Everyday there is an increase in the number of people suffering from Anxiety which has also led to the high rates of people having generalized Anxiety disorder.
With the way the world is operating and the way our life style is changing, it has become normal to be exposed to the things that make us anxious.

When it comes to mental health, i should say that less attention is given to this subject yet it is the cause of most every unexplainable problems that we face in our societies today.
I have always asked myself what is the cause of anxiety in general? But then i realised that Anxiety in general is a very wide subject that can’t not be explained in just one article because we have different types of anxiety disorders like Generalized Anxiety disorder, Social anxiety, panic disorders, phobias, post traumatic disorder which all have different reasons as to why a person experiences them.

We can all have anxiety at some point in our lives because it is inevitable and sometimes Anxiety can be healthy as well, but when a person remains in the fearful state for a long period of time whereby this state interferes with her daily activities, then we can term that as an anxiety disorder. As a person suffering from any type of anxiety disorder your body is always in the fight or flight response which is why a person gets to experience certain uncomfortable symptoms.

In this article, am going to be discussing the most common causes of Generalized Anxiety disorder in our societies today.
Generalized anxiety disorder is that type of anxiety disorder that has the highest percentage of anxiety sufferers in the world, the reason being that most people can be unaware due to weird symptoms they can experience and some sufferers end up being misdiagnosed.

Although, all the type of anxiety disorders have one thing in common which is fear and excessive worrying, but to every disorder there something which triggers it to the extent of making someone’s life unhappy and that is what we are going to find out in this article.


Generalized Anxiety disorder, is a situation where a person lives in continuous excessive worrying and fear. This can happen because of the state of mind they are always in like if a person is overly worried and depressed about something they are most likely to have GAD.

In my own experience Generalized anxiety disorder can even take years without a person noticing that they are suffering from this mental illness.  The time you spend stressing about your fears is like a time of building this disorder until it’s highest peak. The moment you start noticing the most common physical symptoms of GAD it means that your adrenaline levels are very high and your body has lost control.

For a person to suffer from GAD means that they have been exposed to stressful conditions that have caused their bodies to release too much adrenaline that does put the body in the fight or flight response. When you look around , you will realize that a number of factors like social, economical, environmental. political; somehow contribute to the increasing rates of anxiety in our society today.  Somehow it has become inevitable for a person not to get stressed easily.

Most common things that people stress about.

These are the things that atleast everyone stresses about which can expose them to having Generalized Anxiety disorder.

  • Finances,  Everyone at some point will think about money or whether they have enough money to keep their lives moving. The reason being that money is very important when it comes to living a life that we wish to live.  When we luck money it will become a centre of our stress.
  • Relationships, It doesn’t matter whether it is a boy, girl or family relationship  as long as their is instability in that relationship we are most likely to get stressed and depressed.
  • Poor Health,  This stresses everybody on earth because we all know health is wealth. When your off and on with your health it is reason enough for you to get stressed.
  • Job insecurities , When a person realizes that they can be chased from their work anytime, that situation causes stress and hence making a person to have high levels of anxiety.
  • Physical appearance, These days people care alot about how they look physically which stresses them out. Forexample the big people want to become smaller and the smaller people want to add on some weight,
  • Social status, This might sound weird but these days people stress about their social status and how they can improve it. They see other people’s social status on social media and they want to be like them so this can also cause anxiety among them.
  • Depression. Being sad all the time is also very stressful and keeping your mind in that state can also expose you to having generalized Anxiety disorder.

They are lots of things that make us stressed, the list is endless if you go into deep searching about this issue but the most common ones are the ones listed above.

Note; Not that everyone who is stressed can experience Generalized Anxiety disorder and that is why am going to be explaining the most common causes can lead a person to having GAD.


Failure to manage Stressful situations. 

Everyone at some point is exposed to stressful situations but the way you manage that situation is what makes it different at the end of the day. Let’s assume if two people pass through a certain amount of stress at the same time, but one of them knows how to manage the situation while the other person doesn’t know, it means that the people who doesn’t know how to manage stressful conditions will get more stressed and depressed hence becoming more anxious.

Delay in intervention

When a person starts to experience mild anxiety that is the time for a person to seek help because you can reverse the situation early than when a person is experiencing severe anxiety.  There is one thing you should know that before a person gets an anxiety disorder, they pass through phases from being stressed to being anxious then to having a disorder. That’s why i keep on saying early intervention is key when it comes to Anxiety.

Addiction to Anxiety Medication.

It is not bad to take anxiety medication when your feeling anxious sometimes but some of this medication do have withdraw effects that can turn moderate anxiety to severe anxiety. My advise would be to take them with care or  find a good strategy on how you are going to let go of them without being affected.


If a person experiences anxiety attacks for the first time, they often think that it is some terrible illness, when they are rushed to the hospital they can end up being misdiagnosed atleast from experience i can testify to it. The reason why misdiagnosis can lead to GAD is because the more you think your treating something worse , the more you will become more anxious.  That’s why it is always better to first check yourself with a very competent doctor or physician before you conclude.

Refusal to accept

In our early stages of becoming anxious, it is always easy to bounce back to your know more state if you accept early that your becoming anxious daily and then look at how you can solve that or treat yourself, where as if you totally find out that your experiencing anxiety attacks or signs of anxiety but you choose to ignore then more of it will come hence causing Generalized Anxiety disorder.

One of the things that can speed up the healing process of anxiety or stress disorders is to accept that now your in that kind of situation other than denying the fact which will eventually put you in the state of having severe anxiety.

Dwelling on the past

This is one of the common causes of GAD in our society today. People don’t want to forget their past traumas or bad experiences. The dwelling on the past circumstances keeps a person in the flight or fight response 24/7  because it brings back the memories of that incidence, it makes the adrenaline levels to shoot and it also makes us to get depressed. If your dwelling on your past, it is advisable to seek for a therapist or find strategies on how you can avoid thinking or taking your mind back on thinking about the past events.


Being in the state of sadness and unhappiness can make us more stressful and the more we live in that state the more we get anxious. Depression is a silent killer when it comes to mental health. It is very common for a person to be suffering from anxiety and depression because they are related.

NOTE; Everyone in our day to day life can get anxious or even get mild anxiety but there is always a reason why mild anxiety can turn into severe anxiety and that is why a person should take note to avoid GAD.

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