the physical symptoms of Anxiety.

” Acceptance is one of the keys to recovery”

If you have any questions for me. leave them in the comment section and I will gladly answer back.



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10 thoughts on “20 Physical symptoms of anxiety and depression.”

  1. Hey there, very detailed site and great content, a must read!
    A close friend of mine has suffered from anxiety and depression for a good deal of his life and it is finally getting better! Now that I think of it, he complained about dizziness and headaches more than anyone and was always a bit reluctant to talk about his troubles…

    Keep up the helpful work!

    1. Hi Tim, thanks for reading. It is true many people have experienced anxiety symptoms whether knowingly or unknowingly. It is good to know that those symptoms won’t kill you because i believe that is the beginning of recovery if you understand that it is all anxiety causing it.

  2. Anxiety and depression are worldwide issues that so many people are facing because of a number of reasons, Being in this state are not good at all and anyone who has these signs should seek help fast. What you have listed is really great and will help persons to see if they are facing these issues of anxiety and depression.

    1. thanks Norman. For any out there who is suffering from anxiety knows it very well that the physical symptoms can be very scary if your not aware that it is anxiety. That’s why if you get to know the symptoms it reduces your anxiousness of thinking it’s a different disease.

  3. Hi. Angie. These conditions of emotional anxiety are inevitable symptoms of each of us, because each person encounters different people, things and situations. I also very much sympathize with your illness, but it also gives us a good reminder. When we encounter this kind of situation, we have to accept and face it, so that the patient condition will not become deeper and the patient is getting better. Your article will be of great help to people, thanks for sharing.

  4. it seems like what you say above ive gone to drs. with all these constant symtoms & they never say thank goodness anything is wrong they dont seem to know and ive gone through alot of sadness before this all happened and im a very anxious type of person so i guess i have to accept my symptoms as anxiety. i get scared and think otherwise i have it for like 3 yrs. constant. was yours for so long and constant symptoms as pains all over, muscle tension, tinglng, blurry eyes etc etc?
    thanks maybe ill finally come to reality that im not sick.

    1. Hi Michele, the moment you accept that you’re not sick rather you have anxiety, that’s when all these symptoms will start to disappear and eventually they will go away.

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